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Zero-In On Long-Range Shooting

For some time now, a certain subset of target shooters has been interested in — even obsessed by — long-range shooting. Recently, however, this interest has become a passion for a larger number of shooters, leading to increased potential for sales of guns, ammo and accessories for the long-range market.

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The Long-Gun Puzzle

There are certain realities faced by every brick-and-mortar gun store. Among them is the simple fact display space is limited — no matter how small or large the shop.

It’s a factor in virtually every inventory decision you make. But it is perhaps nowhere more noticeable than in the world of long guns. There are so many options to consider — from ARs to bolt-action hunting rifles, lever actions, precision long-range rifles, shotguns for duck hunting and shotguns for home defense, to name a few.

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