According to Westrom, cleanliness and lighting are priorities for her female customers. “From your parking lot to the bathroom, make sure your store or range is clean and well lit,” she advised.

Talk with your customers, Westrom suggests. “Learn if they have done any research or if someone has already recommended something to them. Ask them what they want and listen to why they want it,” she advised. “Be prepared to spend time explaining why, for example, a .44 Magnum airweight revolver is not the best choice for a first self-defense handgun. Believe it or not, I’ve had men in my shop think it’s exactly the gun their wife needed.”

Westrom notes women shop much differently than men.

“Men want to choose between good, better and best. Women insist on knowing all their options, which naturally means taking more time. But it’s worth every minute of the time spent with a woman to help her decide which extras she needs,” she affirmed.

Add-ons such as extra magazines, range bags, cleaning kits, mag loaders, snap caps and ammo all enjoy high margins and help your bottom line.