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Bringing Out The Competition

Every other Monday night, a few dozen customers gather on the range at C.I. Shooting Sports in Normal, Ill., for a game they call Monday Night Marksman. The game was invented by the shop’s owner, Stephen Stewart, who describes it as a combination of two other popular shooting sports — bull’s-eye and Police Pistol Combat (also known as Precision Pistol Competition).

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Catering To The High-End Custom

High-end customers are both a boon and a blessing. They think nothing of dropping substantial dollars on a classic or collectible gun, and they can add an order of magnitude to your bottom line.

At Shooter’s World in Tampa, Fla., GM Bruce Kitzis has set up a “store within a store” for classic and collectible guns, where luxurious furniture and soft lighting create the illusion of a gentleman’s personal gun room. When it comes to new guns, he said, catering to these customers is all about the details.

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