Other Options: Flashlights, Pepper Spray

Among the other self-defense accessories seeing some movement are flashlights, with Streamlight a popular brand. Stewart’s advice to customers is to buy something rated at least 100 lumens — so it’s capable of disorienting an attacker, rather than just offering a way to see in the dark.

It’s a piece of gear he consistently urges EDC customers to consider: “If you don’t carry one on your person, you should at least have one by your bedside.”

Still, according to Stewart, it’s generally only the more experienced EDC customers who include flashlights in their carry gear.

“Some people would say it’s almost at the ‘paranoid prepper stage,’” he said. “But I don’t think so. You never know where you’ll be when the power goes out.”

In Idaho, Stirrat also sells a fair amount of pepper spray — carrying popular brands like Sabre RED. But these products tend to be purchased by people looking for a non-lethal alternative: “Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a gun. We point them to the pepper spray,” he lends.