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SHOT Show 2019 Extra!

Just like every year, the shooting sports industry is set to gather in Las Vegas this month. The 2019 SHOT Show opens Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the Sands Expo & Convention Center.
Once again, the NSSF is promising a show to help attendees “Gear Up” as they head into 2019. With almost 1,800 companies represented on the SHOT Show exhibit floor (including a number of new exhibitors) the industry’s mega show promises to be another unforgettable event.

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9 Tips For Success In 2019

It was two months after the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy that Adam Bryce moved his fledgling gun shop, GunRunner Arms, from his garage to a storefront in Junction City, Ore.
It wasn’t the ideal time for a new store to get into the business. New guns and accessories were almost impossible to find; the ammo situation was even worse. But having already signed a one-year lease on the store, he stuck with it.

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Charting A Path Forward In The New Year

There’s some debate on where the idiom “hit the ground running” originated, but there is no doubt it came into more prominent use describing the Allies’ decisive D-Day efforts during World War II. This cleverly coined phrase has since established a foothold in business — everyone reading this knows exactly what it entails. The million-dollar question is, however, what will it take to “hit the ground running” in the new year? With the official launch of the 2019 business year, dealers have shared their tips on how to ensure your operation gets off to a quick start.

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