Women Who Shoot Big Guns

I recently shared a poll in a woman’s group on social media. I asked them what they wished shop owners knew about women. While some said they want you to take them seriously, others surprised me with their preference for large-caliber handguns.

“I wish retailers didn’t assume all women want or need a smaller weapon,” said Sandra Fisher. “I favor a larger caliber. Don’t be trying to steer me to a 9mm when I specifically asked for a .45.”

In assessing my fondness for larger guns, I asked Sandra and the other ladies to tell us more about their reasons why. “Maybe it’s as simple as nobody ever taught us we aren’t supposed to like the recoil,” Fisher claimed.

Laura Sutton, who shoots a .450 Bushmaster for long-range hunting, said, “I like the power when I shoot, even at targets. I like the sound, smell and the feel of shooting bigger guns.”