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Industry News

Smith & Wesson...

Smith & Wesson has developed and launched a multi-media marketing campaign: Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS. The new effort is designed to welcome new gun owners...
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Industry Lauds...

The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), H.R.1957, was signed into law by President Donald Trump Aug. 4. Touted as one of the most significant conservation...
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Remington Assets...

Despite its history, Remington has struggled in recent years, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in July. Forced to sell its assets, court...
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New Products October 2020 Issue

The Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) from Leupold is now available in a black ring model with an all-black finish. The RDS is available in two models:
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First Look

New Arrival:...

The result of a three-year effort, Lipsey’s and GLOCK unveiled the Lipsey’s Exclusive GLOCK P80 — a historical reproduction of the original GLOCK...
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Les Baer’s...

What features would make for a perfect 1911? Taking input from American Handgunner readers, Publisher Roy Huntington and Les Baer of Les Baer Custom...
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GLOCK Introduces...

Introduced in July 2019, the GLOCK G43X and G48 were the manufacturer’s first compact-size Slimline handguns. One year later, the models are now available...
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Dealer Advantage

Get Them Selling...

Surely one of the easiest ways to sell anything is to let the product or service do its own selling. In an election year, a popular phrase is “let’s...
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Knife Retailing...

Firearms sales set records in many states this year, but more than guns are flying out the door of outdoor retailers. Knife sales have also been brisk.
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Pandemic +...

Security is on everyone’s mind today. We’re living in strange times, reflected in the number of guns people are buying and the storage solutions...
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Sales & Safety:...

Pocket guns are incredibly popular, especially these days. If you follow online gun forums, you would easily gain the impression pockets just might be the...
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Over the past few years, marketing with video has erupted in popularity. And rightly so due to, in no small part, the excellent video recording and editing...
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The Domino Effect

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the importance of mentoring women in shooting sports (“Are You Part Of The Solution?” May 2020).
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