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November 2021


FN America

(703) 288-3500

FN America announced the non-reciprocating charging handle (NRCH) upgrade is now available in all FN SCAR semi-automatic models. The NRCH assembly features dual ambidextrous charging handles, enabling users to shoot from any position or use any grip style. The reduced reciprocating mass of the new bolt carrier produces less felt recoil, and the reversible charging handles lock forward on bolt-close and remain static during fire, providing superior forward-assist capabilities. The two charging handles, one at a 30-degree cant specifically designed to reduce interference with low-mount optics, and one low-profile, are user-swappable in the field.

Convergent Hunting Solutions

(817) 571-0286

The Sidewinder Weapon Mounted Game Call from Convergent Hunting Solutions offers hunters premium sound quality from a lightweight, go-anywhere platform with smartphone controls. At 9.6 oz., the Sidewinder easily attaches to the handguard of an AR-type rifle and allows hunters to minimize movement while operating the call. It connects to a smartphone via a USB-C cable and offers 100+ dB of crystal-clear sound. It has been tested and approved for calibers up to 6.8 SPC, and helps maintain a low profile and minimal movement when setting up to call. The Sidewinder can be operated via a series of smartphone apps and works with Android or iOS devices. 

Scent Crusher

(877) 575-3173

Scent Crusher’s Ladies PINK Gear Bag kills bacteria and completely eliminates odors before heading into the field. Gear placed in the bag is hunt-ready within 30 minutes. Compatible with carbon/silver lined scent-control clothing, the Ozone Bag can extend the life of gear with reduced laundering. The bag (28″L x 10.5″W x 12″H) provides ample storage for all hunting clothing, equipment and accessories. Its techno-lite fabric construction, adjustable backpack straps, heavy-duty reversed zippers and weather-resistant base stand up to tough travel conditions, while a D-flap opening allows easy access to gear. The airport- and TSA-compliant bag comes with a maintenance-free digital ozone generator and 110v AC and 12v DC cords.


(800) 828-8809

The Micro Scout Light Pro is SureFire’s lightest, most-compact Scout series weaponlight and ideal for those who primarily operate with NVGs but also need an extremely low profile and lightweight white light for navigation, SSE or CQB. Measuring less than 4″ long and weighing 2.1 oz., the Micro Scout Light Pro’s recoil-proof, premium LED generates 300 lumens from a single rechargeable AAA battery that delivers 1.25 hours of constant runtime. SureFire’s smooth parabolic reflector technology shapes the output to create a far-reaching, high-intensity beam and ample surround light.


SAR USA by Sarsilmaz is now offering NATO-inspired 9mm pistol ammunition to the U.S. market. The premium ammunition features brass casings and military-grade sealed primers. SAR 9mm ammunition is available in 50-round boxes in either 115-grain FMJ or 124-grain FMJ.


(979) 778-2000

The Rebel Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster from Versacarry is an optics-compatible holster for Springfield Armory Hellcat and SIG SAUER P365 pistols with 3.1″ barrels. To securely hold the firearm in place, the Rebel OWB utilizes a custom-molded polymer front. The hybrid construction of the holster perfectly matches the molded polymer front with a durable, high-quality leather backing to provide stability. The leather backing is also raised to provide added comfort to the user. For accurate access to the firearm, the Rebel OWB has a forward cant and an adjustable draw tension to fit the user’s preference.

TangoDown Inc.

(909) 392-4757

TangoDown’s TD Trijicon RMR Mount for SIG SAUER P320 Models (SSM-03) provides a stable platform to mount an RMR optic. Combining the SSM-03 with an RMR and premium backup iron sights (available separately) will set up a SIG P320 for competition, EDC or duty use. The SSM-03 is made from the same durable ordnance-grade steel with a rust-resistant Melonite finish as TangoDown’s other optic-mounting plates. Mounting fasteners are supplied and have a Vibra-Tite VC-3 thread-locking compound pre-applied.

Samson Manufacturing

(888) 665-4370

There’s no longer any need to search pockets or a range bag for misplaced earplugs: The Samson M-LOK Earplug Holder allows users to attach their favorite triple-flange earplugs onto any M-LOK-compatible rail. Each kit includes two Earplug Holders and two triple-flange earplugs. The M-LOK mounting attachment installs to a handguard with a standard 1/8″ hex wrench (not included).

O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.

(203) 230-5300

Mossberg expands its family of 940 auto-loading shotguns with the release of a 940 Pro Field 12 GA offering. A new gas-operating system runs at greater cleaning intervals, and will reliably cycle any type of quality factory-made 2.75″ or 3″ ammo. Features include an oversized, beveled loading port; new barrel-making process to maintain point of aim and impact; slim-profile forend and user-configurable stock for length of pull, drop and cast; and oversized charging handle and bolt-release button. It sports a 28″ vent rib barrel with front fiber optic sight. The barrel is also threaded for Mossberg’s AccuChoke system. The 940 Pro Field has a five-round capacity, 47.5″ OAL and weighs 7.75 lbs.

Standard Manufacturing Co.

(860) 225-6581

Standard Manufacturing introduces the TOROS T4 M1014 platform of 12 GA tactical shotguns. The Toros T4 utilizes a gas-piston operation system, which compensates for shotgun shells of varying lengths (2.75″ and 3″) and various power loads. The shotgun features ghost ring sights and a 5.25″ mil-std 1913 Picatinny rail on top of the receiver for optics. The 18.5″ barrel accepts standard M1014 choke tubes. The frame is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and is coated in a glare-resistant tactical black finish that matches the matte-black tactical polymeric stock and handguard. Sling mounts and an energy-absorbing recoil pad are also included. The Toros T4 weighs 7 lbs. 8 oz., and OAL is 40″.


SCCY Firearms

(866) 729-7599

SCCY Firearms introduces the DVG-1 and DVG-1 RD pistols. The DVG Series of pistols are striker-fired and chambered in 9mm Luger, feature the Roebuck Quadlock Barrel System and an 11-round capacity in a sub-compact footprint made for EDC. The DVG-1 is available with or without the newly redesigned Riton Optics MPRD V2 red dot sight. The 3 MOA dot ensures precision and rapid target acquisition. Riton’s MPRD V2 is an extremely compact and versatile pistol red dot with shake awake, auto brightness and auto shutoff technologies. Additional features include forward slide serrations for ease of manipulation, a flat 5.5-lb. trigger with minimal pre/post travel and a new enhanced grip texture.

Hornady Mfg. Co.

(800) 338-3220

The RAPiD Safe Night Guard from Hornady offers quick, dependable access to a defensive handgun and the additional functionality of a clock and USB charging ports. A tempered glass front panel contains the RFID reader, clock display and access code keypad. Its spring-assist drawer quietly slides open to reveal a padded interior. The Night Guard accommodates most full-sized handguns and other valuables. Two USB-A ports provide a convenient charging station for cell phones or other devices. The safe is accessible three ways: RFID reader, user-programmed access code or mechanical key. The heavy-duty, tamper-proof safe operates on AC power with a battery backup.

Real Avid

(800) 286-0567

Real Avid’s Bore-Max Speed Clean System, a line of brushes, jags and patches, was designed to be a significantly faster way to clean a bore with less effort. With twice the bristle density of standard brushes, Bore-Max Speed Brushes deliver over two times the scrubbing power to the bore with each pass. The stiff and durable nickel-plated phosphor bronze bristles resist chemical breakdown in the bore to extend the life of the brush. Sized to account precisely for both the jag diameter and the patch thickness, the jags and patches combo provides the optimal compression to reach into the lands and grooves thoroughly and consistently.

JK Armament

JK Armament’s patent-pending JK 105LT Rimfire MST (Modular Solvent Trap) is ideal for rimfire calibers such as .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. The JK 105LT ships with the main body, end cap and nine interchangeable cups/dividers, allowing users to scale a kit from a full-length 5.75″ down to just 2″ OAL. Constructed from T6-7075 billet aluminum, the JK 105LT weighs 3.2 oz. and has Type 3 hard-anodized coating. Drill jugs and threaded caps are sold separately.

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