The Year Of The First-Time Gun Buyer

Dealers Predict How To Wild 2020 Will Impact 2021 Business

The Light-Bulb Moment

Converting Anti-Gunners To New Enthusiasts

safety first!

Safety & Add-On Sales Come Naturally

No Luck Of The Draw?

Steer Eager Hunters To Varmint/Predator Sales

Crossbow Appeal

Category Poised To Rise For
Recoil-Sensitive & Novice Archers

“It’s Like Black Friday,
Every Day.”

Handgun Sales Are Rampant Amidst Pandemic, Unrest

hunting & sporting shotguns

How To Attract & Retain Customers

Training and The Gun-Store Business

Tracking Big-Game Hunters



Industry News


When it’s all said and done, 2020 will be known as the “perfect storm” of uncertainty that fueled an unprecedented run on firearms and related accessory
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SIG SAUER Inc. has announced an expansion of its New Hampshire operations to the city of Rochester.
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Dealers Only...

DEALERS ONLY: Win This Savage 110 Engage Hunter XP
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New Products December 2020 Issue

Following a year like no other, carrying new products will be crucial to retaining interest among repeat customers and having options on hand for first-time gun buyers.
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First Look

New Arrival:...

The result of a three-year effort, Lipsey’s and GLOCK unveiled the Lipsey’s Exclusive GLOCK P80 — a historical reproduction of the original GLOCK...
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Les Baer’s...

What features would make for a perfect 1911? Taking input from American Handgunner readers, Publisher Roy Huntington and Les Baer of Les Baer Custom...
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GLOCK Introduces...

Introduced in July 2019, the GLOCK G43X and G48 were the manufacturer’s first compact-size Slimline handguns. One year later, the models are now available...
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Dealer Advantage

Retail Reload

To complement the 2021 New Product Showcase, Shooting Industry is debuting the new Retail Reload program here in this issue — and continuing in the Jan.
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Tough Times...

Somewhere over the past few months, a meme I saw online summed up 2020 about as perfectly as you can. It was titled, “If 2020 Was A Math Problem.” It then
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Video Marketing...

Last year at this time, most of us were putting together our marketing plans, organizing budgets, planning the calendar for the upcoming year and getting
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The WRP Excise...

Over the years, billions of dollars — industry dollars as many say — have been invested in wildlife, hunting and recreational shooting via the federal
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100 Acres Of...

Five-star ranges are the gold standard for the recreational shooting sports market. The ranges that have earned this designation from NSSF have
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Rainy Day Fund

The shooting sports industry has never experienced a year quite like 2020. Faced with a global pandemic, ongoing riots across the country and an uncertain...
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