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How Good Can You Be? Find Out.

Constantly improving your shooting skills requires a tactical riflescope that can grow with you, while also leading the way. The Trijicon Ascent™ gives you durability you can trust, along with the fast, easy-to-use reticles and clear glass you expect from Trijicon. Elevate your skill set with the Trijicon Ascent™.

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Simplify And Improve Your E-Commerce Capabilities

Join us for a free webinar series focused on implementing e-commerce and industry principles. Along with e-commerce integration, OneShot is designed to track every step of the order process, manage inventory, and automate financials all in a single software!

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Retailers Can Win $1,000 From NASGW and NSSF

With the next evolution of NASGW’s SCOPE data platform, SCOPE CLX will be an “industry owned, distributor led” retail sales tool that provides a deeper understanding of consumer trends, product movement, and shooting sports sales data to benefit the entire industry. As part of this latest release, NASGW and NSSF are offering retailers a chance to win one of ten $1,000 credits to a NASGW Wholesaler of their choice. All retailers have to do is sign up for more information on the SCOPE CLX website prior to the February 28th deadline.

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Are You Having Trouble Locating And Managing Order Data?

Track every step of the order process with OneShot – the software designed for the Firearms/Shooting Industry. Manage inventory and automate financials, all in a single solution that scales with your business. Click Here to sign up for a free demo!

Head For The Future With NASGW

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers helps their members by offering tools to build their business and create new relationships.

This Is The New Norma!

Meeting the needs of today’s hunters and shooters, Norma offers the finest hunting, precision, and defense ammunition available.

Norma Ammunition’s BONDSTRIKE Extreme Goes The Distance

Designed for extreme long-range accuracy and terminal performance, BONDSTRIKE Extreme reaches out to 1,000 yards.

6 Ways To Enhance “The Experience” At Your Range

Succeeding in retail today is all about “the experience.” Here are six ways your peers are succeeding in creating “an experience” at their range for customers.

Rental Firearms Add Dollars To Range Revenues

Not all shooting ranges offer their customers the option of renting firearms. Those that make firearms rentals a part of their business plans, however, know a robust rental fleet can drive significant dollars to a range’s bottom line.

NASGW’s New SCOPE Program Can Help Your Business

Gain insights into two-step distribution using NASGW’s new SCOPE program. The largest source of shooting sports sales and inventory data available.

Experience The Steyr Elite Experience

Their new Pro THB in 6.5 Creedmoor is only the beginning of what Steyr offers their customers. The Steyr Arms Training Academy and Four Pillars of Performance is truly an experience.

Expanding Sales To Women

As women continue to be a growing economic force in the industry today, it’s important to take note of the “bigger picture” in marketing to this segment. There’s a good reason why: Women make up half of all U.S. outdoors consumers.

Personal Defense Ammo Considerations

Keeping abreast of trends in the consumer (and manufacturing) sphere and stocking a diverse mix of ammunition will enable your store to stand out from the competition.

Stern Defense Adapts ARs To Shoot Pistol Caliber Magazines

Adapt An AR To Shoot Pistol Caliber Magazines

Stern Defense’s Mag AD series of adapters are a must for retailers whose customers shoot both the pistol and AR platform.

Mossberg Steps Back Into the Concealed Carry Market

Mossberg Introduces The MC1sc 9mm Pistol
Celebrating 100 years, Mossberg goes back to it’s roots by designing a personal defense handgun that fits everybody’s price point.

NASGW Distributors Are Partners You Can Trust

NASGW Distributors Are Partners You Can Trust
NASGW distributor member’s help retailer’s to stock their shelves with product that moves.

1791 Gunleather

1791 Gunleather Brings A New Look to Gun Holsters
Carried by more than 1300 dealers across America, 1791 Gunleather holsters incorporate a multi-design to fit multiple brands.

SDS Imports

SDS Imports Lynx-12 Semi-Auto AK Style Shotgun Has A Niche
Featuring interchangeable parts, this semi-auto AK Style Shotgun has the ability to bundle accessories with the sale and fills a void in the marketplace.


LUTH-AR Is Now Making AR Parts
Known for their popular MBA Buttstock rifles, LUTH-AR has grown to making high-quality parts and components for the AR platform.

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