ICYMI: Headlines From
June 13–June 17, 2022


U.S. Army Selects SIG SAUER Advanced Sniper Rifle Ammunition

SIG SAUER announced another U.S. Army award to manufacture the follow-on Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) .300 Norma Mag (NM) and armor piercing .338 Norma Mag (NM) ammunition.

“This selection by the U.S. Army to manufacture ASR ammunition reinforces SIG SAUER as the leading manufacturer of modern sniper ammunition for the U.S. Department of Defense, and demonstrates confidence in SIG’s ability to deliver the most precise ammunition in the world,” said Ron Cohen, president and CEO SIG SAUER Inc.

The U.S. Army ASR ammunition contract consists of two cartridges: M1163, a .300 NM, 215-grain round, and M1162 an armor piercing .338 NM, 300-grain round. The $157MM maximum value contract includes 4.5MM rounds for the first delivery order.

“Sniper ammunition must be manufactured to the most precise standards. This award, combined with our proven success in the MK248 .300 WM contract, further demonstrates our most important customer’s confidence in our ability to build and deliver the most precise ammunition,” concluded Cohen.

All SIG SAUER ammunition, including the Precision Sniper Rifle MK248, the Advanced Sniper Rifle M1162 and M1163 and the new Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) 6.8mm Common Cartridge, is American made and manufactured at our state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Ark.

For more info: www.sigsauer.com

GLOCK Debuts Official Online Community For Enthusiasts: GLOCK IQ

GLOCK Inc. has found a way to connect brand enthusiasts and firearm owners to share their one common interest through a new online platform, GLOCK IQ (GIQ). GIQ allows GLOCK enthusiasts an opportunity to test their GLOCK knowledge, connect with other dedicated GLOCK devotees, earn points to receive discounts on GLOCK items, keep track of their range time, ask questions in a forum, learn about firearm safety and stay in the know about upcoming GLOCK events.

The community of brand loyalists has expanded over the years giving GLOCK the opportunity to create a personalized, online firearm-related experience that all GLOCK lovers can enjoy. GIQ is a chance for enthusiasts to speak freely about their questions and concerns or provide tips and tricks relating to firearms in a safe and educating way.

For more info: www.glockiq.com

FeraDyne Outdoors Acquires Scent Crusher

FeraDyne Outdoors announced the acquisition of Scent Crusher. Developed from NASA based research, Scent Crusher products use ozone-activated technology used to effectively eliminate odors on clothing and gear.

The addition of Scent Crusher complements FeraDyne’s full suite of category-leading archery brands into the general hunting and outdoor markets. The acquisition brings clearer focus to FeraDyne’s continued commitment to the extension of industry-changing technologies and product innovation.

“It is our desire to continue to expand our commitment to industry-leading technologies and brands in all corners of the hunting and outdoor space. Dan Drake and the team at Scent Crusher have done an excellent job growing Scent Crusher through an unwavering commitment to the expansion of ozone-based scent elimination technology,” said FeraDyne CEO Todd Seyfert. “We welcome the opportunity to integrate Scent Crusher into FeraDyne’s growing portfolio of industry-leading brands, and we are excited to partner and build upon the remarkable momentum that Scent Crusher has created.”

Since 2015 Scent Crusher has been providing hunters with a full line of field-effective products that leverage scientifically based research to effectively eliminate odors from sweat, soaps, food, perfume and more.

For more info: www.feradyneoutdoors.com, www.scentcrusher.com

Parkwest Arms Introduces New Line

Parkwest Arms introduces its complete line to the U.S., and is operating out of the former Dakota Arms workshop.

Parkwest Arms offers handcrafted custom rifles with a wide range of options to fit every hunter or shooter. The SD-76 Dark Continent rifle is indispensable in the lineup and remains in high demand. Developed for the dangerous game species of Africa, the action is designed with extra length to house calibers in the 416 Rigby Class with a magazine capacity of four. The PW-ACE is a single-shot bolt-action rifle handcrafted for accuracy and reliability. The single-shot hunting rifle, the SD-10, is a falling-block single shot designed for the sportsman who wants accuracy and unparalleled consistency.

With over 160 years of combined experience, the talented Parkwest gunmakers provide an unmatched level of expertise in building custom bolt-action rifles.

For more info: www.parkwestarms.com

ISOtunes Sport Partners With Andrew Hyder

ISOtunes Sport is excited to announce a new partnership with competitive shooter Andrew Hyder.

With several titles under his belt in the last decade, the championship-winning shooter understands the long-term importance of hearing protection and is a perfect match for the innovative line from ISOtunes Sport aimed at sport shooters.

“We’re thrilled to bring Andrew on board the ISOtunes Sport team,” said Pete Murphy, president of ISOtunes Sport. “His impressive record and accomplishments make him a valuable asset, and we look forward to more success together moving forward.”

For more info: www.isotunessport.com

Turf Titan Announces New Partnership With Country Singer and Songwriter Josh Melton

“We are excited to be associated with country singing star, Josh Melton,” said Andrew Saal, president of Turf Titan. “Josh Melton aligns perfectly with our brand image. He’s not only a great singer/songwriter, he is passionate about his lawn.”

Melton will act as a spokesperson for Turf Titan, and fans can catch his music on the company’s social media pages. The singer will also be featured on the company’s website, sharing the Turf Titan favorites he uses on his own lawn.

Inspired by his years of golf course mowing as a teenager, Melton wrote “Cutting Grass” to take listeners away from the craziness of life and back to simple times — like the peaceful process of mowing stripes on a fairway.

For more info: www.turftitanbrands.com