Dealers React To Election Results


As of this writing, Joe Biden has been declared President-elect, and President Trump has launched legal challenges in several states that have been, so far, unsuccessful. Presuming the results stand, the “strongest gun safety ticket in American history” (according to Everytown for Gun Safety) will be sworn in on Inauguration Day, January 20.

Shooting Industry polled a collection of dealers for their thoughts on how a Biden Administration would impact their business in 2021. Their reactions were mixed.

“I suspect we’ll have a bit of a pause in buying until it sinks into the public’s mind that Biden will indeed propose gun control,” predicted Barry Laws, CEO of Openrange in Crestwood, Ky. “After that, the gun/ammo buying spree will continue. If he’s quiet for a bit about gun control, I think the market will level off and inventory will return to somewhat ‘normal’ levels.”

“The effect of the Presidential race is unfortunate for the industry but a complete overaction,” opines Jeremy Ball, general manager of Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop in Spokane, Wa. “President Obama had probably the highest support for gun control in our country’s history and he still couldn’t get it done. I don’t believe President-elect Biden will be any different.”

John Phillips, founder and president of Poway Weapons & Gear in Poway, Calif., predicted the Vice President-elect would have a greater impact on sales.

“Sadly, Kamala Harris is going to scare people right into our stores. We as dealers need to educate people on the gun laws and get them to pay attention locally and nationally to what’s going on,” he said.

With Biden’s previous support of the 1994 Assualt Weapons Ban and “buy back” comments on the campaign trail, sales of MSRs are poised to escalate.

“While this is very challenging to dealers — and freedom — in the long run, in the short term the market for these firearms will be as heated as it was in 1994 when the rush was on to purchase such items, while still legal to purchase,” said Wade Cummings, general manager of Georgia Gun Club in Buford, Ga.

Dealers also fear how a rush on firearms sales will decimate an already strained supply chain.

“If we see any more increased demand — which could easily be created by a Biden gun-control agenda or social unrest, it could potentially break altogether,” said Jacquelyn Clark, co-owner of Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, Colo. “If retailers aren’t able to replenish their supply, they’ll go out of business.”

The final impact of the 2020 election cycle hangs in the balance. Jan. 5, Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoffs will determine whether or not a Biden Administration will be operating in a unified government or not.

Dealers can expect a busy start to the year regardless — and should be watchful of the spark caused by the threat of legislation or executive action that will ignite additional panic buying. How are you being impacted?


Walther PPQ M2

Walther Arms PPQ M2 Wins L.E. Contract

Walther Arms Law Enforcement announced the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia has selected the Walther PPQ M2 9mm 4″ as its new duty pistol.

Berrien County Sheriff’s Office personnel had carried .40-caliber semi-auto pistols before the department’s decision to transition to the 9mm.

Rick DeMilt, director of law enforcement sales at Walther Arms Law Enforcement, said Berrien County Sheriff’s Office chose the Walther PPQ M2 9mm for several reasons. The pistol’s outstanding ergonomics, combined with its notably smooth striker-fired trigger system and outstanding accuracy, were chief among them. Additionally, the pistol’s 1/10″ reset, makes it a standout with L.E. agencies.

After delivery of the PPQ M2 pistols to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, Dave Barnes, Walther’s law enforcement channel manager, traveled to the agency and conducted a detailed armorer’s training class.

Delivery of the Walther pistols was made through the assistance of Walther’s Law Enforcement Distributor, SSD International.


2020 Benelli Invitational Raises Record Amount For Freedom Hunters

Now in its sixth year, the 2020 Benelli USA Invitational event raised a record $100,000 for Freedom Hunters, a group that supports outdoor opportunities for combat veterans, active-duty military personnel and military families.

COVID-19 forced the in-person shooting event to pivot to an online format. Donations from industry partners, an online auction, the Benelli Match Donation and other events combined to generate the funds.

“Despite not having the shoot, great food, friendly competition and the camaraderie that comes with a normal event, we were still able to create a new benchmark in fundraising. We would like to thank all of those who contributed items for auction and monetarily, and also the ones who put in the hard work to pull this together during these challenging times,” said Benelli USA GM Tom DeBolt.

The annual event is normally hosted at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, Md. Industry partners annually sponsor shooting teams and provide outdoor gear and adventures for the auction.

“Without any doubt, having partners in the outdoor industry has helped Freedom Hunters honor more of our nation’s finest with hunting, shooting and fishing. The pandemic may have taken away the opportunity to get together in person at the Benelli USA Invitational, but it did not take away Benelli USA’s commitment to our warriors,” said Anthony Pace, founder and CEO of Freedom Hunters.

Pace pointed out the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic has escalated the veteran suicide rate by 20–30% from an already tragic rate of 22 veterans per day.

“Funds raised by Benelli give our warriors hope and purpose through therapeutic outdoor adventures and, frankly, save lives,” Pace added.

Freedom Hunters’ outreach mission is to convey the outdoor community’s appreciation for the dedication of and sacrifices made by the men and women of the armed forces. Through the support of numerous groups and companies in addition to Benelli USA, Freedom Hunters arranges outdoor adventures and opportunities for active-duty soldiers and combat veterans, as well as families of fallen heroes and children of those currently deployed.


Barrett Receives First MK22 Delivery Order From USSOCOM

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. announced the submission of its initial production MRAD MK22 (Multi-Role Adaptive Design Mark 22) rifles has met all requirements for the U.S. Department of Defense contract for the Advanced Sniper Rifle in support of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

Since being awarded the contract in March 2019, Barrett’s MK22 has completed all aspects of the production qualification and operational testing phases. Barrett has received the initial production order and deliveries begin this month.

“We’re pleased to have reached this milestone with the project, and look forward to providing our warfighters with this highly capable platform,” said Joel Miller, director of Global Military Sales for Barrett Firearms.

USSOCOM initially announced in 2016 its search for a modular, multi-caliber bolt-action sniper rifle capable of converting between .300 Norma Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum and 7.62x51mm through a “full and open competition.”


SAAMI Adds Affiliated Member Category, Accepts New Cartridges

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has added a new membership category, Affiliated Members, to its body of professional suppliers.

The SAAMI bylaws now state, “Any supplier of essential products or services used for the design, manufacture or testing of firearms, ammunition or propellant, including any major component part as defined in Art. V, Section 1, such as ballistic laboratory test and measurement equipment; tool and die makers; gauge and reamer manufacturers; and ballistic testing and materials testing, may be eligible to become a non-voting Affiliate Member of the Institute.”

“None of us is as smart as all of us working toward a common goal. These companies are an essential part of our industry, and including them in our membership body presents a more united industry working to assist in delivering SAAMI’s mission of firearm safety, reliability and interchangeability,” said Rick Patterson, SAAMI executive director.

Additionally, SAAMI announced the acceptance of three new rifle cartridges for SAAMI standardization.
SIG SAUER introduced the 277 SIG FURY, with a maximum average pressure of 80,000 psi, and a 135-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 3,000 fps.

Weatherby introduced the 6.5 Weatherby Rebated Precision Magnum, with a maximum average pressure of 65,000 psi and a 140-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 3,075 fps.

Olin Winchester introduced the 6.8 Western, with a maximum average pressure of 65,000 psi and a 175-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,840 fps.


SASP Adds International Air Disciplines, NCAA Involvement

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) announced the expansion of international air rifle, air pistol and sport pistol disciplines to its youth shooting sports program. With these new additions, SASP continues to pursue its mission of facilitating youth development through shooting sports.

SASP will form an international team and continue to host Junior Olympic Development Camps to help identify athletes who have the potential to become USAS national team members and, ultimately, Olympic champions.

“As the youth feeder program for USA Shooting, adding these new international disciplines expands opportunities for youth athletes with dreams of becoming Olympic athletes. With these new disciplines, we anticipate working with additional program sponsors focused on supporting youth air gun sports. We look forward to working with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, USA Shooting and other national shooting programs to grow youth shooting sports in the nation,” said Rick Leach, SASP national director.

Additionally, SASP has been named the national governing body for NCAA Pistol by the NCAA pistol coaches. It will now facilitate the NCAA Pistol Championships being held March 24–27 at Fort Benning, Ga.

The NRA will assist SASP as a main partner of this program. According to the NRA, over 300 collegiate teams across the country compete in air gun competitions.

“We’re thrilled to become the governing body of NCAA Pistol Shooting Sports,” Leach added.


Clinger Holsters Introduces New Dealer Program

Clinger Holsters has introduced a new dealer program for both large and small dealers.

The company has offered holster products directly to the consumer on its website for over six years. A steady increase in consumer demand for Clinger Holsters products is driving the company’s dealer expansion. Clinger is now enlisting dealers to help spread the holsters into its customers’ local gun shops.

“Over the past few years, many customers have asked for our holsters to be stocked in their local gun shops. To be honest, we’re shipping so many holsters right now it would be a big help to us if our customers could go pick one up at their local gun store,” said Chris Tedder, CEO of Clinger Holsters.

Clinger holsters are known for their comfort, modularity and affordability. Products like the Clinger Cushion and Comfort Cling offer a cushion to provide more comfort for inside-the-waistband concealed carry.

Dealers may apply for the new program at the company’s website.


sig sauer TANGO6T

SIG SAUER TANGO6T Riflescope Selected By U.S. DOD

SIG SAUER’s TANGO6T riflescope has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for the Direct View Optic (DVO) in response to a solicitation to enhance squad performance with a variable powered riflescope.

Unlike older-generation, non-magnified or fixed-magnification optics, the TANGO6T is a 1-6X variable-magnification riflescope that enables the soldier to engage both close-quarter targets and targets at extended ranges.

This is the third DoD award for the SIG SAUER TANGO6T. The optic was previously selected for the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDMR) and the USSOCOM Squad-Variable Powered Scope (S-VPS). The TANGO6T riflescope is currently in use with the U.S. Army Squad Designated Marksman and U.S. Special Forces.

The TANGO6T 1-6×24 DVO riflescope will be used on M4A1 carbines. The focal-plane-ruggedized riflescope has a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) anodized, aircraft-grade, aluminum main tube. The riflescope features the DWLR6 reticle, capable of providing range estimation and wind holds at extreme distances. It also includes the advanced HELLFIRE illumination system for fast target acquisition, a locking illumination dial, power selector ring, throw lever, the ALPHA4 ultralight mount and a laser-marked scope-level indicator for intuitive installation.

“The TANGO6T riflescope platform has been ruggedized and battle-hardened over the course of both the SDMR and S-VPS programs. We’re proud to assemble the TANGO6T here in the USA to support our warfighters with a variable-powered riflescope developed to match the engagement requirements of today’s battlefield,” said Andy York, president of SIG SAUER Electro-Optics.

The TANGO6T 1-6x24MM riflescope is available in first and second plane, and varying reticles, including 5.56/7.62 Horseshoe Dot, HELLFIRE MOA Milling, HELLFIRE FL-6 and the new DWLR6.


Sargent and Greenleaf Unveils New Branding Package

After a year of extensive research and investment, Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) has introduced a new look to reflect its ongoing commitment to product innovation and customer experience.

The branding transformation embodies the company’s passionate focus on its future vision for products and services, as well as a commitment to its customers’ security and success. S&G will concentrate on enhancing customer experience, while actively expanding its portfolio to deliver game-changing solutions for the evolving global market.

“Our bold new look at S&G builds on our company’s 160 years of expertise in global security, while focusing on innovating for the future. We are investing in our people, facilities, products and emerging technologies to ensure we continue developing high-security solutions for a rapidly changing world,” said Mark LeMire, S&G CEO.

The S&G product development process evaluates a wide range of issues, threats and trends to develop innovative and secure solutions. To that end, the company will announce new security solutions over the next several months.
Among those will be a smart LCD touchscreen keypad and a government-approved 2890C locking system.


5.11 Honored For Corporate Growth

5.11 Inc. announced its receipt of the 2020 Global Award from the Orange County Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

A global organization focused on driving middle-market growth since 1954, the ACG includes 60 chapters and nearly 15,000 members worldwide.

The Orange County Chapter received more than 140 nominees for its annual awards, and 30 finalists emerged after the interview process. Following a final round of judging led by top academic and business professionals from the region, 5.11 received the chapter’s Global Award.

“Receiving the Global Award is testament to the dedication and hard work of our team members and partners around the world. We’re proud to receive the award, and look forward to strengthening our efforts in supporting mid-market growth while serving tactical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Francisco J. Morales, CEO of 5.11 Inc.

The ACG’s Orange County board president Andrea Casaw saluted the 30 honorees, praising their innovation and “fighting spirit” in dealing with their individual market challenges, along with those caused by the global pandemic.

“Their stories inspire and show us what’s possible when you combine smart strategy, outstanding execution and a never-give-up attitude,” Casaw said.

With offices around the globe, 5.11 works directly with end users to create purpose-built tactical apparel, footwear and gear designed to exceed the rigorous standards of law enforcement, first responder and military communities, while also meeting the everyday utility needs of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.


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