It’s looking likely fear will be a primary sales driver again in 2021, do you think customers will buy long-range setups for target shooting and competition? Or will it be mostly those anxious buyers looking to buy anything they can to protect their family?

Blackwell: As we have seen over this past year, customers, especially new gun buyers, will be looking for anything they can buy to protect their family.

Hall: New shooters are all about the experiences. They’re in the honeymoon stage now, if you will. Now with that said, the looming drama of politics will be strong for all. The key to success is in getting all the new shooters taught and engaged.

Brooks: I’m sure we’ll most likely see more of the “fear buying” in 2021 based on the new administration, talks of gun legislation, civil unrest, etc., if these issues remain. If .22 rimfire ammunition wasn’t so scarce, I’d expect to see another surge in rimfire precision rifles. This portion of the precision world has been fun to watch. There are so many possibilities to continue the growth of long-range precision rimfire.