Premiere “Safety Issue” In June Shooting Industry


The Shooting Industry team is preparing to unveil the first-ever “Safety Issue” in June, coinciding with National Safety Month. With content centered on the various aspects of promoting, ensuring and selling the concept of safe firearms handling, dealers will be poised to not only earn the trust of their staff and customers, but also the boost in sales of related products and services.

SI Editor Jade Moldae lends, “National Safety Month has gained traction among firearms industry businesses and organizations in recent years, so it afforded a ready-made opportunity for the June issue of Shooting Industry to offer content aimed at elevating the industry safety message to FFL dealers and employees.”

When it comes to range safety, eye and ear protection is a must. Tim Barker contends these products essentially sell themselves, but dealers need to stay engaged to meet customer preferences.

Home-safety products not only promote the proper storage and handling of firearms (especially for first-time gun owners), but also represent a lucrative opportunity to enhance the bottom line. Tips for increasing sales in this category, including individual, portable and larger standalone safes are provided by Shannon Farlow.

Whether it’s on the range or if a burglary attempt is made during business hours, keeping team members safe should be a top priority for every business owner. Bryan Hendricks discusses how to ensure staff is equipped and prepared for these kinds of scenarios.

With theft/robbery becoming more common — and more extravagant with some of the heists criminals are pulling off these days — Hank Yacek will deliver ways to “harden the target” (i.e., the building itself), as well as internal storage/safety measures to make sure inventory is kept safe at all times.

The June issue’s columns continue the safety theme: In the Personal Defense Market installment, Massad Ayoob offers insights for safety at the counter and on the range — as well as ways dealers can diffuse potentially tense situations when a correction needs to be made. OSHA-compliance expert Dale Krupinski shares six elements of an effective shooting range safety and health program in the Best Practices column. And finding the right holster to carry concealed can be a daunting process for some women. Nancy Keaton encourages dealers to evaluate the possibility of adding a dressing room or private area to try on holsters in the Arms & The Woman.

To include your company’s related marketing message in the inaugural Safety Issue of Shooting Industry, contact your rep for more information. The deadline to reserve ad space is May 2.

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