New Real Avid Chemicals Clean Faster, Protect Guns Longer


Filling a hole in their product line, Real Avid has introduced new gun cleaning chemicals for 2021.

If you’ve ever cleaned or worked on your gun, chances are you’ve used, or at least seen, Real Avid products. From cleaning kits and multi-tools to armorer sets for handguns, rifles and shotguns, Real Avid seeks to be the leader in “Gun DIY” — they even trademarked it. But, up until now, they didn’t offer cleaning chemicals.

New for 2021, Real Avid has introduced a line of proprietary chemicals designed to clean faster and protect guns longer. Developed over the course of two years, Real Avid’s new Foul-Out Gunk Blaster, Gun-Max Gun Oil and Bore-Max Bore Foam have been rigorously tested and evaluated to deliver superior performance for modern shooters and professionals.

Foul-Out Gunk Blaster is a fast-acting cleaner and degreaser for blasting away residue, grease and dirt from guns.

Foul-Out Gunk Blaster

The first step of gun cleaning is removing built-up gunk and grime from shooting and the elements. New Real Avid Foul-Out Gunk Blaster is a fast-acting cleaner and degreaser for blasting away burnt powder residue, grease and field dirt from chambers, actions, bolt assemblies, triggers, gas ports and more.

Safe on metals and polymers, Foul-Out Gunk Blaster can be applied to nearly any part of a gun by way of a flip-up nozzle, allowing users to attack small or hard to reach areas when up or spray wider surfaces when in the down position, as well store the straw when not in use. Its specialized formula also evaporates fast and leaves surfaces clean and ready for applying fresh lubrication — such as Real Avid’s new Gun-Max Gun Oil.

New Gun-Max Gun Oil delivers lasting lubrication and corrosion protection to keep guns running reliably, longer.

Gun-Max Gun Oil

To keep a gun running reliably, it must remain lubricated. Identifying three performance criteria for gun oil, Real Avid sought to develop a gun oil that delivers longer-lasting lubrication over a wide temperature range and offers extreme corrosion protection to protect guns longer

Pushing the formula to its limits, Real Avid used internal labs and external tests, including an in-house salt spray chamber and shooting in sub-zero temperatures of Alberta, Canada, to prove new Gun-Max Gun Oil does more than just check all the boxes — it outperforms the competition in every category by a significant margin.

Similar to Foul-Out Gun Blaster, the 12 oz. gun oil can uses a flip-up straw for easy spray-and-stream application for lubricating slides, bolt assemblies and other moving metal parts.

Bore-Max Bore Foam expands and penetrates to dissolve copper and powder fouling in gun barrels.

Bore-Max Bore Foam

Perhaps the most time-consuming part of gun cleaning is removing carbon and copper build-up from a barrel. While liquid bore solvents have been the industry standard for decades, Real Avid’s Bore-Max Bore Foam uses a foaming solvent to expand into lands and grooves, penetrate layered build-up and dissolve copper remnants.

Sprayed into a barrel from the action with the muzzle angled downward, Bore-Max Bore Foam begins working immediately to fully coat a barrel and remove fouling and grime. Simply wait 10–15 minutes for the foam to turn black or blue — signaling powder/copper removal — wipe with patches and be amazed at the level of cleanliness.

Like Foul-Out and Gun-Max, Bore-Max uses a rotating nozzle to apply its foaming formula into any barrel. Pricing on all three chemicals is $12.99.

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