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6930 North Fremont Road , Ozark MO 65721
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Shooting Iron
Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2018
Article: 262-grain Load

S&W'S M&P .380 Shiled EZ
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2018
Article: JHP Load

Ruger's .357 SP106
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2018
Article: 125-grain Load

Guns Insider
Issue: GUNS Magazine June 2018
Article: Extreme Rifle Line

Issue: American Handgunner May/June 2018
Article: .455 Ammo

Out of the Box
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2017
Article: .410 Exacta Skeet Line

8mm Gasser Ammo
Issue: Shooting Industry June 2017
Article: The Ammo & Reloading Market

Breaking the Seal
Issue: GUNS Magazine Surplus 2016 Special Edition
Article: 123-Grain FMJ 7.62X39 Ammo

Hand-Crafted: A Custom Luger Carbine
Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2015
Article: 7.65 Parabellum Load

Charged for Fun
Issue: GUNS Magazine Combat .22 Rimfire 2015 Special Edition
Article: 40-grain SM 320 Super Match Load

Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2013
Article: Sure-Shootin', Hard-Hittin' Handgun Ammo

Ammo & Reloading Ñ What's Selling?
Issue: Shooting Industry June 2012
Article: Dealers Report Top-Sellers, Best Manufacturer Support

2012 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2012
Article: New Product Offerings Kick Off The New Business Year

2011 New Products Gallery
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2011
Article: What Are Dealers And Distributors Excited About?

Locked & Stocked
Issue: Shooting Industry February 2011
Article: New Products And Rebates Drive Ammo & Reloading Sales

2011 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2010
Article: Feature Article

Fiocchi's New "Tracer Shotshell" Offers Great Training, Shooting Fun
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2010
Article: Industry Watch

Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2016
Article: 124 FMJ & 124 HPR