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U.S. Firearms Industry 2018

The U.S. firearms industry finds itself at a crossroads in 2018. Facing attacks from state governments, financial institutions, tech companies and students (all while experiencing sluggish demand) it’s currently in a challenging position. While it might be tempting to lament the industry’s current state, the groundwork has been laid for a resurgence — focusing on customer recruitment and retainment, as well as innovative new products and programs to stoke interest in the consumer market.

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Profit Center: Accessorizing Handguns

Turbulent times have injected even more uncertainty into the retail gun market — with shop owners forced to play a wait-and-see game which, they hope, will eventually lead to a new and predictable normal.

Gun sales remain well off the record pace seen prior to the current Trump presidency. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t profitable selling opportunities. Many of them are found not with handguns themselves, but rather with the accessories that go with the guns, shared Jason Gentz, manager of Arnzen Arms in Eden Prairie, Minn.

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Selling Gun-Care 101

Talking about gun-care products should be a staple of selling every gun. After all, if a shooter fails to clean his gun, he’ll eventually be back complaining it doesn’t work properly. Show him how to clean the gun properly and sell him the tools to clean it with, and he’ll be back for ammo and targets instead.

At LeadFeather Guns & Archery in Winter Haven, Fla., Owner Evan Reynolds has observed an increasing number of younger, tech-savvy shooters purchase firearms, and a shift in the demand for high-tech gun cleaning products.

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