Sport Ridge Self-Adhesive Reactive Targets


How exciting can paper targets be? As necessary as they are, I almost always forget them when I head to the range. After a while, they all start to look the same. Some people have gamified targets; others have themed them. Many you can still simply print off the internet. I’ve tried all kinds of targets and for shooting by yourself, there is nothing better than peel-n-stick reactive targets. Recently I was introduced to Sport Ridge.

Sport Ridge offers three target sizes, a 5.5″ round bullseye, 8″ round bullseye and a 12.5″x18.5″ oval. I found the 8″ round circle most useful.

I found I preferred the Sport Ridge targets’ green background to the common yellow. It was easy to see but not too distracting. There was also no colored circle in the center of the target. This ensured I focused on the front sight rather than on a small spot on the target. It also eliminated the need for multi-colored dot stickers. I’d inevitably end up with too many of one color I didn’t need, and not enough of what I did. The biggest difference I noticed from other peel-n-stick targets I have used is the small black stickers intended to cover up shots also reacted, the same neon green appearing when impacted. One frustration I’ve had with some peel-n-stick targets is non-reactive stickers. (The small circle dot stickers work well for extending the life of the target but it’s difficult to see any shots in them.) The adhesive was strong and I had no problem with targets peeling off the backing, even when I applied them over one another.

5.5″ Bullseye Self-Adhesive Reactive Target: 12 pack — $7.99

8″ Bullseye Self-Adhesive Reactive Target: 6 pack — $7.99

12.5″x18.5″ Oval Self-Adhesive Reactive Target: 5 pack — $14.99