“We don’t do a lot of online business; we just have a supplemental income from it,” he added. “Most of what we do is storefront business. People come in and put their hands on the firearms and ask a lot of questions, and we give them honest answers. I always tell my employees if they don’t know the answer to a question, don’t make up something. Go find someone who does know the answer.”

As such, the online customer is not his target customer.

“Those folks are usually looking for the least expensive price,” he said. “Online sales are very impersonal, which is not my customer. My sales are based on how we treat people; I pride myself on it.”

However, maintaining an online presence does help bring in customers.

“It’s the way people research things these days,” Reynolds shared. “Gun and archery customers will drive a considerable distance to visit a store that treats them right. Once they come, they’re hooked because of the way we treat them.”