Those Who Don’t Want More

Why did those first-time buyers wait until 2020 to make their purchase? Because they didn’t want a gun, and very likely had even been opposed to gun ownership previously.

They’ll likely be concerned about safety, and that’s all to the good. Those quick-release gun safes and ammunition that won’t over-penetrate are logical supplements to something they have already.

But, as with the customer described above, they need to know you have them in stock. A sales flyer mailing, social media post or even an ad in local media, will let them know when you have your shelves re-stocked.

We all remember the old saying, “If you develop a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” Something was left out of that conventional wisdom: The world has to be made aware you have a better mousetrap, and the world needs directions to your door!