Vara Safety Reach 2S

Fingerprint Handgun Safe

Welcome Ashley McGee to our First Look series as she goes over the specs and features of the biometric Vara Safety Reach 2S gun safe, as well as the installation.

The upgraded Reach 2S features an all-metal security mount that replaces the standard plastic mount. It’s upgraded with a new sensor with faster response rate and accuracy. The battery life has been increased to 8 months.

The fastest gun safe ever, unlocking in 0.2 seconds, the Reach 2S is made for gun owners who need immediate access to their gun without sacrificing responsible gun security. With interchangeable holster inserts, the Reach 2S works with over 150 handguns.

If you’re wondering how the fingerprint sensor responds in various conditions, Ashley also tested it out with wet hands, damp hands and some good ol’ sidewalk chalk to simulate dirt.

For more information and the full list of available holster inserts, visit