March 2023 Rep Rap

FMG Insiders Speak

Delano Amaguin

By now, I think everyone has had enough time to get over COVID, the show “crud” or anything else caught in Las Vegas at January’s SHOT Show. Luckily, most cases of COVID were much milder this year than they were last year. A few members of our team came back with a case of it — along with new relationships and a ton of new product information.

Advertisers have asked about the most effective way to get their message out for a new product launch or a sales promotion. Some of the best results we’ve had are with our nine dedicated emails to our American Handgunner, GUNS Magazine and Shooting Industry lists which include: American Handgunner Insider, GUNS Insider, American COP Insider, Shooting Industry Dealer Advantage, First Look, Wheelgun Wednesday, Guncrank Chronicles, Carry Options and Personal Defense.

Your message gets maximum exposure as the only company being promoted, and also allows you to get measurable results the following week. The number of dedicated emails reserved so far this year has already surpassed all of last year’s.

In the print sphere, the American Handgunner July/August issue focuses on concealed carry and EDC necessities, and GUNS July is centers around revolvers. Both issues close in March. We’re also working on our DIY GUNS Special Edition. If you have products to promote to the do-it-yourself gun enthusiast, please reach out to your sales rep for more information.

Reach out to me anytime:

Amy Tanguay

First things first: Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for their Super Bowl LVII win! They played a great game, and Patrick Mahomes did not disappoint — even with an ankle sprain. With football done for a bit, it’s time to kick-off spring. If the new season has you itching to make change or there’s an “out with the old and in with the new feeling” in the air, it might be time to spruce up your marketing plan by ditching the things that don’t work in favor of FMG programs that do.

With our digital and print advertising programs, including nine email newsletter offerings, we can help you put together a program tailored to each new product rollout since the beginning of the year — and the ones scheduled for future release, as well as upcoming promotions or important company messages/announcements.

For those new products, strike while the iron is hot to build on the momentum SHOT Show provided and the NRA Annual Meetings in April will surely reignite by keeping your brand in the spotlight with a blend of print and digital advertising.

With winter fading into warmer days of spring, it’s also the perfect time to start promoting your EDC items. We kicked off our Carry Options and Personal Defense email series last year, which have been a huge hit with our highly engaged audience. These options will pair well with an ad in the concealed carry-focused issue of American Handgunner in July/Aug, the revolver theme in July GUNS and our big DIY GUNS Special Edition hitting newsstands the end of June. Don’t forget about our May “Prep for Summer Sales” issue of Shooting Industry.

Reach out to me anytime for more details and upcoming availability by sending a note to

Tom Vorel

New products are rolling out, and this year, 2311s and anything-10mm seem to be at the top of the list of excitement. In addition to debuting these new products, you may be in need of implementing plans to kickoff a mid-year product launch or two. Whether it’s a handgun or long-gun product, FMG has a suite of options available to help you promote it.

After getting through your PR and digital initiatives, you may find yourself with some slick print creative and limited options for where to place it. Many publishers have reduced print frequencies over the past several years, and it has left our manufacturing and retail partners with very few options for the mid-year print advertising initiatives they need.

Not to worry, FMG has you covered. If you were to reach out to us today, you’d be able to place a message as early as the July issue of GUNS. There are also options for gun dealers to see your Shooting Industry message in the May issue, as well as three more 2023 issues of American Handgunner.
With a strong digital and video presence — and a multitude of print opportunities still open in 2023 — we have the platforms and audience to help you promote those mid-year messages.

Give us a call: We’re here to help match your message with our engaged audiences.

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