ICYMI: Industry News From
Sept. 4–8, 2023


NSSF’s First Shots Offers New Online Resources

NSSF announced has posted new online resources for ranges and customers, including new promotional videos and Spanish-language instructional materials for its First Shots program.

NSSF’s First Shots is an introductory and refresher program made available through host target-shooting ranges across the country. By providing educational experiences that are safe, fun and memorable, host ranges are having great success in attracting first-timers, further engaging new gun owners and in reactivating lapsed participants.

Ranges that host First Shots are encouraged to use a new 90-second customer-facing video to promote their classes to those who want to learn more about firearm ownership and target shooting, or those who want a refresher course on safely using firearms and how to enjoy the shooting sports. A 30-second promotional video is also available. Host ranges are encouraged to integrate the videos into their websites and share them on social media as part of their recruitment, retention, reactivation (R3) marketing and outreach efforts. The videos may also be downloaded from NSSF’s First Shots Host Resources Portal.

Spanish-language materials are now available to ranges for use by Spanish-speaking customers enrolled in First Shots classes.

“By creating these new First Shots resources, NSSF has responded to requests from its host ranges for educational materials to meet the demand they’re seeing from their growing base of Hispanic American customers,” said Zach Snow, NSSF membership development director.

NSSF research has shown that in 2021 alone, 40% of firearm retailers saw an increase in Hispanic Americans purchasing firearms.

For more info: www.nssf.org/firstshots

Shooter’s Choice Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Shooter’s Choice is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is marking the milestone with several changes, including a branding refresh and updates to its cleaning kit line. These changes are key to reestablishing Shooter’s Choice as a competitive, quality option for gun cleaning.

As part of the brand refresh, Shooter’s Choice is introducing a bold new face of color. The vibrant update is the most notable change for the brand and arrived after much consideration and collaboration between the marketing and sales teams at Shooter’s Choice.

“We knew a change was needed to better align our brand with our vision,” said Mark Komondor, Shooter’s Choice creative director. “To further establish itself, we shifted the brand to be bolder, while also giving it a unique style that called back to previously used elements, including the logo, colors and fonts. With respect to those key historical aspects, we also set out to differentiate the brand from competitors with new concepts.”

In concert with the brand refresh, Shooter’s Choice is also launching new cleaning kits. The new kits will be available in popular single-caliber configurations: .22 caliber, .30 caliber, 9mm, .40 caliber, .45 caliber and 12 GA; with private label opportunities available at low minimum quantities. Coinciding with the release is the addition of new mops, brushes and jags also at conscientious retail prices.

“This is an undertaking born by our passion for firearms,” offered Bill Kleftis, Shooter’s Choice CEO. “We were able to elevate the quality of our kits when compared to others in the market, infusing our standards and practices by working closely with our partner and completing final assembly in our U.S. facility. We are able to create the best value brand by combining our partner’s assets with several USA-made key components, such as our FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP, in every kit.”

For more info: www.shooters-choice.com

Vortex Donates $15,000 To Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Vortex announced a $15,000 donation to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The money was generated through the sale of special edition Vortex Crafted Impact apparel.

A collaboration between a rotating group of artistic creators and organizations, Vortex Crafted Impact was developed to give hunters and shooters an easy way to support the places and things they love. These limited-run apparel drops showcase original art that brings awareness — and every purchase dollar — to groups and initiatives important to the hunting and shooting community.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a group more committed to putting their money where their mouth is than the hunting and shooting communities,” said Sawyer Briel, Vortex marketing communications manager. “Time after time, they’re eager to answer the call and support things critical to improving wildlife habitat and preserving our second amendment rights. Crafted Impact started as an idea and grew into a tangible way for all of us to give back. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was a clear choice to kick things off, and we can’t wait to reveal what else we have in store.”

For more info: www.vortexoptics.com

USAGO Launches Founding Members Campaign To Preserve Second Amendment Rights

USAGO, a newly established association dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms, proudly announces its Founding Members Campaign. Founded on the principles of protecting individual and family rights, USAGO aims to continue the legacy left by those who recognized the importance of the Second Amendment.

USAGO recognizes that the best way to safeguard the Second Amendment is by promoting safe and responsible firearm usage through education and training. By giving back to its members, USAGO ensures the continued preservation of the Second Amendment by providing resources for members to exercise their rights responsibly.

The Founding Members Bundle offers exclusive benefits, including a meticulously laser-engraved knife and a 10% discount on the first order from the USAGO store. Additionally, Founding Members can enjoy up to 30% savings on clubs, a quarterly discount, a waived registration fee for the Bear Self-Defense Association, member onboarding and exclusive member concierge services.

USAGO also offers ongoing Membership Benefits, which include wholesale discounts on firearms, ammunition, and gear, private access to the USAGO Member Community, unlimited access to the Training Vault and flat-rate shipping on all orders. Members will have the chance to win free gear in monthly giveaways, enhancing the overall membership experience.

Premier Founding Members can take advantage of added perks, such as reimbursement of up to $25 for FFL transfers in store credit, $20 in monthly ammo credits with the maintenance of Premier-level membership and free shipping on all orders, regardless of size.

For more info: www.usago.org