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Everyday Carry Staples

Spend a little time watching YouTube videos posted by everyday carry advocates, and you’re likely to come away with a skewed view of what this market is all about. It’s not uncommon for some fellow to display a gun or two, spare mags, two or three knives, at least one flashlight and maybe even a small first-aid kit designed to treat gunshot wounds.

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Turkey Fever

Depending on your perspective, spring turkey hunting is either the last phase of hunting season, or the first outdoor activity of the spring. Either way, this is a significant time for you to boost early-year sales of hunting guns and equipment.

Woody Baird owns The Sure Shot in Alexander City, Ala. He shared the turkeys in east-central Alabama (where he’s located) are some of the hardest turkeys to hunt in the country

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Set Your Sights ON Thermal Optics

Advances in technology are changing the way people do pretty much everything — hunting included. And with predator populations (like feral hogs and coyotes) also on the rise in most parts of the country, it’s time for dealers to set their sights on thermal imaging products.

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