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Mike Etienne is the VP of purchasing and marketing for Turner’s Outdoorsman, a 34-store retailer in California and now Arizona that traces its roots back to 1971 and a single shop in Long Beach, Calif. The stores carry thousands of handgun accessories and Etienne said demand for extra magazines, holsters and (especially) small, quick-access lock boxes is spiking.

Hunter Brooks is the manager of Green Top Sporting Goods in Glen Allen, Va. Green Top, which began as a family-run business, has hundreds of items in its handgun accessories. As Brooks and his staff work with purchasers, they recommend holsters, cleaning products and storage/safety items as the three most common essential needs.

The number of first-time gun buyers in 2020 was remarkable, 8 million or more, according to estimates. Both of our retailers experienced that massive uptick. Michael R. Smith, Green Top’s firearms sales manager, said his sales team saw big increases in first-time female, elderly and minority gun purchasers.

First-time purchasers offer sales teams a unique opportunity to both educate and sell simultaneously.

Turner’s new gun owners were mostly looking to purchase their first firearm for personal or home defense, noted Etienne. Most of Green Top’s first-time handgun buyers were interested in concealed carry, according to Brooks.