4. Do all of this at least four times per year.

When you and your staff know the marketing plan will be under constant scrutiny, carefully documented and available for the staff to see (and marked by times of open and honest feedback) the process will be less daunting than it seems. It’s true some marketing plans need to work themselves out over longer than three months. As such, during the quarterly marketing meeting you and the team may resolve not to change anything.

The mere exercise of meeting and discussing and deciding has tremendous value even if nothing changes. But it’s likely some things will change. At the least, if you make a decision — to change or not — it’s a decision made as a staff. (And you know there will be opportunity to correct, as needed, in three months.)

Getting into a cadence like this usually comes with increasing efficiency. The first meeting will be weird, the second much more productive. By the third you may be wondering why you didn’t do it this way much sooner. Besides efficiency, creativity will likely increase. The staff will know new marketing ideas are welcome and the ideas will flow much more freely. Don’t be surprised if the staff starts to suggest adding a meeting or two to solve a problem or discuss a new idea.