SK Customs Launches "ZEUS"

Second Addition to Gods of Olympus Engraver Series

I first learned of the gods and goddesses of Olympus in third grade. We read stories from large yellow paperbacks stored in the corner of the classroom. I loved mine so much my family bought me a copy of my own. I eagerly studied them and memorized what I needed for my Greek mythology test and more. My favorite was Athena, goddess of wisdom, borne from Zeus’ skull. He seemed quite the playboy — fathering a number of gods and goddesses, cavorting about with mortal women.

Greek mythology as viewed by modern standards is a bit messed up. For one, Zeus is married to his sister Hera, though he cheats on her incessantly. Perhaps it is this incest that makes Greek mythology so appealing, though it is likely the intrigue of stories passed down generation to generation once believed to be fact.

Movies have been made and books have been written about the Gods of Olympus — now there are guns. SK Customs just announced their second addition, “Zeus,” to the Gods of Olympus Engraver Series. (I wonder what Zeus thinks about being second to Poseidon…) This work of art has a limited production run of 200 and is approved by Smith & Wesson. The base arm is a S&W Full Size 1911 E-Series .45 ACP — decorated by award-winning FEGA Master Engraver Melissa McMinn. In tribute to the Greek God of the sky, ruler, protector and father of all gods and humans, his supposed likeness adorns the slide and right grip. Cloud engraved scroll over the slide, frame and grips represents Zeus’ control of the sky and weather. The left side of the slide shows the King of the Gods throwing his iconic thunderbolts in 24-Kt. gold plating with his companion eagle (Aetos Dios) copper-plated alongside. The right side depicts Zeus’s Aegis, his shield and main source of protection, displaying a Gorgon head.

SK Customs has woven myth and beauty together, choosing a proprietary conversion coating for the slide that results in a highly reflective sky-blue background in the engraved areas behind the gold and copper-plated designs. The frame flats and slide are polished to a satin finish and select hardware has been plated in 24-Kt. gold and nickel to finish the look. As if this wasn’t enough, the Novak front sight has a yellow diamond in the center.

Also included with this collectible is a special issue commemorative 1-oz. high-relief silver coin. It is marked with the year of production and the observe marks of the Bank of Greece in Athens, displaying the goddess Athena on one side and Zeus on the other. This isn’t to be spent — this coin comes in a protective case inside a black velvet box with silver labeling.

Given the popularity of SK Customs’ masterpieces, the 200 pistols likely won’t last long. Pre-order is available now at $2,800 with guns shipping mid-February 2022.