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Increase Sales With Curated Bundle Deals

Kelsey and Jeremy Scribner opened Wyoming Gun Company in 2017, the first indoor shooting range
in the Casper area. They’ve found considerable success in offering product bundles to customers — pairing
GTM Original purses with firearms, knives or other accessories. “As soon as one sells, we create the next one.
The package display at WGC is never empty, there’s always one in there,” Kelsey lends.

The NSSF recently reported nearly 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the very first time in 2020.1 (Of that figure, 40% were women.) On average, each of these new customers spent $595. But you probably didn’t need a survey to tell you this because you’ve been experiencing it firsthand.

What’s important to focus on is female gun ownership, both first time and repeat, continues to rise. And it’s not just firearms women want customized to their needs, but also apparel, accessories and other types of personal-defense tools.

Interested in digging deeper, the women’s shooting organization A Girl & A Gun recently conducted a survey of more than 6,000 of its members to specifically focus on women’s reasons for, and interests in, owning a gun.2 Worth noting, when it comes to firearms and accessories, 87% of respondents said when a discount is offered it affects their decision to purchase.

Knowing The Difference

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Kelsey Scribner of Wyoming Gun Company (WGC) is keenly aware of how female and male buying behavior differ. Two years ago, she started putting together package deals featuring a selection of curated items.

The package deals typically include three or four items at one flat price. For example, a firearm, holster, knife or flashlight (or pepper spray) and a branded Wyoming Gun Company item like a mug or T-shirt.

“We wanted to have a convenient option for our customers who might not have the time to shop for everything they need, or they may not know everything they need,” Scribner said, who opened the store with her husband and parents in 2017. “We try to be versatile and cater to different groups of people each time, so it’s not too repetitive.”

Their most popular packages include products by GTM Originals. “Every package with a GTM purse will usually sell immediately,” she shared. “The first time I put a purple SIG SAUER with a purple GTM purse, it sold in less than an hour.”

Secret To Success

When asked why she thinks this strategy has been so popular with female consumers, Scribner said women are often treated as the minority in the firearms industry.

“We can be timid — especially if we’re new and unsure of what we’re getting ourselves into. So coming into a welcoming environment with friendly people behind the counter will help, but having a package put together and ready to go with everything they need is great,” she noted.

The packages are built with the season in mind and what is popular at the time. A summertime package will likely include smaller carry guns people can take camping or easily pack on a motorcycle. During hunting season, a package might be centered around a 10mm to protect against bears.

“As soon as one sells, we create the next one,” Scribner added. “The package display at WGC is never empty, there is always one in there.”

Sometimes if there’s an item that isn’t selling, Scribner will pair it with a more popular item, citing people just need to see an item they might not usually go for in a different light.

“It can help them look at the product better if it’s packaged in a way they can easily understand,” she advised.

Claudia Chisholm, president of GTM Original, confirmed: “Showing what consumers need when they may not know it is good old-fashioned retailing at its best. The Wyoming Gun Company shows how simple and easy this can be for any dealer.”

Building Markdowns

Curating package deals like those offered at Wyoming Gun Company are a creative and effective way to build markdowns into your sales model. Not only are customers able to purchase multiple items for slightly less than what they’d pay for them individually, but there’s an element of greater perceived value that makes consumers feel good about their purchase.

“The bundled package presentation will always walk out the door,” asserted Chisholm. “Dealers can make it a contest with their employees to see who can create the most purchased bundle.”

“coming into a welcoming environment with friendly people behind the counter will help, but having a package put together and ready to go with everything they need is great.”

Kelsey Scribner, Wyoming Gun Company

Although this strategy works well for women, WGC’s package deals have been popular with all consumers.

“I think because it’s convenient,” Scribner said. “We live in a fast-paced world and not all people like to spend the time shopping around. We’ve also sold lots of our purse packages to men buying them as gifts.”

If someone comes in to buy a package but they already have something similar, like the flashlight, they will substitute it for another item of similar value. Additionally, packages can be taken apart or put together on demand in order to customize them to a customer’s specific needs.

Advertising & Promotion

Despite advertising restrictions preventing the paid promotion of firearms, Scribner points to social media as the best way to get the information out to the public and get people in the door. To keep customers coming back, in addition to their 4,000 sq. ft. of retail space, Wyoming Gun Company has a state-of-the-art gun range with nine pistol lanes and seven rifle lanes.

For female customers, this is especially important. According to the same NSSF survey, 25% of first-time buyers had already taken some form of firearms safety course and 63% inquired about taking a firearms safety course in the near future. Women are not only purchasing firearms, but they are investing in formal training as well.

Other proven strategies for attracting new customers include a ladies’ night every Tuesday where women shoot free. They also host a “date night” every Friday.

“If a guy brings his girlfriend or wife in and she has fun on date night, then she will come back on Tuesday with her friends,” said Scribner.

However, in terms of overall brand awareness, she believes the most powerful method will always be word of mouth.

“We have set the bar high and have to keep it high. Bad word spreads like wildfire, but good word is a lot slower and harder to maintain,” Scribner informed. “I’ve put my entire staff through training with some of the industry’s finest on how to speak, instruct and sell to women specifically. It really makes a big difference. We always have to make sure we’re giving the absolute best customer service possible, every time, to every customer.”

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