2-Part Ammo Market Feature Tops May Shooting Industry

What’s next for the ammunition market?

The May issue of Shooting Industry seeks to answer the question everyone in the firearms industry wants to know: What’s next for the ammunition market? Manufacturers and dealers provide their perspectives on this particular corner of the industry that has experienced unprecedented volatility over the past three years. In a special two-part feature, those interviewed relay their observations of the past couple of year and what they contend lies ahead.

On-gun accessories continue to dominate the secondary sales landscape. Bryan Hendricks explores sights, grips, lights, lasers, suppressors, magazines and more when he investigates how, even in a “down” market, product sales in these categories still do well. One reason is because customers like to personalize their firearms.

With the return of better weather, it’s the perfect time to begin mapping out a summer sales event — especially since it’s a historically slower period of sales. Nancy Keaton queries dealers for details about how they prep for these events, the value of partnering with manufacturers and how they promote them ahead of time (both in-person, in the community and online).

Whether it’s a squirrel, prairie dog, coyote or invasive species, there are profits to be made for dealers able to cater to varmint/predator hunters. Mia Anstine interviews retailers who share their best practices in this growing segment and more.

In the Personal Defense Market column, Massad Ayoob shares the story of Big Daddy Guns and how it came to be a major player in the firearms retailing space. From its simple start as a gun shop, Big Daddy Guns became a small chain … then a major player in online sales … and recently expanded into a huge facility that includes a large auditorium dubbed “Freedom Hall.”

Rounding out the May issue, FMG Publications’ Digital Content Editor and Marketing Manager Ashley McGee will discuss off-body carry for female shooters and interview noted instructor Vicki Farnam in the Arms & The Woman column. And retail expert Hank Yacek takes a closer look at payroll and performance management to help dealers assess their current methods in order to adjust — or maintain — as needed in Best Practices.

SI’s June “Safety Issue” is on the horizon. Look for highlights of the issue, which focuses on safety-related products, training opportunities, secure storage sales strategies and tips for keeping team members and inventory safe, in next month’s newsletter.

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