ICYMI: Industry News
From July 12–16, 2021


Bangers LP Is Now Iron Valley Supply Co.

Bangers L.P. has rebranded as Iron Valley Supply Co. This new name reflects the company’s near 100-year heritage as a wholesale distributor in the Iron Valley region of Alabama.

According to a company press release, it adopted the new Iron Valley Supply Co. brand to “project a more modern image that both honors its past and signifies its future.” Iron Valley Supply Co. has a legacy of serving independent shooting sports dealers in the southeastern U.S., yet in early 2020, the company embarked on a journey to transform its operations to meet the growing needs of a broader network of sporting goods retail outlets nationwide.

“We’re very pleased to announce our new name, Iron Valley Supply Co.,” said Brent Wouters, CEO. “This new brand not only represents the region’s unique history, but also marks a tribute to the men and women who are the fabric of this area and helped to build this great company. We look forward to growing Iron Valley Supply Co. into the premier Adventure Culture’s Storehouse as we implement new technology, diversify our product lines and continue our expansion across the U.S.”,

Iron Valley Supply Co. was founded in 1923 in Birmingham, Ala., and carries over 150 brands and products.

For more info: ironvalleysupply.com.

USCCA Surpasses 600,000 Membership Milestone

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has surpassed 600,000 members, keeping pace with the rising demand of firearms ownership.

“Passing the 600,000 membership milestone directly impacts our ability to achieve our mission to save lives,” said Tim Schmidt, president and founder of the USCCA. “For the millions of Americans who have already taken the first steps to safely protect themselves, they know owning a gun or getting a permit is not enough. Situational awareness, a focus on safety, training and practice are critical.”

In 2020 alone, the USCCA:
• Trained an estimated 100,000 responsible firearms owners
• Provided over 8,500 training books and eLearnings
• Certified over 2,000 new instructors and official partners
• Increased the organization’s expert training resources to over 5,000 instructors
As millions of new firearms owners across the country continue to take their safety into their own hands by embracing their natural-born right to self-defense, the USCCA saw a massive increase in membership as well as attendance in education and training courses.

“We’re committed to the training of all firearms owners, from those who have had the value of self-defense passed down for generations, to those who recently purchased their first firearm,” said Schmidt.

For more info: uscca.com.

Shoot Like A Girl Launches Hunt Like A Girl Program

Shoot Like A Girl has expanded its business to include the Hunt Like A Girl program, which exposes more women to hunting in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. With help from corporate sponsors, Shoot Like A Girl takes their mission to the next level by giving women an opportunity to partake in the hunting experience with guidance from an all-female staff.

“Hunt Like A Girl came to life earlier this year and expands on the company’s mission to empower women to participate in shooting sports,” said Karen Butler, founder and president of Shoot Like A Girl. “Hunting is a natural progression of the shooting sports, and this program empowers women with confidence by taking them into the field to experience nature and ultimately put food on the table for themselves and their families.”

To date, the Hunt Like A Girl program has introduced new and inexperienced hunters to the sport through four unique hunting experiences — and a number of others are planned throughout the remainder of 2021, with more in 2022 and beyond.

“We introduce women to the shooting sports at our live, in-person trailer events, but with this hunting component, we’re able to take them outside into the wilderness,” said Christa Forrester, Shoot Like A Girl chief of staff. “Being able to guide these women in their early hunting experiences helps plant the seed for the next generation to get into the field and take on hunting themselves.”

To watch a video for more on this endeavor, visit: https://youtu.be/ye8gDDlar6I

For more info: shootlikeagirl.com.

Stryk Pay Announces Partnership With Polymer80 Inc.

Stryk Pay has announced a credit card processing partnership with Polymer80 Inc.

Polymer80, Inc. offers its customers a wide array of build components, from 80 percent pistol frame kits, AR parts & magazines, pistol barrels, slides, pistol parts kits, P80 handgun sights, pistol magwells, holsters and more, as well as completed PF-Series handguns.

“Stryk Pay is an easy and convenient option,” said David Borges, CEO of Polymer80 Inc. “They’re a company offering a safe credit card processing solution for any outdoor sporting goods retailer with a particular specialty for firearms and firearms component manufacturing, without the fear of service turn-down based on the type of products being sold.”

“Polymer80, Inc. is a solid, professionally-run firearms-related company that fits perfectly into the Stryk Pay wheelhouse,” said Chase Wheeler, Stryk Pay director of merchant sales. “We’re looking forward to serving them for many years to come.”

Stryk Pay was created by Stryk Group USA — the Bozeman, Mont.-based impact consulting company serving several hunting, fishing, and firearms brands — as a solution to current discriminatory business practices.

For more info: strykpay.com, strykgroup.com and polymer80.com.

Re-Nine Safety Offers NSSM Discount

In honor of August being National Shooting Sports Month (NSSM), target manufacturer Re-Nine Safety is offering a dealer discount on its products through the end of July.

“We’re always happy to see events and activities that encourage shooting sports, especially target shooting. Offering a discount to promote the national program sponsored by NSSF is a way to partner with our dealers and support shooting activities,” said Drue Addis, Re-Nine Safety co-owner.

“Last year’s National Shooting Sports Month was a tremendous success, thanks to hundreds of ranges and retailers across the country reminding people about the fun and excitement of target shooting,” said Zach Snow, NSSF director, retail and range business development. “We’re thrilled to have Re-Nine Safety join in continuing the celebration of the shooting sports this year.”

For more info: re-nine.com, letsgoshooting.org.

HeadHunters NW Relocates, Expands

HeadHunters NW has announced three new staff additions, a newly expanded corporate headquarters, and the launch of a freshly redesigned website.

“Our industry has been through a lot this past year, but business hasn’t slowed down in the least,” said Shaylene Keiner, president of HeadHunters NW. “We’re optimistic and fully prepared for the backed-up demand for excellent business leaders and professionals in the shooting industry. Owners, executives, and HR managers in our marketplace have been inundated with everything from managing remote staff to raw material shortages and increased demand for products and talent of every kind.

HeadHunters NW welcomed three new members to its team: Executive Recruiter Angel Brown, Senior Sourcer Tricia Osorno and Executive Administrative Assistant Kay Hestad.

With the growth in revenue and headcount, HeadHunters NW required a centrally located, firearms-friendly space, so it relocated from McMinnville, Ore., to Custer, S.D.

Additionally, HeadHunters NW has launched a completely refreshed website.

“The new site allows people to browse our services, background and technology with ease. Folks may notice our new HeadHunters NW Blog, Podcast and Career Navigation services,” said Keiner. “Fostering improved communication with our clients is always a priority, so we’ve added our social media links, too.”

For more info: headhuntersnw.com/