Ammo Inc.'s STREAK Tracer-Like Ammunition


“Is that…?” His eyes lit up as I pulled a 20-round box of Ammo Inc. STREAK ammunition out of my range bag. I was just as curious about the visual, tracer-style ammunition. We opened the box and removed a few rounds for inspection. From the outside, they appeared perfectly normal. What you can’t see is the patented technology inside the case. Unlike tracers, STREAK ammo is non-incendiary. In other words, it doesn’t generate heat and won’t cause a fire.

My CRSO and I shot the rounds indoors with some of the lights turned down, but it is safe for outdoor use as well. It was entertaining to watch the round go downrange, and unreal to see the resulting photos. In something out of a spy movie, a sort of “laser beam” on the photos extended from the muzzle to the target. I compared the photo to the target and impact location: an exact match.

Photo Credit: Steve Trommer

How does it work? A photoluminescent property is applied to the base of each projectile. The muzzle flash when each round is fired “charges” the coating and makes it glow, allowing you to literally watch your bullet path.

While it’s fun to watch your rounds go downrange, especially at dusk or in darker environments, the technology has more important uses. The photoluminescent property is intended to aid in training, providing immediate feedback to the user. An instructor can see what is happening in real time, not guessing based on the target results what the student is doing right and wrong. Ammo Inc. also offers defensive ammunition. It’s hard to deny many use of force situations happen in low light conditions. STREAK ammunition allows you to see where your shots are going and make adjustments on the fly.

STREAK ammunition is available in a variety of calibers in both target and personal defense ammunition in quantities ranging from 20 to 200.