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There’s no question: e-commerce is here to stay. Avoid these pitfalls when you consider upgrading your online presence.
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At The Starting Line

During their first five years in business, the owners of Legacy Indoor Range & Armory were happy with a homegrown website. For the most part, it did what it...
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Maximize Your...

There’s no denying it — e-commerce is here to stay. Research conducted prior to 2020 estimated 95% of all retail purchases would occur online by the...
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Marketing & Social Media

7 Social Trends...

The marketing and advertising universe (a better term is “metaverse”) moves fast, and no marketer sees this more than those who live in social media.
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Market Smarter,...

In last month’s issue, we shared why traditional marketing tactics still have a place in your overall marketing strategy, but there’s no denying...
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Be Omnichannel...

We’ve all heard the claims — newspapers and magazines are dying industries, no one watches regular TV anymore, direct mailers are a waste of money …...
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POS Systems

Points Of Surprise!

Let’s go beyond the basics and look at other ways data can help any store make better decisions in an unclear and difficult market economy.
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5 Ways To...

Welcome to “National Firearm Industry Data
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One of the biggest decisions facing prospective as well as established dealers alike is determining which point-of-sale (POS) system they’re going to...
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Retailer Resources

The Future Of Retail

To start the year off right and highlight potential, let’s explore the opportunities and challenges for 2024 and the direction retail is heading.
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Maximize Your...

Each year, thousands of owners and employees from firearm ranges and retailers flock to exhibit halls and convention centers around the country to attend...
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100-Yard Zero On...

Your customer has a slight problem — he just mounted a new optic to that sweet rifle but doesn’t have convenient access to a long-distance range to zero it.
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Sales Training

Crisis In Confidence

There’s no debate: Salesmanship is a perishable skill. The ability to engage with a customer and close a profitable sale is something that must be learned...
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500 Range Visits...

For this special Range Issue, I thought a rundown of some “best practices” I’ve picked up in 500+ onsite visits to individual ranges around the...
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Don’t Sweat It.

The beginning of summer often marks a slowdown in firearms sales depending, of course, on a store’s inventory mix and the demographics of its customer base.
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