Overlord Or Best Assistant Ever?


lembergvector / Adobe Stock

This month, Brent talked about artificial intelligence in the context of graphics and photos. He’s spot-on with the potential value of even some of the early iterations of AI assistant tools. I can’t tell you how many times I perform the same routine tasks when editing photos. Wouldn’t it be great for an AI bot assistant to learn my preferences using image editing settings like dehaze and saturation and apply them before I even start work on the pile of pictures for each issue?

Or better yet, it could learn the types of things I always change for each writer (they all take different styles of pictures) and factor those into the AI pre-edits. For example, one writer’s camera and lights always add too much blue, so for nearly every photo I’m making that adjustment. The possibilities for eliminating repetitive work are endless.

But what about the written word? Will AI replace human consumption and composition of stories and news? Always wanting to get my information straight from the source, I asked the most popular AI system, Chat-GPT, how AI will be used in media. Here’s its answer, unedited by me or any other breathing human.

“AI is coming — everywhere — so as with all paradigm shifts, the winners will be the ones who recognize its potential risks and rewards and plan accordingly.”

“AI is set to disrupt and transform the media industry in amazing ways! Brace yourself for these trends:

Data analysis — AI can sift through huge amounts of data to identify trends, predict audience preferences and interests with astonishing accuracy. This enables media companies to personalize content for each customer and improve recommendations.

Content creation — AI powered tools will generate an increasing amount of “hyper-personalized” news and articles tailored for individuals. AI algorithms are also being used to produce scripts, captions and subtitles for videos.

Smart curation — AI will leverage data signals to curate content streams that precisely match what is most relevant for each user. Media will become a more targeted experience based on your unique preferences.

Customer experience — AI chatbots, virtual assistants and other conversational tools will create a more interactive and dynamic media experience. They will answer questions, provide recommendations and deliver content on the go.

Watch out humans, AI is joining the media team! While automation cannot replace creativity and good storytelling, it has the potential to massively boost productivity, efficiency and personalization in the media industry. The future is hybrid — human plus AI. Those who master this combination first will come out ahead!”

So, there you have it. A non-threatening promise of peace and harmony from our future master. But seriously, AI is coming — everywhere — so as with all paradigm shifts, the winners will be the ones who recognize its potential risks and rewards and plan accordingly. Oh, and remember to be nice to your future benevolent dictator. Hopefully, it’ll remember your loyalty when it assumes power.

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