New Products April 2021


O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.

(800) 363-3555

Mossberg introduces its International Silver Reserve Field and International Gold Reserve Sporting Series line of over/under shotguns. The Silver Reserve Series is offered in 12-, 20-, 28-GA and .410 bore as well as a 20-GA Youth gun. The Gold Reserve Series is available in 12- and 20-GA and .410 bore. All Reserve Series shotguns boast chrome-lined bores and chambers and dual-locking lugs. Additional standout features include engraved receivers, matte blue (Silver Reserve) or polished blue (Gold Reserve) barrels and a five-choke field (or sport) set.

Sales Tip: “The International Reserve Series Over-and-Under shotguns are equally at home in upland fields or at the gun club. Durable, reliable and affordable — these well-appointed break actions are loaded with performance enhancing options and a set of refined details traditionally reserved for high-end double guns.”
Linda Powell, Mossberg director of media relations


(618) 258-2000

The 6.8 Western cartridge was designed by Winchester and Browning to be the ultimate all-around long-range hunting and shooting cartridge. The cartridge boasts heavier-weight bullets and more energy than 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 PRC cartridges. There is less recoil compared to .300 WSM, .300 Win. Mag. and .300 PRC rounds, and the long, heavy bullets are ideal for big-game hunting and long-range precision shooting. Its short action provides fast cycling, accuracy and reduced rifle weight.

Sales Tip: “The 6.8 Western cartridge brings a new perspective to long-range hunting and shooting. It provides magnum-level performance in our short-action rifles, giving the shooter highly effective downrange energy, even at longer ranges, while allowing for a lighter-weight platform.”
Ryan Godderidge, Browning SVP of sales, marketing and firearms

Otis Technology

(800) 684-7486

Otis Technology’s Professional Pistol Cleaning Kit cleans and maintains 9mm, .40-cal. and .45-cal. GLOCK pistols. The kit features Otis’s Breech-to-Muzzle technology and includes three bronze and three nylon bore brushes, Memory-Flex cables and three caliber-specific ripcords. A steel pistol loop rod and Otis’s 8-in-1 Pistol T-Tool for pushing and resetting pins and front site adjustment are also included. The kit comes with a magazine plate removal tool and a patriotic slide backplate to customize a GLOCK.

Sales Tip: “We’re excited to offer a cleaning kit that caters to a growing industry. Not only were we able to incorporate our tried-and-true products, but also some additional accessories like the magazine plate disassembly tool, which really rounds out the functionality of the kit.” Larry Williams, Otis Technology CEO


(800) 423-3537

Bushnell’s RXS-100 reflex sight boasts user-adjustable brightness settings and multi-platform versatility. It’s compatible with optics-ready pistols and is a desirable option for rifles, shotguns and other firearm models. Additional features include a crisp 4 MOA red dot with eight brightness settings; 12-hour auto-off timer; aircraft-grade aluminum housing; True Tone glass coating; and side-loading battery (which retains the sight’s zero).

Sales Tip: “With the introduction of the RXS-100, we are able to offer users a reliable, affordable reflex sight that has all of the features they requested for under $100. We are excited to be able to bring this combination of quality and value to the reflex market and continue Bushnell’s long-standing legacy of purpose-built products.” Derek Osbourn, Vista Outdoor director of optics

Savage Arms

(800) 370-0708

The RENEGAUGE Competition shotgun from Savage boasts features designed to give the platform a competitive edge, such as an extended magazine tube that increases capacity to 10 rounds. The barrel is finished with Melonite, while the receiver, magazine tube and Extended Skeet2 Light Modified Choke are finished in Cerakote. The shotgun has a D.R.I.V. gas system; matte-black adjustable stock for length of pull, comb height, drop and cast; one-piece, chrome-plated action bar assembly; chrome-plated reciprocating component; stock rod buffer to reduce felt recoil; carbon steel ventilated rib with red Hi-Viz Tri-Comp front sight; competition-ready easy loading magazine port; and oversized controls.

Sales Tip: “The RENEGAUGE can handle the hottest high-brass and the mildest low-recoil shells with the same dependability. The patented D.R.I.V. (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system ensures excess gas vents before it drives the bolt, resulting in consistent ejection, less felt recoil and a lightning-fast cyclic rate for dependably fast split times.”

Walther Arms

(479) 242-8500
PDP 9mm pistols from Walther Arms are offered in three models: Compact 4", Full Size 4" and Full Size 4.5". The pistols are enhanced with the new Performance Duty Trigger, featuring a shortened length of travel and increased tactile definition of the trigger break. SuperTerrain Serrations allow for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement, and Performance Duty Texture provides a premium yet functional grip to maintain proper performance. Two distinctly different frame sizes and three different lengths of slides available allow the pistols to be tailored to a user’s specific needs. Each optics-ready PDP pistol arrives with two 18-round capacity magazines (15-round capacity for the Compact model).

Sales Tip: “We believe it's our duty to engineer the best possible pistol for anything our customers may encounter. We want them to focus on being READY for anything and not thinking about how or if their pistol will perform, we've done our job so they don’t have to worry about it.” Jens Krogh, Walther Arms USA VP of marketing and product development


(800) 347-1200

The ALlusion Series 126LGS Assent Concealment Holster is the first Bianchi leather holster to incorporate Safariland’s advanced GLS (Grip Locking System) retention, offering multi-fit capability. The 126GLS comes in six sizes to fit over 250 firearms. The open-top design combines leather with a laminate synthetic liner for durability, comfort and additional functionality. The low-profile holster can facilitate high-ride hip carry with belt slots that pull the holster and pistol grip close to the body. Dual belt slots fit up to 1.5″ belts for a snug fit.

Sales Tip: “This holster is truly a differentiated product. With its beautiful leather design, superior retention and custom fit for such a large range of guns, this holster is very unique, especially in the leather market.” James Dawson, category director for Safariland’s duty gear business unit


(660) 460-2800

Lapua has added 6.5 PRC, .284 Win., .300 Win. Mag. and 300 PRC cartridge cases to its 2021 product offering. Cases are sold in boxes of 100.

Sales Tip: “Our new Lapua cartridge case offerings for 2021 display our continued commitment to the precision shooting disciplines which are popular in the USA and globally.” Erkki Seikkula, Lapua sales and marketing manager

Mark 7

(888) 462-7577

Mark 7, a Lyman brand, introduces the Apex 10, a 10-station progressive press fully automation compatible with the Mark 7 Autodrive, Mark 7 Primer Xpress and all Mark 7 sensors. Features include an 11″ case feeder with variable speed adjustments, reverse setting, transparent trap door, metal construction and case sensor technology activation; shuttle disk priming system; double guide rod support; Mark 7 mechanical powder measure; 10 station tool head; and a new cast toolhead designed to reduce flex under pressure. The Lyman stainless steel Pro Hold Down die is included.

Sales Tip: “With the Apex 10, Mark 7 and Lyman have taken progressive reloading to new levels of technical expertise and durability. The solid-cast 10-station tool head, paired with the double guide rod support creates the ultimate in smooth, precision movement. The Mark 7 high-speed case feeder incorporates features every reloader will appreciate, and the all new Patented Primer Xpress system makes priming foolproof and easy.”
Liz Friedmann, Lyman Products’ marketing manager

SENTRY Products Group

(877) 726-7328

SENTRY’s Carbon Fiber AR-15 magazine is made from a proprietary carbon fiber composite blended with Polyhex2 polymer, offering exceptional durability, consistent performance and reduced total weight (20% over the standard magazine). With the tool-less takedown design, the magazines can be easily cleaned and maintained. A heat-treated stainless steel spring eliminates corrosion and resists fatigue. Customization is possible with Hexmag’s True-Riser system to create state-compliant 10-, 15- and 30-round configurations. With the SENTRY HexID color identification system, the user can quickly identify caliber and ammo type.

Sales Tip: “Hexmag customers count on reliable performance and exceptional quality. Utilizing a proprietary carbon fiber blend, SENTRY created a magazine 20% lighter and significantly stiffer for increased performance. Combined with the Hexmag feature set, it’s a win for both parties.” Terry Naughton, SENTRY Products Group president

Hogue Inc.

(800) 438-4747

A Heavy Grit option for all models in Hogue’s new Wrapter Adhesive Firearm Grip line is now available. The system provides superior grip and hold while preserving the original condition of the firearm. The grips are designed to conform to the exact contours and unique features of popular firearm models. A balance of properties to resist sweat and irritation deliver a natural and comfortable grip experience. The adhesive is designed to create a long-lasting bond when activated by heat, but can also be removed without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Sales Tip: “The Hogue Wrapter Adhesive Grip is the perfect solution for shooters who own polymer framed pistols and want to add a grip to their firearm while retaining the streamlined dimensions of the factory frame.” Pat Hogue, Hogue Inc. managing owner

Stoeger Industries

(800) 264-4962

Stoeger expands its pistol line with the STR-9S Combat Pistol. The 9mm pistol combines high suppressor sights, a threaded barrel, flared mag well, optics-ready slide, three backstraps and three magazines to produce an all-around solution for everyday carry, home defense or fun at the range. Features include a corrosion-resistant black nitride finish and 4.17″ threaded barrel. An accessory rail accepts a wide variety of lights and laser sights for low-light conditions. It’s available with a 20-round or 10-round magazine. The STR-9S has an OAL of 7.44″ and it weighs 1.6 lbs.

Sales Tip: “We decided to come out with the STR-9S Combat because we wanted a full-featured, polymer-frame 9mm at an affordable price.”
Keith Heinlein, Stoeger Industries product manager

Taurus USA

(800) 327-3776

Expanding its hunting revolver line, Taurus introduces the Raging Hunter .460 S&W. The Raging Hunter boasts sleeved barrel construction for reduced weight, factory-tuned porting and a gas-expansion chamber to help reduce muzzle rise. An integrated, full-length Picatinny rail along the barrel shroud makes optic installation easy. The rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. To help manage recoil and ensure positive, no-slip retention, the Raging Hunter comes with an ergonomic finger-groove grip with cushioned inserts.

Sales Tip: “The Taurus Raging Hunter was a hit among veteran and new handgun hunters when we introduced it in 2019. We are now answering the consumer demand for even more chamber options and downrange performance with the new Raging Hunter in .460 S&W.”
Bret Vorhees, Taurus CEO

5.11 Tactical

(866) 451-1726

Rush 2.0 Transition backpacks from 5.11 feature a padded laptop compartment, concealed carry compartment and a relocated hydration port. The backpacks sport 1050D nylon material, interior and exterior trim, a revised admin panel and a larger eyewear/tech compartment. The Rush12 2.0 model has 24L capacity, the Rush24 2.0 model has a 37L capacity and the largest model, the Rush72 2.0, has a 55L capacity. Each model is available in black, Double Tap, Kangaroo (replaces Sandstone), Ranger Green (replaces Tac OD) or MultiCam.

Sales Tip: “Our Gear product team worked with tactical and outdoor experts and public safety professionals for several years to gather feedback from in-field testing by real-life end users. The result is an enhanced line of packs that will live up to the reputation of the original RUSH Series and meet our customers’ needs for many years to come.” Matt Page, 5.11 VP of global product

Springfield Armory

(800) 680-6866

From Springfield Armory’s new HEX line of optics for handguns and long guns, the micro-sized HEX Wasp is intended for use on CCW pistols and features the Springfield Micro footprint. This system allows for direct mounting to the slide of a pistol, and features an auto-dimming sensor that regulates the brightness of the dot based on changing ambient light conditions. The HEX Dragonfly red dot sight is suited for use with full-size handguns as well as rifles and shotguns. Employing the Springfield Standard footprint, the Dragonfly allows the user to manually choose from eight brightness levels, and a 16-hour auto-off feature prevents the battery from being unintentionally drained.

Sales Tip: “With the release of the new HEX line of red dots, Springfield Armory is providing shooters with appealing options for their optics-ready firearms. The demand for quality red dot optics is growing every day, and these HEX optics stand ready to deliver the quality and performance shooters are expecting.” Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory VP of marketing


(800) 347-1200

The Liberator HP Advanced Hearing Protection Headset System from Safariland compresses and reduces hazardous sound to safe levels inside the headset without muting other ambient sounds or audio. It includes active noise cancelation and the ability to provide a full spectrum of environmental sounds simultaneously. The multimode dual processor also protects against steady state noise. With up to 29 dBa of attenuation, the headset compresses harmful sound levels to approximately 82 dBa. Liberator HP headsets provide 360 degrees ambient sound reproduction for accurate environmental sound replication, threat identification and threat localization.

Sales Tip: “The new Liberator HP headset is the clear choice for hearing protection in environments with impulse/gunfire noise and high-decibel, constant background audio. Liberator HPs combat distracting sound with active noise cancelation while simultaneously enhancing atmospheric sounds crucial for effective communication and situational awareness.”
James Imhoff, Safariland VP & GM of diversified products

Rock River Arms

(866) 980-7625

Rock River Arms’ newest predator rifle, the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L (FES2L), features lightweight carbon fiber handguards and the popular coyote paw prints found on all FES handguards. It incorporates a .223 Wylde chamber for both 5.56mm and .223-cal. ammunition, and the 16″ lightweight fluted stainless-steel barrel with 1:8″ twist offers impressive accuracy at long ranges. The rifle includes a special RRA FES brake to help control muzzle lift and reduce muzzle flash, and the RRA two-stage match trigger provides a smooth trigger pull. A Hogue pistol grip, RRA Operator CAR buttstock, BCMGUNFIGHTER medium charging handle, hard case and lifetime warranty are included.

Sales Tip: “The new FES2L is really the third evolution of a successful hunting rifles series for RRA. Retaining the accuracy and the ‘look’ the FES Predator and Predator2 versions, the FES2L is lighter and even faster handling than the earlier models. The weight reduction is made possible largely by the new FES2L carbon fiber handguard, offered exclusively on this model.” Steve Mayer, RRA L.E./Government sales manager

FN America

(703) 288-3500

The FN 509 Compact has been refined for deep concealment with low-profile rear blackout iron sights and a barrel length of 4.32″ or 3.7″. The striker-fired 9mm’s high-visibility front sight aids in low-light target acquisition. The snag-free sight set, combined with 12-round and 15-round magazines (included), ensure a discreet and high-capacity choice for EDC. With two interchangeable backstraps and advanced grip texturing, users benefit from the proven ergonomics of the FN 509 family, in a more compact and concealable package.

Sales Tip: “The FN 509 Compact model complements the Compact MRD, equipped with our patented optics-mounting system, and offers users an all-new concealed carry option in the FN 509 family. The low-profile carry sights with high-visibility front sight make this an ideal choice for professional and civilian CCW users.” Chris Cole, FN America VP of sales and marketing

Leupold & Stevens Inc.

(800) 583-7663

A 6 MOA Model suitable for competitive speed shooting and personal defense is now available in Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro red dot line. The larger 6 MOA red dot delivers rapid, close-range target engagement and increases accuracy. Its rugged aluminum housing and spring steel guard ensure performance in the harshest conditions. It’s available in matte black and Flat Dark Earth.

Sales Tip: “The DeltaPoint Pro is the fastest, toughest red dot on the market, and has been used to win pistol competitions around the world. Shooters asked for a larger dot, something designed to make it even easier to get on target fast at close range. With the new 6 MOA model, we’ve delivered that in a proven packaged designed, machined and assembled right here in the U.S.” John Snodgrass, Leupold tactical product line manager


(303) 947-2865

Combining aircraft-grade aluminum and Micarta, the weather-resistant Furiosa Micarta Rifle Chassis from WOOX casts off moisture as well as most oils and solvents, and provides exceptional vibrational harmonic dampening properties to further assist with accuracy. The chassis is available for Remington 700, Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguard, Sauer 100 and Tikka T3 actions.

Sales Tip: “Striving for excellence means having an open mind to new technologies and materials, in order to expand our capabilities. That’s the spirit behind the development of the toughest version of our Furiosa rifle chassis. We want to push the boundaries and be a source for true innovation in the industry.”
Danilo Mineli, WOOX managing director

Birchwood Casey

(877) 269-8490

The Alpha Shooting Rest from Birchwood Casey features a tubular steel frame design with a non-slip rubber stock rest, integrated weighted front (35 lbs. total) and adjustable leveling feet with bull’s-eye bubble level. It accommodates AR pistols with barrels as short as 7.5″ as well as full-sized rifles. Ambidextrous controls and oversized knobs make adjustments quick and easy. The front of the shooting rest maneuvers 2″ for windage, 3.5″ for elevation and 4.25″ to accommodate various rifle sizes.

Sales Tip: “Birchwood Casey’s Alpha Shooting Rests were designed with the basic shooting principles applied; stable platform, easy to use and smooth operation to hit the target every time! The entire line of rests can be used with virtually any firearm type with consideration for larger magazines on an AR- or AK-style firearm.” Tiffani Hogan, GSM marketing director

MKS Supply

(877) 425-4867

Barnaul’s Subsonic 9mm Luger cartridge is suitable for use with suppressors or for shooters who compete in Minor Power Factor divisions. The cartridge incorporates a slightly heavier 151-grain zinc-coated FMJ bullet. With an average muzzle velocity of 850 fps, it delivers a power factor of 128.35 from a 4.7″ barrel — just above the 125 PF minimum adopted by most shooting organizations for the minor power classes. Subsonic 9mm Luger is available in 50-round boxes or cases of 500 (25 boxes per case).

Sales Tip: “Barnaul Ammunition is excited to introduce our new affordable Subsonic 9mm 151-grain ammunition to the U.S. market. This ammunition will feature a Zinc coating, and an average muzzle velocity of 850 feet per second.”
Kara Brown-Boesenberg, MKS Supply executive VP

Streamlight Inc.

(800) 523-7488

The Wedge USB-C rechargeable EDC flashlight from Streamlight features a slim, compact design with an intuitive rotating thumb switch. It operates in two modes: 300-lumen Constant On mode and 1,000-lumen momentary THRO (Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output) mode. THRO mode delivers a 35-second burst of 1,000 lumens over a 110-meter beam distance. Constant On mode provides 300 lumens, a 69-meter beam distance and a three-hour run time. Available in black and Coyote, the Wedge measures 5.46″ long and weighs 3.3 oz. It’s IPX7-rated for waterproof operation to one meter; it also is impact-resistance tested to one meter.

Sales Tip: “It’s both slim and flat so it can be carried comfortably, features a reversible pocket clip and allows for full concealment in a pants pocket. It’s the ideal EDC light — whether for patrol duty or tactical maneuvers, outdoor use or automotive, industrial and DIY jobs.” Michael F. Dineen, Streamlight VP sales
and marketing

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

(888) 455-5499

The Solvents & Lubricants POS Display (BT-DSPL-STND-S&L) from Breakthrough Clean measures 20" W x 60" H. It easily accommodates: (12) BT-101 Starter Kit w/ Military-Grade Solvent – 2 oz. Bottle, High-Purity Oil – 2 oz. Bottle; (12) BTG-12CC Battle Born Grease Fortified with PTFE — 12cc Syringe; (12) BTS-2OZ Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent — 2 oz. Spray Bottle; (12) BTO-2OZ Battle Born High-Purity Oil — 2 oz. Twist Top Bottle; (24) HPPRO-2OZ-NTA Battle Born HP Pro Oil (Lubricant & Protectant) – 2 oz. Bottle w/ Needle Tip Applicator; (12) BTCR-2OZ BCT Copper Remover – 2 oz. Spray Bottle; (12) BB-AIO-2OZ Battle Born All-In-One (CLP) — 2 oz. Pump Spray Bottle; (12) BTS-6OZ Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent — 6 oz. Pump Spray Bottle; (9) BTS-16OZ Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent — 16 oz. Trigger Spray Bottle; (12) BB-AIO-6OZ Battle Born All-In-One (CLP) — 6 oz. Pump Spray Bottle.

Sales Tip: “At Breakthrough Clean Technologies, we offer user-safe cleaners and lubricants to efficiently and effectively maintain your equipment. Our newest eye-catching Solvents & Lubricants grid wall display gives retailers an easy way to showcase our top-selling product.”
Erick Navarro, Breakthrough Clean owner


(800) 955-4486

The Tactical Sport 2 (TS2) from CZ-USA was designed and built for competition, and mimics the Shadow 2 slide profile with the reciprocating weight positioned as low as possible for smoother operation, less muzzle flip and faster follow-up shots. The steel-framed, 9mm TS2 comes with 20-round standard magazines and blue aluminum grips with aggressive checkering, front and rear cocking serrations and fiber optic front sight. The cold hammer-forged barrel is 5.23″ long. The TS2 weighs 48 oz., and the OAL is 8.86″.

Sales Tip: “The TS2 is an outstanding and affordable entry-level competition handgun with a wide variety of compatible accessories already available. This new pistol is sure to become a favorite among IPSC/USPSA shooters, as well as beginners looking to get into competition pistol shooting for the first time.”

Aero Precision

(253) 272-8188

Aero Precision introduces its EPC (Enhanced Pistol Caliber) lineup of AR9-style parts and accessories. The initial offerings include receiver sets, 9mm black nitride bolt assemblies, lower parts kit, 9mm barrels (5.5″, 8.3″, 11″, 16″), new ATLAS lengths (4.8″ R-One, 10.3″ S-One and R-One) and complete upper receivers. Lower receiver specifications include a threaded bolt catch pin, integrated trigger guard and compatibility with standard frame GLOCK magazines. The upper receiver has a last round bolt hold open mechanism, is compatible with most threaded AR-15 barrel nuts and handguards and is precision machined from custom 7075 T-6 forgings.

Sales Tip: “The Aero Precision EPC-9 was built on the principles of superior American quality and precision manufacturing. The EPC-9 receiver set is the perfect foundation for your customers’ next PCC build.” Brian Deal, Aero Precision VP of marketing

Trijicon Inc.

(800) 338-0563

Trijicon’s DI Night Sights feature a chemical- and heat-resistant fiber finished with the same proprietary technique as the Trijicon ACOG. The dual-illumination technology amplifies collected light, ensuring an ultra-bright aiming point in any light. A threaded black steel retainer on the front sight allows users to quickly replace lost or damaged fiber pieces. DI Night Sights come with a 0.078″ green fiber preinstalled in the front sight and two extra green fiber replacements. Sixteen different fiber and retainer color combinations are offered and additional steel retainers are available in white, orange and yellow Cerakote.

Sales Tip: “We are excited to be able to solve the long-standing user need of a replaceable fiber in a sight that provides an aiming point in any light. It is a credit to our engineering team who consistently turn out brilliant aiming solutions.”
Chuck Wahr, Trijicon global VP of sales and marketing

Lone Wolf Arms

(208) 448-0600

Lone Wolf Arms’ Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) pistol line offers a slimmer, more natural feel than other GLOCK-pattern pistols. Key features include a generous, radiused undercut frame which eliminates “GLOCK knuckle;” an extended beavertail to shield the hand from slide movement and disperse recoil impulse; a relieved-radius tang assists in a higher grip effectively lowering the bore axis; low-profile mag well; and enlarged slide stop/release. LTD pistols weigh 19 oz., sport a 4″ barrel and are available with a black or gray frame and black nitride or stainless slide.

Sales Tip: “After years of offering action enhancement parts, slides, barrels and frames, our customers have asked for a complete Lone Wolf pistol. We’re proud to offer a complete solution including many of the upgrades GLOCK owners seek in a ready-to-shoot package at a much lower price than what was previously considered possible.” Clay Tippins, Lone Wolf Distributors owner

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