New Products
June 2022



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SOG’s Recondo FX sports a 4.6″ blade and is 9.6″ long overall. It’s sized to tackle a broad range of cutting and slicing tasks with its clip point profile and available partial serrations. Weighing 5.3 oz., the blade is made from rugged cryo-treated 440C steel, and the black titanium nitride finish boosts corrosion resistance and reduces friction for smoother cuts. A deep finger groove and integrated pommel ensure a solid grip while textured sides and jimping spanning the handle and blade spine offer excellent control. Offered in black or FDE in straight edge or partially serrated blade configurations, the Recondo FX includes a GRN sheath with a universal mounting system and a slot in the pommel to secure a lanyard.


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SAR USA’s 9mm Luger SAR9 Compact X striker-fired pistol features a lightweight polymer frame with accessory rail, serrated slide with Cerakote platinum finish and a 4″ hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown. It has a three-dot sight optic-ready mount and three backstraps to customize fit. Its unique safety trigger features a tab safety in the center to prevent inertial discharges should the gun be dropped onto the rear of its slide. The SAR9 Compact X package includes: paddle holster, double mag pouch, magazine loader and accessory flashlight packaged in a rugged carrying case. It comes standard with two 15-round magazines (for  compliant-restricted states, two 10-round magazines are included).

Summit Outdoors

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Built for hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen, the Tail Mate from Summit Outdoors cushion provides complete comfort wherever adventure takes the user. Innovative GelCore technology keeps the seat cool with a breathable open-grid design and temperature-controlled materials. Ergonomic construction with an enhanced framed edge support prevents slipping from the seat, while a tough GripTech backing holds the cushion in place on any terrain. It’s finished with a silent fabric that keeps bottoms dry, and returns to its original shape after hours of use.

TRUE Knives

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The Swift Edge Replaceable Blade Knife from TRUE Knives includes three blade types, Tanto, drop point and saw, that are easily swapped via a patent-pending two-step release system. Each blade measures 3.5″ long and is made of 5Cr13 steel with black-oxide coating. Each saw blade is titanium-nitride coated for extra durability and length of life. The G10 handle has an adjustable dual-sided pocket clip. Deploying the knife is a breeze with its ball bearing pivot system. A small flipper tab is located on the spine of the knife, and it also features a thumb stud on the side. A liner lock is integrated into the design for secure and efficient use. OAL is 8″.

Nose Jammer

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The Nose Jammer Silent Series pack includes a 4-oz. Silent Pump Spray to block game’s ability to sense odors, a 2-oz. Rub On Wax Stick with time-release formula and 28-gram Dust for wind detection and protection. All three products deploy silently and tip the odds in the hunter’s favor with long-lasting, olfactory-blocking technology.

Tac Shield

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Tac Shield’s RZR MOLLE Gun Belt is a slim-profile belt constructed from 7,000-lb. rated 1.75″ wide nylon webbing designed to sit outside belt loops. It securely snaps together with the robust quick-release Cobra Buckle. Internally, the belt’s “loop” portion of hook-and-loop fastens to the Tac Shield inner belt. Its outer layer of RZR MOLLE skin is made from high-strength laminate and sewn onto the belt vertically every 1.5″. The RZR MOLLE is backward compatible with all MOLLE pouches, PALS and belt-mounted pouches. It’s available in sizes S–XL.

Night Fision

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Night Fision has new blade height offerings for three manufacturers in its Optics Ready Stealth (ORS) Series product line. For full-size GLOCKs, the .330-.353 and the .469-.494 allow users to choose their perfect blade height to combine with any number of popular optics and plate combinations. For slimline GLOCK owners, an additional taller blade height is now offered for the GLOCK 43x MOS and 48 MOS, respectively. SIG SAUER pistols owners who retain their standard dovetail now have an additional taller blade height available. Lastly, the Heckler & Koch VP9 2020 upgrade pistol will now have two new blade heights to choose from: a .350-.387 and a .450-.517.

Mec-Gar USA

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Mec-Gar USA has added upgraded 9mm 10- and 19-round CZ 75B magazines to its product line. The magazine consists of a 17-round tube with a black aluminum +2 basepad installed. For states with restrictions, the 10-round magazine tube is dimpled to reduce capacity. Each magazine has Mec-Gar’s proprietary anti-friction coating that makes loading and unloading the magazine easier when shooting and leads to fewer malfunctions.

A4 10.5” AM-15 Carbine Pistol

Anderson Manufacturing

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With the launch of its A4 series, Anderson Manufacturing introduces four new firearms. The A4 10.5″ AM-15 Carbine Pistol features an A2 front sight with Magpul rear sight and SBA3 tactical pistol brace. The A4 16″ AM-15 Carbine Rifle is a complete rifle assembly, AM-15, MOD03-CT1, 5.56 NATO, FSB carbine. The A4 16″ AM-15 Mid-length Rifle is complete rifle assembly, AM-15, MOD03-CT1, 5.56 NATO, FSB mid-length. Lastly, the A4 20″ AM-15 Rifle is a complete rifle assembly, AM-15, MOD03-CT1, 5.56 NATO, FSB rifle.

Walther Arms

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Walther’s PDP is now tailored specifically for female shooters with the PDP F-Series pistol. The ergonomics of the grip were reengineered for the exact biomechanics of women’s hands and design modifications include a reduced trigger reach, reduced grip circumference and reduced force necessary to operate the slide for those with smaller hands. The red dot-ready F-Series 9mm pistols are offered with a 3.5″ or 4″ barrel and include two 15-round magazines.

FMG Publications

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History always has stories to tell. In FMG Publications’ latest Special Edition issue of GUNS Magazine Surplus & Military Classic Firearms, articles highlight the impact of machine guns adapted for use in the skies, investigate the nature of “mobile warfare” by destroying tanks without serious casualties and explore weapons such as the Browning Auto-5, HK91, ZB26, Franchi SPAS-12. Handguns and edged weapons played roles in world history, too. The mechanics of the Czech vz.52 and even the part played by the machete in modern combat get a closer look in the 132-page issue.


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Designed to keep firearm components organized and protect workbenches, Gun Cleaning Mats for GLOCK 42/43, Gen3 and 44 models by TekMat feature dye sublimation printing diagrams and parts listings of the specific firearm to aid in takedown and reassembly. The ultra-soft, oil- and water-resistant gunsmithing mat’s 11″ x 17″ size provides enough room to fully disassemble a handgun with extra room for tools and accessories. TekMats also include non-skid neoprene backing to secure the workspace to a workbench or table while keeping harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to finished surfaces. The mats are pliable and easily roll up for compact storage, and come in a variety of colors including blue, pink and FDE.

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