April 2023 Rep Rap


Don't Be An April Fool

It’s only April, but we are more than halfway through our 2023 print publication schedule.

We are shifting focusing to the do-it-yourself crowd in the DIY GUNS Special Edition and the American Handgunner Sept/Oct home gunsmithing issue. We will also be launching a DIY email this month to round out the coverage.

DIYers need the proper tools for each job. Products like the Real Avid Workstation make cleaning, scope mounting and other small gunsmithing jobs easy. There is even a Smart Assist Accessory System available that includes a mount for a cell phone so users can watch YouTube tutorials while they work.

With print and digital options available, we can put together a package to help promote your products to the enthusiastic home gunsmith.
We have been getting great results from our dedicated emails and email blasts. If you haven’t already locked in your digital schedule for the year, you’re out of luck for most of the prime holiday dates. We have limited inventory for our dedicated emails, e-blasts and podcast supporting sponsorship opportunities.

Don’t be an “April Fool” and wait to book your Q3 and Q4 digital schedule. Reach out to your sales rep for more information and availability remaining in 2023.

The NRA Annual Meetings in Indiana is right around the corner, and I’m interested to see all of the new products that launch during the event. Let me know if you’ll be exhibiting so our team can stop by your booth. Email me anytime: delano.amaguin@fmghq.com.

Create The Perfect Blend

Welcome to spring and Happy Easter! This year continues to fly by as we enter into April. With summer break quickly approaching in May, I am mentally preparing ahead of time. Don’t wait too long to secure your ad plans, as our email advertising dates continue to sell out quickly. With an average open rate as high as 45%, our emails are proving to be a top performer for advertisers.

One conversation I am constantly having with my clients is the importance of consistency. While products are slowly starting to restock, it’s still important to continue your presence. Half of the battle is getting our audience familiar with your company name and product, and one ad per year will not leave a footprint like a continual ad campaign will.

Although we are halfway through our print advertising year, there is still time to secure placement for your summertime promotions, rebates, sales events and other seasonal messages. On the print side, we are working on our September/October “Home Gunsmithing” issue of American Handgunner, the DIY GUNS Special Edition, August’s rimfire focus in GUNS Magazine and ammo and reloading feature content in May Shooting Industry Pairing a print ad with our digital campaigns will help maximize your target audience.

Feel free to reach out to me at amy.tanguay@fmghq.com. I’d be happy to send you our 2023 Brand Book, rate cards and put together a recommended plan that not only fits your budget, but also provides the best response.

For anyone heading to the NRA Annual Meetings & Conference — I hope you have safe travels and a successful show!

Windy City Politics

As I write this, Chicago is preparing for another debate between the mayoral candidates, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas. With the election on April 4, we’re starting to see Johnson’s campaign gain some momentum — all while keeping with his stance on “defunding the police.”

A friend of mine who I used to work with had to be in the city last week for some meetings. Our old office was on the same block he was visiting for these meetings. He told me a few of the eating establishments he and I used to frequent are now either vacant or are less-desirable businesses occupying the former space. The once-vibrant “Magnificent Mile” of Michigan Ave. is now more like the “Mediocre Quarter Mile” with vacant storefronts and very few people on the sidewalks.

People who live here are afraid to visit downtown. While the convention business has come back, will it stay when attendees aren’t finding their favorite store or restaurant is around anymore? I don’t think so. And now we have a mayoral candidate who thinks the police numbers are fine and we should reappropriate another $150 million from their budget.

Tom contends Chicago and its “Magnificent Mile” stand to suffer if the mayoral candidate calling for defunding the police takes office. Image: Tierney / Adobe Stock

Meanwhile, the other candidate, Paul Vallas, is running with public safety and adding to the police force as his main campaign points. There’s a real possibility, however, by the time you read this, Mr. Johnson and his “defund the police” agenda will put him on the fifth floor of City Hall. Only time will tell where things go from there, but it certainly won’t be good if he becomes the next mayor of Chicago.

Are you considering an e-newsletter campaign in 2023? If so, please be sure to check in with us on the months you are interested. The open and click-through rates continue to perform very well, and many dates in the crucial timeframe of Q3 and Q4 are already filled.

FMG now has seven consumer options for you, with GUNS Insider, American Handgunner Insider, Wheelgun Wednesday, Guncrank Chronicles, First Look, Carry Options and Personal Defense. There is also a separate American COP Insider for the L.E.

market and, of course, the Shooting Industry Dealer Advantage e-newsletter for the gun-dealer market. In all, there are nine options to choose from that all perform well above industry averages and provide great analytics to track your campaigns.

Don’t wait: E-newsletters have been a popular ad medium so far in 2023, so get your message in front of these engaged groups before they fill up.

Contact me now for more details tom.vorel@fmghq.com.

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