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U.S. Firearms Industry Today

On the surface, several metrics paint a less-than-rosy picture of the current market facing the U.S. firearms industry.

But, after years of unprecedented growth, the industry’s profile has likewise been enhanced significantly — attracting entirely new customer segments. Yes, the market correction of 2017 rocked the industry (with some companies unable to recover from the sudden plunge in demand) but there are certain hot spots in niche categories thriving today. Adaptable companies have recalibrated their approach, focusing on innovation and gaining business. It isn’t all “doom and gloom” ….

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Keys To Handgun Accessory Profits

Your customers may not be in the mood to plop down large chunks of money on new handguns, but it doesn’t mean they won’t invest some cash on the handguns they already own. A customer’s existing platforms represent the opportunity to sell a wide array of accessories — from holsters to spare magazines to red dots and night sights. There may even be a few things you haven’t considered.

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Clean Up With Gun Care

Gun-care products should be a part of every firearm sale. When your customer purchases gun-care products, the transaction is as good for him as it is for you — it helps him take care of his new gun, and in turn boosts your bottom line.

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