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Archery Trends In 2020

The market for archery equipment, including gear used in competition, recreational shooting and bowhunting, has been holding its own in recent years with some analysts forecasting up to 8.5% growth through 2022.
The National Sporting Goods Association’s participation survey data further reveals steady growth in the archery segment: up 107.2% from 2003–2017.

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What Customers Want In 2020: Ammunition & Reloading Trends

Winds of change are blowing through the shooting sports industry. As everyone well knows, outside events can radically impact business. We saw this on a national scale with each of the last three presidential elections. With the White House, congressional seats and multiple governorships all up for grabs, this year promises to be no different. Looming even larger is the novel coronavirus pandemic that has spread fear and panic around the world.

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Range Games: Considerations For Hosting Your Next Event

It’s safe to assume every one of your potential customers knows you sell guns. They also know you sell ammo and a wide range of accessories to go with them.

So what can you do to give those potential customers — as well as regulars — another reason to come into your store?

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Summer Fun: Host A Community Event

Full disclosure: This article was written in late March, just one week after the novel coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. If we all did our part and practiced social distancing to flatten the curve, then (hopefully) by now this means your small business is starting to rebound, and it’s once again safe to be in a public area with more than 10 people. Maybe you benefitted from an uptick in gun and ammunition sales due to the panic and uncertainty, and want to keep the momentum going.

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