I – Invest in decent equipment.

With today’s smartphone technology, you likely have a device with very good video recording (and even editing) capabilities. You can probably upload videos to a hosting site or social media feed with ease as well. In a sense, this may be all you need to start a video marketing effort. Eventually, however, you’ll notice the best marketing videos are the best because they offer a crystal clear picture, superb sound and the right mix of content — all put together seamlessly.

More often than not, the best marketing videos are made with more than just a smartphone. Some video producers use professional-grade studio equipment, but upgrading video-producing equipment is not necessarily an expensive enterprise. Just a few simple pieces of equipment like a tripod, selfie light and an external microphone will transform videos from mediocre attempts to great productions.

As for video editing software, some computers come with very useful applications that are simple to use — providing titling, transitions, special effects and more — and produce terrific results.