ICYMI: Industry News From
Jan. 30–Feb. 3, 2023


From left: Columbia Police Chief W.H "Skip" Holbrook,
Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann and Joe Bartozzi,
NSSF President and CEO.

"Project ChildSafe Columbia" Launches To Address Firearm Safety, Suicide Prevention

Jan. 30, NSSF, Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann, the Office of Congressman Joe Wilson and local law enforcement agencies, along with local veterans, conservation, youth, faith and sporting organizations launched “Project ChildSafe Columbia,” a citywide initiative to help prevent firearm accidents, theft and misuse, including suicide.

“We’re launching Project ChildSafe Columbia to help prevent gun accidents, suicides and the theft and misuse of firearms,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF’s president and CEO and chairman of the Project ChildSafe Foundation. “We know secure storage is the number-one way to help prevent unauthorized access to firearms, and we’re grateful to all of our local partners for joining us in this effort.”

Local organizations participating in the program along with NSSF, Mayor Rickenmann and Congressman Wilson include the Columbia Police Department, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the West Columbia Police Department, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs, the Kershaw County Chapter of Armed Women of America, Sandhill Shooting Sports, Put Down The Guns Now Young People organization and St. Paul Baptist Church.

“We want to provide members of the Columbia community with the resources and tools to take the rights steps in properly securing firearms,” said Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann. “These steps are essential in preventing tragedies, and we’re grateful for NSSF’s partnership and other local leaders for their efforts to make our community safer.”

To support suicide prevention across the city, the local effort will also provide free copies of Project ChildSafe’s Parents Resource guide focused on teen mental health and secure firearm storage, developed in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

For more info: nssf.org, projectchildsafe.org.

5.11 Tactical Celebrates 20 Years

5.11 Tactical celebrates two decades of serving customers, a milestone it reached Jan. 29, 2023.

“Since 2003, it has been a privilege empowering customers to Always Be Ready,” said 5.11 Tactical CEO Francisco J. Morales. “Whether they depend on our gear in the line of duty or for everyday use, we’d like to say thank you for counting on us as we pass this milestone and look forward to the future.”

Founded in California in 2003, 5.11 Tactical got its start from a pair of rock-climbing pants that were named after the 5.11 difficulty rating for rock climbing. Eventually, consumers sought to utilize the durability and technical features of those pants for other aspects of life. As a result, the brand expanded its product offering and grew in popularity, especially with public safety professionals such as first responders, fire and emergency services, law enforcement and military personnel.

“Serving those who serve will always be at the forefront of what we do,” said Morales. “Whether it’s through brand partnerships, special events like our annual 5.11 Days celebration, or simply developing dependable gear, we will always strive to support public safety professionals and military personnel and show our gratitude for their service.”

For more info: 511tactical.com.

SAAMI Accepts Three New Rifle Cartridges, Releases Standards Update

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) has announced the acceptance of three new rifle cartridges for SAAMI standardization. SAAMI is the organization at the forefront of promoting firearm safety by creating standards that ensure safety, reliability and interchangeability of firearms, ammunition and components.

The three new rifle cartridges are:

• 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge: The 7mm PRC was introduced by Hornady Manufacturing Co. with a 180-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,950 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 65,000 psi.

• 360 Buckhammer: The 360 Buckhammer was introduced by Federal Cartridge Company with a 200-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,170 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 50,000 psi.

• 400 Legend: The 400 Legend was introduced by Olin Winchester with a 215-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,230 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 45,000 psi.

For more info: https://saami.org/technical-information/cartridge-chamber-drawings.

SAAMI has also announced the release of the 2022 update to American National Standard SAAMI Z299.3-2022, Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Velocity and Pressure of Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Sporting Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers.

The 2022 American National Standard SAAMI Z299.3-2022 update details ammunition performance guidelines, test equipment and procedures, and provides the dimensional guidelines for ammunition cartridges and firearm chambers.

For more info: https://saami.org/technical-information/ansi-saami-standards.

Mesa Precision Arms Rebrands To Pure Precision

Mesa Precision Arms announces it will rebrand as Pure Precision, effective February 1, 2023. The rebrand will coincide with an expansion of the manufacturing capabilities and a new line of actions, stocks and metallic components.

Operating as Mesa Precision Arms since 2017, the name change “is necessary to better differentiate company branding within the industry and to create a better foundation of growth” according to a company press release.

“As we started expanding our footprint into other aspects of manufacturing and services provided, it became clear that a name to better represent our trajectory was essential. We will always hold Mesa Precision and the Mesa mountains from which it was born close, but Pure Precision is the culmination of who we are. The new brand will represent us well going forward”, said John Hakes, CEO of Mesa Precision Arms.

Companies under the Pure Precision brand include: Pure Precision Rifles, Pure Precision Composites and Pure Precision Finishes.

For more info: pureprecision.com.

Winchester Awarded NGSW Ammunition Production Contract

Winchester announced the U.S. Army has awarded the company a contract to manufacture, test and deliver 5 million 6.8mm Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) cartridges.

The NGSW cartridges will be produced at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Mo., the United States’ only government-owned, contractor-operated, small-caliber ammunition production facility.

“The award of Lake City’s first production order of the 6.8mm NGSW cartridge represents several years of hard work, dedication and collaboration between Winchester, the U.S. Army and industry partners,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester. “The Winchester team is honored to have been entrusted with the opportunity and responsibility of producing the ammunition which will keep our nation safe for years to come.”

For more info: winchestermilitary.com.