FMG Digital Programs Hit The Bull’s-Eye


FMG Publications’ digital properties have become a formidable platform for marketers looking to grow brand awareness, introduce new products and reach consumers with specialized interests. Digital advertising programs are hitting their mark thanks to a curated list of opt-in subscribers who are highly motivated to purchase products found in FMG material.

Performance indicators — including open, click-through and click-to-open rates — consistently reveal engagement far surpassing industry averages. E-newsletters focused on personal defense, concealed carry and revolvers routinely top the list among FMG’s opt-in subscribers. The Personal Defense biweekly email boasts a 51.1% open rate, while Carry Options sees 46.25% — far surpassing the industry average of 22%. In the click-to-open rate category, the Wheelgun Wednesday mailer nets 29.1%. On average, FMG e-newsletters have close to a 30% open rate and 3.8% click-through rate (the industry average is 1.54%).

Data isn’t the only way to tell these digital programs are a win-win: Marketers are seeing the results, too.

“When we look at our online campaign analytics, we consistently see FMG digital publications delivering low bounce rates and high conversion rates which affirms what we’ve already known about FMG readers for a long time: they’re engaged, educated and passionate,” said Mike Nelson, marketing services manager for Turnbull Restoration Co. Inc. “Antique firearm restoration is a niche offering which can involve a long decision cycle. Building and finishing period-correct reproductions of classic lever guns is a specialized area as well. We seek to work with highly enthusiastic owners and collectors, and we know we can find them within the readership of FMG’s digital publications.”

Erin Cahill with TangoDown Inc. lends, “The e-blasts offered by FMG Publications have been a positive addition to our annual advertising plans. Consistently, we have seen increased traffic and conversions associated with the e-blasts. Due to the positive activity, we know adding an electronic option to our advertising is beneficial and reaches those who may not subscribe to or purchase print publications. Continuing to add electronic advertising along with our print options seems to be an excellent direction for us.”

As Simon Khiabani, SK Guns owner/founder notes, “Marketing with FMG in digital and print has brought great visibility and brand awareness to all our divisions. I couldn’t be happier with their team and customer service.”

Partnering with FMG to reach a niche customer base, a broad general audience or anywhere in between — and seeing instant results — has never been easier. Contact your rep to learn more and schedule a digital ad campaign.

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