New Products
January 2021 Issue
Part II


More New Products On The Way!

The Shooting Industry team is proud to present Part Two of the three-part 2021 New Product Showcase. With many industry events cancelled throughout 2020 and into early 2021, venues like this present a unique opportunity for you, the dealer, to evaluate products ranging from firearms and ammunition to optics and knives from venerable manufacturers to eager newcomers.

Products from nearly 60 companies are on the following 16 pages. See a product you want to carry in-store? Contact your sales rep, distributor or the manufacturer directly.

Stay tuned for more 2021 new products: Part Three of this expansive Showcase will anchor the Feb. 2021 issue.

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Meopta introduces the MeoPro Optika LR series of laser rangefinding binoculars available in 10×42 HD and 8×50 HD models that quickly measure distance out to 2,600 yards and 2,950 yards, respectively. Premium European optics with HD glass and MeoLux lens coating deliver exceptionally bright images in low light with maximum resolution and contrast. MeoDrop hydrophobic coating ensures a clear view, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The rangefinder features three modes: Auto – continuous ranging of moving targets; Near Ranging – ranges the closest object in the aiming circle; and Far Ranging – ranges the farthest object in the aiming circle. The illuminated OLED display can be set to yards or meters and features four levels of brightness control.

(800) 828-8928

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

The Z-10 Bag Rider from McMillan is based on the company’s A-10 tactical stock, and replaces the A-10’s butt hook with a swept butt profile to more easily accommodate rear bags for bench or prone shooting. The Z-10 Bag Rider features a universal inlet design to fit most Remington and Remington-clone barreled actions, and accepts a wide range of barrel contours. Key features include an adjustable cheek riser height, adjustable length-of-pull, forward-positioned vertical grip, integrated left- and right-hand thumb shelves and multiple color and finish options. The universal inletting makes the Z-10 Bag Rider drop-in-ready direct from the factory.

(877) 365-6148

M4/AR15 5.56/.223 LULA Loader & Unloader

Maglula Ltd.

Maglula has added a new color to its M4/AR15 5.56/.223 LULA Loader & Unloader: dark green. After 17 years of production, the company created a more compact, lighter, smoothly operated loader and unloader. The new loader fits and releases from both magazines held by a magazine-coupler.

Additionally, Maglula’s Counter-Top Display Tray For UpLULA Loaders helps dealers move UpLULA loaders quickly. It holds 12 blistered UpLULA loaders, can be assembled in seconds (constructed of foamed PVC) and has QR barcodes that direct to the product’s web page and a demo video.


110 Timberline

Savage Arms

Savage Arms has created a new series of performance-driven rifles for demanding hunts: the Backcountry Xtreme Series. With the official designation of the Backcountry Xtreme Series, Savage has launched two model 110s: the 110 Ultralite Camo and 110 Timberline. The Ultralite Camo features a PROOF Research carbon fiber-wrapped stainless steel barrel and KUIU Verde 2.0 camo. The 110 Timberline is secured three-dimensionally along its entire length within the AccuStock internal chassis. Its synthetic stock features Realtree Excape and has OD Green Cerakote on the barrel, receiver and other parts to protect against corrosion.

Three pump-action models have been added to the Stevens 320 shotgun lineup: 320 Security Thumbhole (Bead Sight), 320 Security Thumbhole (Ghost Ring Sight) and 320 Turkey Thumbhole. All three models are available in 12GA and 20GA, have 3” chambers and feature 5+1 capacity. Barrel lengths are 18.5” (both 320 Security Thumbhole models) and 22” (320 Turkey Thumbhole).

(800) 370-0708

SAR 9X Platinum

SAR USA By Sarsilmaz

SAR USA by Sarsilmaz introduces the SAR 9X Platinum striker-fired semi-automatic 9mm pistol. It features a lightweight polymer frame with accessory rail, serrated slide with Cerakote platinum finish and a 4.5” hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy. With a 3-dot sight optic-ready mount, plus choice of three insertable backstraps to personalize the fit, the 9X Platinum points naturally and the 20-degree grip angle provides control and fast second shot recovery. It comes standard with one 17- and one 19-round magazine. (For capacity restricted states two 10-round magazines.)

The SAR9 family welcomes additional options: the SAR9 Sport, SAR9 Compact and SAR9 optics-ready pistols. All three are in 9mm, come standard with 17- and 19-round magazines (10-round in restricted states) and have three insertable backstraps to customize fit.

The 9mm K-12 Sport X offers competition-caliber performance at a price point within reach of every shooter. It features a 4.7” hammer-forged match-grade barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy. The oversized, integrated, flared mag well combined with a full-length steel dust cover gives the needed balance for super-flat shooting and faster reloads. It’s combined with an overtravel stop in the back of the trigger along with a low bore axis so the recoil is directed straight back, not upward.

(833) 727-4867

5.11 Tactical

Rush 2.0 Transition backpacks from 5.11 Tactical feature updates including a padded laptop compartment, concealed carry compartment and a relocated hydration port. The backpacks sport 1050D nylon material, interior and exterior trim, a revised admin panel and a larger eyewear/tech compartment. The Rush12 2.0 model has 24L capacity, the Rush24 2.0 model has a 37L capacity and the largest model, the Rush72 2.0, has a 55L capacity. Each model is available in a color choice of black, Double Tap, Kangaroo (replaces Sandstone), Ranger Green (replaces Tac OD) and MultiCam.

(866) 451-1726

Premium Personal Defense 00 Buck NRA Edition

Federal Ammunition

Federal Premium has expanded its Punch product line with the Punch .22 LR. The first of its kind 29-grain, nickel-plated lead-core bullet is pushed at maximum velocities for the deepest penetration — 1,070 fps through 2” handgun barrels, 1,650 fps out of 24” rifle barrels. Available in 50-count boxes.

Swift A-Frame loads are now available in .327 Federal (100-grain) and 10mm Auto (200-grain) for medium and big-game pursuits. The bullet’s bonded front half expands consistently across a broad velocity range, while the back half remains intact for deep penetration.

MeatEater Trophy Copper 6.5 PRC is available in a 120-grain load. The copper, polymer-tipped bullet retains up to 99% of its weight on impact for deep penetration on a wide range of medium game.

Terminal Ascent .300 PRC provides match-grade long-range accuracy in a bonded hunting bullet. The 215-grain bullet’s long, aerodynamic profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient, and its AccuChannel groove technology improves accuracy while minimizing drag.

Federal has teamed with the NRA for a special edition buckshot load equipped with rear-braking FLITECONTROL wad: Premium Personal Defense 00 Buck NRA Edition. Combined with buffering that prevents deformation of the nine-pellet copper-plated 00 buckshot payload, the loads provide tight, uniform patterns for self-defense situations. A portion of the proceeds from every box sold goes to support the NRA’s mission to preserve and enhance gun rights.

The Prairie Storm line has been upgraded with FLITECONTROL Flex technology, with 18 upgraded 12GA and 20GA options.

(800) 831-8100

Prime Archery

The Nexus compound sporting bow from Prime features new Nanogrip with Aerogel technology, creating an insulated barrier between the cold aluminum riser and the composite grip. The thin layer wraps to cover the riser and create a warm feeling in the grip no matter the temperature. The Nexus’ lighter cam system has been paired with reduced cable splitter weight to create a reduction in overall vibration. The bow is available in the Nexus 2 (32” axle-to-axle length), Nexus 4 (34” axle-to-axle length) and Nexus 6 (36” axle-to-axle length) models. It’s offered in all of Prime’s current hunting solid and camo colors with the addition of Army Green (hunting option) and Midnight Blue or Hammered Grey (target shooters).

(810) 392-8431

Hogue Inc.

Hogue HandAll grip sleeves are now available for the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The beavertail grip sleeves significantly reduce perceived recoil using Hogue’s renowned ultra-soft rubber. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, the sleeve endures wear and ages gracefully for years of service. They are designed for a tight and secure fit by engaging with the texture and contours of the firearm’s frame. Finger grooves naturally position the user’s fingers for optimal grip. HandAll models for the Hellcat are available in six color choices, including Olive Drab Green, Purple and Aqua (pictured).

(800) 438-4747



The Carbon Zion from Bowtech weighs in at just 3.3 lbs., and features a new accuracy-enhancing, torque-eliminating grip. It’s driven by the synchronized binary cam system to deliver easy tuning, perfectly flat nock travel and nock-splitting consistency. The Carbon Zion DLX has the same aerospace-inspired carbon riser as the Zion. Its simple-to-tune binary cam system is synchronized for optimum power and accuracy. The Zion DLX combines this superior performance with premium accessories from Black Gold, TightSpot, RipCord and Octane.

Designed in conjunction with hunter and archer, Eva Shockey, the Eva Shockey Gen 2 ladies’ bow is built around Bowtech’s patented DeadLock cam system optimized for draw lengths of 23.5” to 28.5”. The rock-solid, lightweight riser reduces overall weight to 3.9 lbs. The platform provides a smooth draw, complete lack of sound and vibration and remarkable accuracy.

(888) 689-1289

Armscor USA

The “little brother” of the Armscor VR80, the 20GA VR82 features a mag-fed design (5-round magazine capacity) and 7075 T6 aluminum structure for long-lasting durability and performance. The VR82 has lightening cuts combined with an 18” barrel for lightweight, less-recoil feel. VR82 attributes include ambidextrous controls, flip up sights, barrel shroud and a forend compatible with most aftermarket accessories.

(775) 537-1444

MasterPiece Arms

The MasterPiece Arms AR9 PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) retains the familiar handling and controls of the AR platform with a lower receiver designed to be compatible with GLOCK-pattern magazines in 9mm. The new 7075 billet-machined aluminum receiver models also accept standard AR accessories like furniture, triggers, charging handles, buttstocks and optics, and incorporates an integral trigger guard and flared mag well for fast reloading. Features include: a 16” stainless steel barrel with 1:10” twist, multi-port steel Cerakoted compensator, optimized buffer and recoil system and machined aluminum S2 grip. The AR9 PCC weighs 6.25 lbs., and is available in black, blue, red and green.

(706) 395-7050

Streamlight Inc.

The exceptionally slim and lightweight TLR-7 SUB weapon light from Streamlight has an optimized clamp design to fit a variety of railed sub-compact handguns. Designed to enhance visibility and targeting capability in home defense and tactical situations, it offers an ergonomic on/off position rear switch. A high power LED provides extreme brightness and extensive range, delivering 500 lumens, 5,000 candela and a 1.5 hour run time. It weighs just 2.39 oz. The light is available in three models: the GLOCK 43X MOS/ GLOCK 48 MOS with slim mounting rail; the SIG SAUER P365/P365 XL; and the 1913 Short, with key set that fits the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Sub Compact, the Beretta PX4 Storm and the Springfield Armory XD-E and Springfield Armory XD-S.

(800) 523-7488

SABRE — Security Equipment Corp.

SABRE Red’s Aim & Fire Pepper Gel has a 15’ (4.5m) range, provides 13 bursts per replaceable gel cartridge and contains UV marking dye. Pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blowback, is safe to use indoors and travels 20% further than traditional sprays. It features a pistol-like hand grip and pistol safety and includes a practice cartridge and practice target.

(800) 325-9568


The CLEAN BATTLE ROPE 2.0 from Breakthrough Clean is an on-the-go cleaning option for those needing a quick and efficient clean on the range. The upgraded design includes an integrated flip-out pull handle that doubles as a weight allowing the cable to easily feed through the barrel of a firearm. The integrated bronze brush (one for handgun, two for rifle and shotgun) scrubs away stubborn carbon, while the extra-thick rope wipes up residue for a superior clean. The Battle Rope 2.0 can be kept in its storage case and clipped or attached to a range bag with the included MOLLE strap or carabiner. Several calibers are available, including 12GA, .22, .270, .38, 10mm and .45.

(888) 455-5499

Ammo Armor

Ammo Armor announces the release of several new models, including the Ammo Armor and Ammo Klip for the GLOCK 43X/48, GLOCK 19, S&W M&P Shield EZ 380, S&W M&P Shield EZ 9mm and Springfield XDS. Both products are made from military-grade ABS plastic to withstand even the most rigorous environments. Ammo Armor is currently available for hundreds of different magazines and in three different colors. By adding a custom Discreet Carry Concepts steel clip to the Ammo Armor, the Ammo Klip can be worn on a belt or concealed inside of a pocket for fast and easy access to spare magazines. Each Ammo Klip includes a self-contained tool to adjust the steel clip to specific needs.

(800) 542-2666

591 Paradigm Shift

102 Buck Woodsman Pro

Buck Knives

In its Hunting line, Buck knives has released updated versions of the 119 Special Pro, 102 Buck Woodsman Pro, 103 Skinner Pro, 105 Pathfinder Pro and 120 General Pro. Each of these fixed-blade knives utilize Buck’s premium S35VN steel and green canvas Micarta handles. Additional features include full-tang construction, advanced Edge2X blade technology and an aluminum pommel and guard. A black leather sheath accompanies each model.

Buck’s 590 Paradigm and 591 Paradigm Shift are new additions to the Everyday Carry line. The 590 utilizes a blade flipper for quick, easy one-hand deployment with the ASAP-assisted opening technology; Buck’s Shift Mechanism rotating bolster lock provides a robust locking mechanism and prevents accidental deployment. The automatic 591 deploys in an instant when the Shift Mechanism bolster lock is deactivated.

Compact but sturdy, the Budgie is an EDC option featuring a 2” drop-point S35VN stainless steel blade, thumb hole for easy opening and a rugged natural or black G10 handle.

(800) 326-2825

HSM Ammunition

HSM Ammunition added a new cartridge to their premium quality Trophy Gold offerings: 6.5 PRC. Using only the very finest components, the HSM 6.5 PRC is completed with the highly acclaimed 140-grain Berger Hunting VLD bullet. Velocity is 3,070 fps with a ballistic coefficient of .600.

(406) 777-2106

ALPS OutdoorZ

ALPS OutdoorZ expands its line of waterfowl hunting accessories with the Snow Goose Chair. The chair has the same ergonomic lounge chair as the Zero Gravity Layout Blind but without blind panels. The folding recliner suspends the hunter above the ground at the optimal angle for hours of hunting comfort. The elasticized lacing tying the padded seat assembly to the frame minimizes torso and leg pressure while the padded headrest keeps the head ideally positioned. The chair includes adjustable backpack carry straps and two side gear pockets. Dimensions are 55” x 25” x 26” (open), it weighs 11 lbs., 3 oz., and supports up to 300 lbs.

(800) 344-2577


1791 Gunleather

1791 Gunleather launches the OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster (UCBH) with Memory-Lok Technology. Whether the firearm is a micro or full frame, with or without an added RMR optic, the OWB UCBH guarantees the perfect fit. Featuring a high sweat guard, optic cut and premium leather, the holster delivers a gentle grip with Kydex-like retention. The UCBH is available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of firearms and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

1791 Gunleather has introduced optics-ready holsters for the GLOCK G43x and G48 with MOS configuration. The open-top design facilitates a quick draw with the user’s preferred carry style in mind. The sweat guard protects guns from tarnishing and is a comfortable barrier between the user and gun’s hammer to prevent gouging. The paddle is adjustable and allows for quick on and off while ensuring proper retention. Optics Ready holsters are offered in three colors: Classic Brown, Signature Brown and Stealth Black.

(800) 407-1791


Launch 13

Kershaw Knives

The Launch 13 from Kershaw Knives combines slimness and full-sized cutting ability. Its 3.5” Wharncliffe blade is perfect for fine work, yet it’s slightly angled for more versatile cutting. The narrow profile and deep carry pocketclip let it ride easily in a pocket. Design details include an integrated lanyard hole, a two-tone blade with black handle, custom triangular pivot and the low-profile pushbutton makes it harder for the blade to accidentally deploy. The Launch 13 measures 8” long overall, 4.5” closed and weighs 2.4 oz.

The popular Lucha is now available in BlackWash, giving the butterfly knife a well-worn look. The 4.6” blade tapers so the top has more weight to pendulum around smoothly. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. The handle has a rounded bevel so it rolls effortlessly in the hand. Even the latch is rounded so it never catches, and its positive stop never contacts the blade. The Lucha has an OAL of 10.25” (5.8” when closed) and weighs 5.9 oz.

(800) 325-2891


SIG SAUER Electro-Optics introduces the ZULU6 image-stabilized binoculars to its ZULU series. The ZULU6 binoculars feature Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology utilizing an electronically stabilized 2-axis gimbal system to cancel out vibration caused by buffeting wind, chop and waves on the water, washboard ranch roads, heartbeat, heavy breathing and shaking. ZULU6 binoculars feature SPECTRACOAT, LENSHIELD and LENSARMOR coatings, MOTAC (motion activated illumination), an IPX4 waterproof rating for use in wet weather environments, and are available in 10x30mm and 16x42mm magnification.

(603) 610-3000

Bear OPS

The AC-800-CF-S pocketknife from Bear OPS boasts a sleek, lightweight design with minimal imprinting. The knife features a 2.5” smooth, fast-action Sandvik blade that provides dependable operation. With a simple push of the recessed button, the blade deploys on demand, firmly locking back to withstand heavy loads. A pen-type clip allows for deep carry. The pocketknife measures 4” closed and weighs 2.7 oz.

(265) 435-2227

Element Tungsten


Weatherby Inc.

Weatherby has added the 6.5 PRC cartridge to most of the Vanguard family of bolt-action models, including its newest model, Synthetic Green. The classic Monte Carlo Griptonite green stock has a bead-blasted matte-black blued finish. Vanguard rifles feature match-quality, two-stage triggers that break crisp and clean and guarantee sub-MOA accuracy out of the cold hammer-forged barrel.

The Element Tungsten model joins the Element series of semi-automatic shotguns. The black polymer stock set is paired with tungsten Cerakote metal work for maximum corrosion resistance. Element shotguns are built on an inertia system to provide the most reliable cycling in an evenly weighted firearm. The single piece receiver is precision machined from billet aluminum for strength and has been designed and built for shooters who require superior reliability with high-volume shooting.

(307) 675-7840

Ronin 1911 10mm

XD-S Mod.2 OSP

Springfield Armory

Configured as a full-size 5” gun, the Ronin 1911 10mm from Springfield Armory features a forged steel slide and frame as well as a hammer-forged barrel for unparalleled durability and strength. The 10mm Ronin sports a two-tone finish and hot salt bluing treatment on the slide. The flats of both the slide and frame are thoroughly polished, with an attractive matte finish applied to the rest of the pistol. A pair of Crossed Cannon premium laminate wood grips, a stainless steel checkered flat mainspring housing, Springfield Armory 2nd Generation Speed Trigger and a basepad-equipped magazine round out the package.

Based on the popular XD-S Mod.2, the XD-S Mod.2 OSP is an optics-ready version of the single-stack pistol. The 9mm pistol comes with a factory-milled slide for low-profile direct mounting of compact optics for an intuitive sight picture and uninterrupted focus on target. The XD-S Mod.2 OSP sports a 3.3” hammer forged barrel and matching forged slide. The pistol’s passive grip safety immediately readies the gun to fire when gripped but keeps the gun safe during carry. An additional drop safety in the striker block works in conjunction with the grip safety to provide confident carry. It ships with seven- and nine-round magazines.

(800) 680-6866

BE:1 Divergent Jacket

OZChamber 5K Ozone Combo


The OZChamber 5K Ozone Combo by ScentLok delivers ozone gear storage and odor destruction in a new, smaller size with an included new Radial IQ ozone generator. The 26” x 14” x 14” bag is large enough to hold hunting apparel, while still remaining easy to handle. The included Radial IQ is intelligently designed to emit just the right amount of ozone to fill the bag and destroy odors with a simple press of a button. The Combo includes the 600D PVC-backed polyester OZChamber 5k Bag with reinforced 2” grab straps and adjustable shoulder strap, plus the Radial IQ ozone generator, 12V DC power supply and a vehicle power adaptor.

Expanding the Bowhunter Elite Series, the BE:1 Divergent Jacket and Pant features consist of a quiet poly/wool shell bonded to a microfleece lining, Carbon Alloy odor control, thermal mapped Primaloft Gold performance insulation and Precip-X water-repellent technology. The half-zip, pullover jacket has a removable, adjustable hood with a built-in Carbon Alloy neck gaiter/facemask, a concealed safety harness port, half-zip side, open handwarmer pocket, multiple storage pockets and a Primaloft Gold Insulation Aerogel chest pocket. The pants have removable, adjustable suspenders; nine covered pockets for dry storage and articulated knees. Both are available in men’s sizes MD–3X in True Timber O2 Whitetail, Realtree Excape or Mossy Oak Terra Gila.

(231) 777-7565

R3D Suppressor Height Sights

XS Sights

XS Sights has changed the name of its popular three-dot RAM Night Sights to R3D Night Sights, and introduced R3D Suppressor Height Sights for GLOCK pistols. R3D Night Sights have a traditional three-dot tritium and notch and post sight picture. The rear sight is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight, available in bright orange or green. XS’s proprietary Ember Glow Dot technology allows the front sight to absorb ambient light and glow in low light. The front tritium lamp in the R3D sight also charges the Ember Glow Dot, making the front sight glow brighter than the rear, keeping the user’s focus downrange.

Minimalist Night Sights are equipped with a self-illuminating tritium vial in the front sight. The front sight is also equipped with a proprietary orange photoluminescent Glow Dot, which offers a high-contrast color in bright light, absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The pairing of these two glowing features ensures the front sight will glow brightly in low light and contrast well against the blacked-out rear in bright light shooting conditions. The front sight blade width is 0.145”, and the rear sight notch width is 0.170”.

(888) 744-4880

Nighthawk Custom

The Korth Heritage Edition from Nighthawk combines raw power and refined elegance. This revolver features an heirloom-quality color case-hardened and charcoal blued finish by Turnbull. A 5.25” precision cold-forged barrel is chambered in Korth’s traditional .357 Magnum. The Korth Heritage Edition features a six-shot cylinder. The trigger has been highly polished with a roller trigger system for single-/double-action shooting. A fully adjustable rear sight pairs with an 18k gold bead front sight for excellent target acquisition. The grips have been carved from Turkish walnut, creating a classy, comfortable feel for the shooter.

(877) 268-4867


Meopta introduces the MeoPro Optika LR series of laser rangefinding binoculars available in 10×42 HD and 8×50 HD models that quickly measure distance out to 2,600 yards and 2,950 yards, respectively. Premium European optics with HD glass and MeoLux lens coating deliver exceptionally bright images in low light with maximum resolution and contrast. MeoDrop hydrophobic coating ensures a clear view, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The rangefinder features three modes: Auto – continuous ranging of moving targets; Near Ranging – ranges the closest object in the aiming circle; and Far Ranging – ranges the farthest object in the aiming circle. The illuminated OLED display can be set to yards or meters and features four levels of brightness control.

(800) 828-8928

Rival Arms

Rival Arms expands its offering of drop-in chassis systems with the new R-700 Precision Chassis — designed to accept the Remington 700 short-action barreled action. The R-700 is designed to accept AR-15 grips and buffer tube-style buttstocks. The forend/barrel channel delivers barrel free-float with all factory barrel contours and barrels up to 1” in diameter. Fourteen machined M-LOK slots allow builders to install a range of accessory mounts. The chassis also comes tapped with a sling swivel stud and is ergonomically designed with a scalloped forend for a positive grip when shooting without a rest. It’s CNC-machined from aluminum billet and available in three finishes: Type III hardcoat anodized matte black, KG GunKote FDE and KG GunKote Satin Gray.

The ST-3X Precision Rifle Stock uses a buffer-tube-style attachment based on available AR-15 rifle stock systems, but is purpose built for chassis rifles and creates a narrow profile by using an adjustable cheek riser that passes through the stock. Weighing in at only 28 oz., the stock is machined from billet aluminum for maximum consistency, strength and rigidity. Users can adjust the comb height and length of pull, and the recoil pad can be adjusted vertically and canted to properly fit the shoulder “pocket.” The frame includes a downward-facing M-LOK slot for monopods or Picatinny rail sections. Ambidextrous flush cups are also machined into the stock for use with QD sling systems. The ST-3X installs onto any chassis with a 1-3/16”-16 thread and locks into place with a castle nut (included).

(888) 811-9277

Blocker Outdoors

The Shield Series Drencher 3-in-1 Jacket is Blocker Outdoors’ most versatile waterproof solution: It repels rain, sleet and snow while maintaining optimal warmth, stealth and mobility. The system can be worn three different ways: jacket, vest, or vest and jacket together. It’s made with waterproof, breathable lightweight fabric, and features a quiet, soft polyester brushed tricot fabric, S3 anti-microbial finish for odor prevention, an adjustable three-piece hood, full front zipper with storm flap, two snap-closure waist pockets and removable insulated vest. It’s available in men’s sizes MD–3X in Blaze, Realtree Edge, Realtree Excape and Mossy Oak Terra Coyote.


FUSION trail cameras from StealthCam now have an easy-to-install firmware update giving users the option to have the standard or a higher-quality image sent to the new COMMAND App. The COMMAND app replaces the previous Stealth Cam Remote app. The COMMAND app features include: remote photo access; camera management with a single login; remote control of all camera settings; internal and auxiliary battery level monitoring; transmission set times: instant, hourly, twice or once a day; pin camera locations using Google Maps; photo tracker; push notifications for new photos; camera plans management; memory card formatting; and sharing images via text, email and social media.

(877) 269-8490

Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms’ Marksman 6-Position Stock Kit features a six-position Mil-Spec receiver extension, adjustable cheek piece and buttpad/plate. A quick- detach socket is found on both sides. The kit is not for use with Rock River Arms’ LAR-8. The stock kit is offered in black (AR0250K) or tan (AR0250KT).

(866) 980-7625

ASP Inc.

From ASP, the Blue Line Cuff Key is a clip-style key that packs a lot of features and quality into its slim profile. It has an anodized aluminum body, stainless steel shaft and double lock pin and spring steel pocket clip. ASP’s trademark backset flag makes keyway location and operation faster and smoother. The key is embellished with a blue line insert ring that pays tribute to law enforcement.  A portion of all Blue Line Key sales goes to support public safety cadets.

ASP has added M17 and M18 pistols to its line of Enhanced Red Guns. Enhanced models take ASP’s solid-molded replica training weapons to a new level, with the addition of “drop mag” functionality. With working magazine releases and inert magazines, the steel-reinforced polymer guns allow for realistic manipulation drills with 100% safety. The Enhanced models are molded from the original weapons for exact visual and tactile recognition and perfect holster fit. Additionally, there are removable magazine versions of the Beretta Model 92 and HK416/MSR platform. Each Enhanced Red Gun comes with two magazines.

(800) 236-6243

SLx 1-5x24 FFP Rifle Scope

SLx MD-20

Primary Arms

Primary Arms Optics debuted the law enforcement-oriented SLx 1-5×24 FFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated ACSS Raptor 5.56/.308 reticle. With a 5X maximum magnification, this scope is suitable for service with a wider variety of law enforcement groups. The intuitive ballistic drop compensating reticle provides the user with critical information to accurately land shots in combat conditions. Features of the ACSS Raptor reticle include auto-ranging ballistic stadia, ranging brackets, wind leads, moving target holds and an infinitely precise center chevron.

The SLx MD-20 micro red dot improves on previous micro dots with an enhanced emitter, which provides an ultra-bright reticle with a 50,000-hour runtime on the medium setting. Combined with a durable aluminum body, long battery life, zero-parallax lens and an ultra-bright emitter with night vision compatibility, the SLx MD-20 brings premium performance to a budget-friendly price point.

(713) 344-9600

EAA Corp.

The EAA/Girsan MC 1911 S 10mm Hunter is a ruggedly affordable hunting pistol. Features abound in this full match spec firearm including: Super Sights, ambidextrous safeties, extended beavertail, long hole hammer, slide serrations, fully checkered steel frame, long slide with 6” barrel and accessory rail. The EAA/Girsan 1911 S 10mm Hunter is at home on the range or on the hunt.

(321) 639-4842

Chainsaw Brian’s Premium Doe Estrus

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center released X-tra Concentrated Masking Scent. The masking scent has twice the smell in new, convenient, easy-to-use, pump-spray bottles. The extra-potent formulas not only help mask human scent, but the appealing smells may even attract big-game animals as well. X-tra Concentrated Masking Scent is available in Pine, Earth, Acorn, Cedar and Apple in 4-fl.-oz. pump-spray bottles.

Chainsaw Brian’s Premium Doe Estrus is part of the premium new line of Micro Brew Craft Scents. The carefully crafted doe estrus scent is made with premium doe urine with estrus secretions and then supercharged with Territorial Musk. It’s available in a 4-fl.-oz. bottle.

(800) 873-5873

MKS Supply

Imported by MKS Supply, BarnauL Ammunition introduces 9mm Subsonic. Originally developed as part of the Silver Sport line of cartridges aimed at the shooting sports competition’s IPSC/USPSA, the cartridges are loaded to meet with a minor power factor to provide soft-push recoil. Subsonic ammo cartridges feature a soft zinc-coated bullet jacket and zinc-coated steel case. The 9mm, 148-grain bullet reaches a velocity of 918 fps.

(877) 425-4867

CCI Ammunition

CCI Clean-22 Realtree Bottles hold 400 rounds, and their exclusive green, tan and black polymer bullet coating greatly reduces copper and lead fouling in the barrel. The coating doesn’t leave a residue and cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80%. The 40-grain round nose lead bullet’s geometry has been optimized for accuracy and is ideal for both targets and small game.

(866) 286-7436


The X2 Series of pistol optics from Holosun incorporates updated programming that improves performance and usability. The new Lock Mode is a key feature preventing unintentional setting changes while the firearm is being carried with a pushbutton configuration. X2 Series pistol optics also include Holosun’s side-mounted battery for painless battery replacement and the Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies (depending on model). X2 models include: HS407C X2, HE407C-GR X2, HS407CO X2, HS507C X2, HE507C-GR X2, HE508T-RD X2, HS407K X2, HS507K X2.

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Hawke Optics

Hawke Optics added 4–16×50 SF and 6–24×56 SF FFP MOA models to the Sidewinder riflescope line. The models have a 30mm main tube and are loaded with new H5 optics bringing an ultra-wide 24-degree field of view. The low-dispersion Crown glass has 18-layer multi-coated optics for superb light transmission and clarity. Each model has resettable, precision locking turrets with 1⁄4 MOA clicks and a Witness Window providing instant visual confirmation of the turret position. The index-matched, removeable side-wheel focus adjustment keeps eyes on the target while the zoom is adjusted with the removable magnification throw lever. The reticle is illuminated with high-intensity, adjustable multi-LED lighting for accuracy in every lighting condition. Sidewinder models are shockproof, waterproof and dust proof, and are fully nitrogen purged.

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New for 2021, Berger’s .223 Remington ammunition is assembled with Lapua cartridge cases, clean-burning propellants and Berger’s competition proven projectiles. Berger also offers options for long-range competition and military/law enforcement use such as 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem., .300 Win. Mag., .300 Norma Mag. and .338 Lapua Mag.

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Nightstick adds to the TCM Series of weapon lights with the TCM-550XL-GL. Its daylight-visible 532nm green aiming laser provides maximum visibility in all conditions. The compact TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens delivers a 550-lumen bright white beam to illuminate objects up to 446’ away. It weighs 2.5 oz., is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and has an IP-X7 waterproof rating. Deploying the light, laser or light/laser mode is performed by holding one switch down while toggling through the modes with the alternate. The laser is easily zeroed to the user’s preferred distance with built-in elevation and windage adjusters. The weapon light also features a bezel-activated “safe mode” battery lockout, eliminating accidental activation of the light and laser during storage or transportation.

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Langdon Tactical

The standalone 92 Elite LTT Red Dot Optic-Ready Slide (Full-Size) is now available from Langdon Tactical for Beretta 92 series pistols. All Elite LTT Red Dot Optic-Ready Slides are Cerakoted black, and ship with the RMR-footprint pattern adapter plate already installed and are ready to accept an optic upon arrival. The slide will work on any 92 FS and later model pistol, including WC Brigadier Tactical and M9A1s. (The only known exceptions are the 92A1 and 92S pistol frames.)

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RMP Plate Carrier Rack

Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical’s RMP Plate Carrier Rack secures a plate carrier firmly to a vehicle seatback RMP or anywhere an RMP is fastened. With Tough Hook integration rated for 150-lb. capacity, combined with a solid aluminum spacer plus RMP Backer Plates threaded to accept two 1/4-20 bolts, the RMP Plate Carrier Rack offers durability and longevity while providing rapid deployment of a plate carrier. Key features of the RMP Series include patented RMP (Rigid MOLLE Panel) grid design, universal MOLLE compatibility for customization, weather-resistant, non-corrosive HDPE build, loadbearing, sag-resistant construction, fire resistant and easy installation.

The RMP Helmet Rack easily mounts a helmet to a vehicle headrest with the 8 X 6 RMP or anywhere an RMP is fastened. The solid aluminum hook is secured with RMP Backer Plates threaded to accept two 1/4-20 bolts for rugged strength. Slip a helmet strap onto the RMP Helmet Rack to have it readily available for quick access.

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Shield Sights

Built on the foundation of the original RMS, Shield Sights’ RMS2 (Reflex Mini Sight) features a strengthened lens housing and updated electronics with improved battery contacts to further enhance reliability under all conditions. The same glass-coated polymer lens (can be upgraded to all glass) continues to provide a good balance of being shatterproof while remaining scratch resistant. The sight offers 4 MOA and 8 MOA options, and has been designed without a battery drawer. The footprint includes four location posts and two screws to hold the sight in place.
Previously only available as a custom option, glass lenses are now a standard option on all pistol optics. Customers can now choose the best lens option for the given application. The all-glass lens option gives negligible parallax while offering users maximum scratch resistance and ultra clarity. The pistol optic product line includes SMS2, SMSc, RMS, RMS2, RMSc and RMSw models.

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Rezult 36

Elite Archery

Elite Archery brings a companion target bow model to the market with the Rezult 36. Featuring Elite’s ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, VersaMod rotating module and Elite’s S.E.T. Technology, the bow delivers an IBO speed of 330 fps on a 36” axle-to-axle platform. It offers increased options, allowing competitive archers the ability to build a bow suited to their unique shooting style and form with new peak weight ranges of 55 and 65 lbs.

A follow up to the Elite Kure, the 33” axle-to-axle EnKore has an IBO rating of 340 fps, and utilizes Elite’s ASYM Tri-Track Cam System and S.E.T. Technology to make tuning easy and frustration-free. The EnKore features a newly designed Performance VersaMod System, which offers 90% let-off and generates increased speed.

The Remedy combines the ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, VersaMod rotating module and S.E.T. Technology into a 34” axle-to-axle bow. Designed specifically for those who prefer a slightly longer ATA, the Remedy maintains Elite’s promise of a comfortable shooting experience while accommodating longer draw lengths of up to 31”. Combined with dual-riser cages the Remedy is a smooth drawing and easy-to-aim solution for archers.

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Starline Brass

The .32 Winchester Special was introduced after the turn of the 20th century for use in lever-action rifles. Though very similar in size to the .30-30 Winchester cartridge, the .32 Winchester Special is capable of higher velocities and energy while retaining the same size firearm. Starline now offers .32 Winchester Special Brass in .32 Special, .32 WS, and .32 Win. Spl. The OAL ranges from 2.027” to 2.033”. The rifle brass is sold in quantities of 250, 500 and 1,000.

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From Hatch, the Friskmaster MAX — Cut & Needle Puncture Resistant Glove (FMN500) is tested to ANSI Cut Resistance A9, the highest rating for cut resistance, and provides Level 5 ANSI Needlestick Puncture Resistance, the NIJ’s highest-rated level of protection. PROTECH Resistance Layer Technology helps provide robust protection from daily cut and needle threats and maintain superior dexterity. The gloves are available in black or gray (FMN501) in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

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Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics’ BAMF Pro Series Rifles offer the same technology, durability and precision engineering with a 1.4-lb weight reduction from the original BAMF model. Chambered in .223 Wylde, the series is available in Pistol (6.5” premium barrel), Mid-Length (12.3” premium barrel) and Rifle (16” premium barrel) models. All receivers and handguards are machined from 7075 aluminum to maintain superior quality and fit. Features include: 45-degree safety selector, extended magazine release, beveled mag well, Hogue overmolded grip, adjustable gas block, angled brass deflector, four integrated QD mounts and more. Models are available in Armor Black, Flat Dark Earth, Cobalt Kinetics Green or stainless.

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Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade launched its all-new Cutlery line with the 4001 Table Knife Set. Each knife in the four-piece set features Benchmade’s proprietary 14-degree SelectEdge blade for maximum precision, and the stainless steel, serrated 5.13” blade is wear resistant for enduring strength. The set is presented in a handcrafted red birch box. The customizable set offers the selection between CPM-154 and 440C steel in a Black DLC or Stonewash finish; lasermarking on the blade (front or back); and a G10, Richlite or wood handle in a variety of color options. (All knives in the set match the selections.)

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Fabarm USA

Fabarm introduces the Autumn side-by-side 20GA shotgun available with either 28” or 30” TRIBORE tapered barrels. A deluxe grade of walnut complements the rich color case-hardened receiver with full-coverage engraving. The solid four-lug locking system ensures extreme durability, and the INNER HP long screw in choke system features a hyperbolic design to maximize pattern performance. The selective trigger operates on an inertia system and breaks at 4 lbs. The trigger mechanism features interceptor sears for additional safety, and the action incorporates rebounding hammers to improve the longevity of the firing pins. The Autumn is chambered for 3” shells and weighs 5 lbs., 9 oz. to 6 lbs., 2 oz. (weight varies based on wood density).

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Mathews Archery

Offered in 27” or 31” axle-to-axle, the V3 from Mathews offers hunters a compact rig without compromising accuracy. Each model has a 6” brace height and delivers velocity up to 342 fps. It features the all-new patent-pending Centerguard Cable containment system (delivering optimal cam timing) and Nano 740 Damper (which drastically reduces post-shot noise and vibration).

Catering to the women’s segment, the Prima weighs in at 3.93 lbs. and is 30” axle-to-axle. It also features the Centerguard Cable containment system and Nano 740 Damper technology.

Built with long-draw archers in mind, the Atlas boasts draw lengths up to 34” and features a forgiving 7.75” brace height. It’s powered by the Crosscentric Cam technology, producing speeds up to 350 fps.

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The WOOX FORTE is inspired by traditional Italian woodworking axes and features a broad and mildly curved bit for accurate work. The deeply penetrating bit geometry makes chopping a breeze, while a concave high centerline helps act as a chip-breaker and smoothes the bit-to-eye transition when splitting. The large slip-fit eye allows for easy, wedge-free handle replacement while preserving some effective amount of swell to the knob of the handle for a secure grip in relaxed hands. A prominent hardened poll serves as an effective hammer face and optimizes the balance of the head. Each head on the FORTE axe is individually hammered into shape, hand finished and made of tempered carbon steel (c60/1060). It measures 22” long and weighs 3 lbs.

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Taylor’s & Co.

A unique perspective of an 1858 New Army, Taylor’s &. Co.’s The Ace features a 3” octagon barrel making it a snub-nose version. At 2.4 lbs., it’s a comfortable weight and size for carrying. The Ace accepts .45 LC conversion cylinders (sold separately) to fire modern cartridges. In addition to the brass trigger guard and blued finish, a grip choice of checkered walnut, smooth walnut or white PVC maintain the historical accuracy of the six-round revolver chambered in .44. The Ace sports a fixed front blade sight and notched rear sight.

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TriStar Arms

The Bristol Silver SxS line of side-by-side shotguns from TriStar features a nickel-finished receiver with 24K gold inlay. Available in four gauges — 12GA, 20GA, 28GA and .410 — each model is built on a true steel frame with precision laser-engraved detail. The Bristol comes standard with select Turkish walnut, auto ejectors, five Beretta-style choke tubes (SK, IC, M, IM, F), brass bead front sight, single selective trigger and selective top tang safety.

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The 8-40x60mm Elite Tactical LMSS2 spotting scope from Bushnell combines compact elite-quality HD glass with a military-grade riflescope optical design. It builds on the original Lightweight Modular Spotting Scope (LMSS) with features including upgraded exterior lens coatings, updated HORUS reticle options and a power-change throw lever as well as other user-control enhancements. It’s available with the H322 or the TREMOR4 spotting scope reticle and comes with a detachable Picatinny rail, twist-up eyecup, fast-focus diopter, integral 1/4-20 tripod connection and bottom accessory rail connections. The 8-40x 60mm LMSS2 Elite Tactical measures 12.7” and weighs 37 oz. (without rail). Color choices are Flat Dark Earth and black.

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