Ruger LCP Max

New .380 Pistol for Personal Defense

Micro and compact carry guns have been on everyone’s radar, including the Guncranks.

Keep an eye out for Roy Huntington’s upcoming video review of the brand-new Ruger LCP MAX, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

Ruger’s recent addition to the LCP Family has greater capacity and more features than others in the line. The pocket-sized .380 is ideal for personal defense with up to double the magazine capacity of a standard LCP. The pistol comes with a 10+1 magazine, though an accessory 12+1 extended magazine is available. A finger grip extension floorplate for the 10-round magazine can also benefit those with larger hands.

This pocket pistol is under 1″ wide and under 11 oz. in weight and comes with a pocket holster. The LCP Max is based on the ultra-compact Ruger LCP II but boasts improved features including a reversible magazine release, raised cocking ears for easier racking, and visible steel sights with a tritium front and flat ledge rear.

Chambered in .380 Auto, Ruger reports it “reliably and consistently feeds a wide variety of modern .380 Auto ammunition.” We are looking forward to testing this ourselves. Designed with concealment in mind, the LCP MAX has softened slide and frame edges as well as an ergonomic grip. This contoured grip is intended to reduce printing, make shooting more comfortable and to better distribute recoil. Patented barrel cam geometry also works towards this end.

MSRP: $449

Watch a quick overview by Roy Huntington here.