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Expanding Your Defensive
Long-Gun Sales

While sales still have not rebounded to what they were under the Obama administration, it’s hard to miss the increasingly crowded aisles in gun stores. The busiest stores I encountered all had at least one thing in common: a healthy offering of the latest rifles and shotguns designed for self-defense and home protection. To find out how retailers are growing their sales with these types of firearms.

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Our Shifting Consumers

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding today’s hunting and shooting markets. The best data sources used by the public to gauge the industry’s direction tends to be the FBI’s monthly NICS data — plus reports from publicly traded firearm and ammunition companies. Recent media coverage has been bleak, highlighting diminished sales of both firearms and ammunition over the past 2 years. This can be misleading, as our industry covers much more than firearms and ammunition.

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Introduce Customers To New Hunting Technologies

We’ve been hunting with firearms as long as there have been firearms. So, it’s probably no surprise when you find yourself dealing with customers who are perfectly happy to keep doing things the same way they’ve always done them. If things have worked in the past, why change?

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