Top Guns: CZ TS 2 & Dan Wesson DWX In GUNS & Handgunner


“I’m not sure who at CZ came up with the idea of color-coding their match pistols, but it’s sure easier than remembering yet another sequence of numbers,” states Jeremy D. Clough in the Sept/Oct issue of American Handgunner. Clough details the orange version of the TS2, developed partially by shooters on the CZ Shooting Team to be match-capable out of the box for those who want to compete in the issue. “And have mercy, do these things shoot,” he praises.

Mike “Duke” Venturino venerates an American icon, the Colt Single Action Army, in honor of its 150 years as one of the most recognizable and copied firearms worldwide.

A pistol, or any other tool, that “bites the hand that feeds it” isn’t something anyone wants to spend time with. Tiger McKee provides ways to get an ideal feel by “dehorning” and/or “melting” a handgun.

Pat Covert introduces readers to custom knifemaker, author, military veteran and competitive shooter Greg Coker. Using his experience and expertise, Coker founded Blades For Brothers, a charitable organization that aims to support, empower and enrich the lives of America’s veterans.

Handgunner columns round out the issue with an Ayoob Files lesson in overcoming the myth that shooting an “unarmed” man can never be justified. Dave Anderson settles the debate — one hand or two? — in Better Shooting and in Make Ready, Gunsite Academy instructor Jeff Dooley talks team tactics for spouses.

“The Dan Wesson DWX is the classic hybrid,” notes Will Dabbs, MD in the Sept. GUNS feature article. “Taking the good stuff from the Czech CZ 75 and mixing it with that secret sauce from John Moses Browning’s archetypal single-action 1911 makes something that synergistically becomes greater than the sum of its parts.”

When Colt reintroduced the Python in 2017, Clayton Walker assumed “just about everyone would have whooped and hollered with joy.” Instead, an aura of suspicion began and has surrounded it since. He provides details in “Python Guts: Understanding Colt’s Best Revolver.”

According to Alan Garbers, when Winchester debuted the Model 1886 it was “classic shock and awe.” In a suitable chambering, the rifle made for the West could handle bison, elk, grizzly bear, moose and more — much to the delight of scouts, hunters, lawmen, bandits and Native Americans.

Additional features in Sept. GUNS include Jeff “Tank” Hoover’s travels to South Africa’s 15,000 Buffalo Bullets ranch in “Triple Bulls,” a closer look at Shadow Systems’ unique 9mms and the Winchester Model 94. Massad Ayoob highlights “More Guns Of Harry Truman,” and in Surplus & Classic, the “space age” purpose-built Walther OSP takes center stage.

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