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Satisfying The Long-Range Itch

Long-range shooting, whether for fun, competition or hunting has been on a steady upswing in recent years. How are retailers going the distance when it comes to their long-range customers? We asked managers at three stores.

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Using Handgun Accessory Sales As The Foundation To Long-Term Sucess

For most dealers, the concealable handgun represents one of the pillars upon which a business can be built. Manufacturers are constantly churning out new versions of established platforms — along with a few original designs — that attract the attention of customers and their wallets.

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Success Depends On Your Backbone

A good point-of-sale (POS) system can serve as the backbone of a retail business. If implemented well, it will make your operation more efficient by tracking inventory, creating invoices and even managing your bound book.
Will Reynolds, one of the owners of Leadfeather Guns & Archery in Winter Haven, Fla., shared the POS system he uses in the store is Merchant Magic from Cervelle Software.

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