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Getting Your Safety Sales Strategy Right

In this age of hyper-compressed margins, one of the categories still capable of putting some money in the till is eye and ear protection — particularly if there’s a range component to your business.
For range operators, one of the better ways to increase sales in this category is to stop renting or letting guests use your equipment. Depending on your local market, this is a fairly easy change to make with eye protection, as the cost to customer is minimal.

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Varmint/Predator Hunting: Offers Year-Round Sales

When you consider the plight of the white-tailed deer hunter who might go an entire season without taking a shot, it’s easy to see why a novice may find the prospect of deer hunting rather unappealing. Throw in the idea younger generations tend to crave instant gratification, and it could make a person question the future of hunting sports.

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