Building on its success, Ulticlip has unveiled their latest carry solution — the UltiLink. Billed as a “Rapid Attachment, Modular Linking System,” the UltiLink allows for the swift attachment, removal and reattachment of gear — and it's just as ingenious.

Composed of two core components, the UltiLink works on a locking pinion system. Acting as a mounting point, the stainless steel UltiLink Lock can be attached to a MOLLE-incorporated vest, plate carrier, belt or pack and offers 12 angles of attachment for horizontal, vertical or diagonal carry. Locking into the UltiLink is the steel UltiLink Pinion, which can be attached to various items, including magazine and tourniquet carriers, knife sheaths, small bags and more. Single or multiple Locks and Pinions can be used to mount larger items.