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Connect For Self-Defense —
Marketing To Women

Many of the issues and challenges women have faced over the years such as abuse, being targeted as easy victims, living as single mothers trying to protect their home and family has resulted in an increase of women purchasing firearms for self-defense.

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Expanding Sales To Women Hunters

Successful hunters learn to focus on key elements when afield, especially the variables when things don’t go as planned — otherwise, they’ll join the ranks of the less fortunate. Those who show up with their game face on are far more likely to score when opportunity presents itself. A similar scenario unfolds in the world of retail marketing: The old axiom of “one size fits all” may hold true if you’re stocking caps, but that’s about the extent of it.

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On The Mark — Targeting Women
Competition Shooters

When it comes to marketing to women, casting too wide a net can make it difficult to effectively allocate your budget and track the return on investment. By utilizing niche marketing, you can focus resources on building quality customer relationships that will allow you to serve those customers better as a result.

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