Howard Leight New Impact Sport Classic in Youth/Adult Small

New Sizes for Smaller Heads

Yes, it’s me again. The girl with the smallest ears ever. While I’m a big fan of custom ear molds and products, something I don’t often talk about are over-ear earmuffs. Why? Because until now, I’ve only had one option.

When I first started shooting my dad slapped a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sports on me. They slid down to my neck and combined with foam plugs that didn’t fit at all, to some degree I pushed myself to shoot. I enjoyed it but it hurt some. Having protection didn’t matter much if it wasn’t the right kind. Determined to remedy the issue, my dad went out to the local sporting goods store and came back home with a pink pair of Caldwell low-profile e-max. They fit and I shot with them for years, though I not so secretly couldn’t wait for them to break. The headphones worked great, but I desperately wanted a green pair. I’m really not a pink sort of gal.

I’ve tried other headphones but until now there was nothing that would fit me. To my delight, Howard Leight has released a youth/adult small version of their Impact Sport earmuffs. I’ve been testing the basic model for a few months now and not only have they held up to abuse, but I’ve come to love them. I can still get consistent cheek weld on a rifle and have yet to have to change the batteries with consistent use. Howard Leight says the batteries last for approximately 350 hours and have an automatic shut-off feature that activates after four hours to conserve battery life. They fold up into a compact package – easy to store and stuff into a backpack or suitcase if need be. The sound coming through the electronics is very clear, actually scary clear. (I could hear the turnpike at the bottom of the street from my living room like it was right next door.) You can adjust the volume with a side dial built into the headphones. These headphones have a 22 dB noise reduction rating and automatically shut off loud impulse noises to a safe 82 dB while amplifying conversation up to 4x. The foam speakers on the outside are tight to the frame. They don’t stick out which makes them less likely to come off or be lost.

Howard Leight offers the Impact Sport Youth/Adult Small with and without Bluetooth in a variety of colors. I have yet to sample the Bluetooth set, which features USBC recharging. The non-Bluetooth version has an AXU jack for connection to an MP3 player, phone or scanner. Yes, I’ve been recommending these headphones to women and youth, but they are great for anyone with a smaller head, including guys. Howard Leight has done something great in expanding their line to cater to more shooters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

MSRP: $84 (non-Bluetooth)

MSRP: $154 (with Bluetooth)