Smith & Wesson Develops GUNSMARTS Campaign


Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS videos are hosted by Julie Golob and
Ken Scott (pictured), who cover a number of entry-level topics for first-time
shooters — which are also good for established customers to revisit.

Smith & Wesson has developed and launched a multi-media marketing campaign: Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS. The new effort is designed to welcome new gun owners into the firearms community and highlight key resources available to those who have just purchased their first pistol, rifle or revolver.

“It’s our responsibility to help educate and inform those who have recently purchased their first firearm and help them to become confident, responsible members of the firearms community,” said Kyle Tengwall, S&W VP of marketing. “Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS provides information on firearms training programs, industry information and an educational video series hosted by experts in the firearms space.”

“We hope new and seasoned gun owners leverage this information to help them become confident and responsible members of the firearms community.”

Kyle Tengwall, Smith & Wesson VP of Marketing

As a cornerstone of the campaign, the company has released a new video series devoted to helping inform, educate and excite those who have recently joined the firearms community.

Placed on YouTube, the Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS video series covers a comprehensive set of topics that takes the viewer from the basics of firearms safety through their first trips to the range — all in a simple, inviting manner.

Team Smith & Wesson Captain and Industry Ambassador Julie Golob and Provectus Elite Founder Ken Scott provide real-time instruction in the video series. As of mid-September, there were 25 videos in the series.

“We hope new and seasoned gun owners leverage this information to help them become confident and responsible members of the firearms community,” Tengwall added.

To generate additional excitement around the Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS campaign, Smith & Wesson is hosting a series of sweepstakes that started in September and will end this month to engage with new gun owners on social media. /

Celerant Technology Forms New Distribution Partnerships

Celerant Technology, provider of retail software for firearms dealers, announced four new partnerships with firearms and outdoor distributors. Industry retailers and their customers can now easily access inventory from 2nd Amendment Wholesale (2AW), Big Rock Sports, Rothco and Lipsey’s via Celerant’s e-commerce tools.

Dealers can ensure they have the most current product data from each distributor partnered with Celerant. In addition, they can maintain ATF compliance by syncing the data with Celerant’s integrated bound book.

Celerant’s e-commerce platform and in-store kiosks make it easy for dealers to offer their customers more products, or what the company calls an “endless aisle.” By pulling live vendor feeds, each distributor’s available inventory is automatically displayed, along with product names, descriptions, images, MSRPs and stock levels. Customers can place their orders, either in-store or online, choosing from several delivery options or from the dealer’s own inventory.

“We take pride in our cutting-edge, innovative technology that has supported the outdoor sportsman industry for many years. As the industry changes, it’s important dealers have the right technology to better serve their customers, and streamline operations both in-store and online,” said Ian Goldman, president and CEO of Celerant Technology. /

Viridian, Real Avid Launch Marketing Partnership

Viridian Weapon Technologies announced its marketing partnership with firearm accessory and tool company Real Avid.

Real Avid, a leader in DIY for guns, continues to expand its line of cleaning tools, bench tools and multi-tools for working on guns. The company offers model- and platform-specific tools.

“Real Avid offers high-quality, gun-specific tools and accessories. The brand and product line is chock-full of specialized offerings for designated models and categories of firearms. We take a similar approach at Viridian. This shared focus on improving firearm performance is an exciting cornerstone of this marketing partnership,” said Brian Hedeen, Viridian president and CEO.

Viridian has introduced several key products this year, including a new green laser lineup in the E-Series, and grip lasers for North American Arms’ .22 Mag. revolvers. Viridian’s latest offering is the HS1, its innovative hand-stop laser.

“Viridian makes great products, and has some excellent partnerships in the industry. We love Viridian’s ability to generate new products people want, and the team’s ability to work with so many top companies — often before anyone else is even aware they are coming,” said Howard Tripp, Real Avid chief innovation officer. “We’re excited to see what this new marketing partnership yields and look forward to collaborating in the future.”

Consumers will receive more information on the partnership, along with initial offers and promotions in the near future. / /

Comp-Tac Victory Gear Announces Expansion

Comp-Tac Victory Gear recently invested in substantial new equipment and staff to meet increasing demands in the holster and shooting-accessories markets.

The company has increased production capacity by adding new machinery and hiring 30% more staff in order to maintain its existing lead times. Comp-Tac is currently filling and shipping orders of 50 or more pieces in five weeks, and smaller orders even faster.

“For the first time in our company’s history, we have met challenges brought forth by world events — including a pandemic — and the changing landscape of the accessories market, as we supply holsters, mag pouches and more to our customers,” said Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac GM. “We have invested in additional cleaning and safety measures, new equipment and additional personnel. These investments have not only helped us reach our current demands, but have set us up nicely for the future.”

The increased demand has primarily been for Comp-Tac’s concealed carry holsters, competition holsters and new Level 2 Blue Duty Holster series. The company also has experienced a growing demand for gun belts, magazine pouches and other accessories.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is designed and manufactured with ease of use and comfort in mind for the concealed carry, tactical and competition-shooting markets. /

Axial Precision Becomes AllTerra Arms

Axial Precision announced a company name change to AllTerra Arms. The name is a nod to the company’s flagship rifle model from 2015, the AllTerra.

“Our initial brand name certainly conveyed our approach to building every rifle component along a single axis. Yet we felt it lacked the attitude our guns have for delivering guaranteed, long-range accuracy in all terrains. AllTerra embraces that spirit,” said company Founder Drew Foster.

AllTerra Arms is known for its precision machining and engineering innovation in its Bolt-to-Bore Alignment and No-Fail Cycling technologies. In fact, the company is so confident in what its rifles can deliver, it’s offering an unconditional, money-back guarantee.

The guarantee promises AllTerra rifles will:
Shoot sub-0.5″, three-shot groups with premium factory ammo;
Shoot sub-0.25″, three-shot groups with AllTerra Arms handloads;
Have no significant change in accuracy when shooting different bullet weights;
Cycle smoothly in all conditions.

AllTerra Arms is offering customers who purchase a new rifle a 10% discount, as well as an opportunity to win a set of Steiner Predator binoculars valued at nearly $475 through the end of this year. Entries for the drawing also apply to Axial Precision rifles previously purchased. /

Safariland Group Launches Interactive E-Commerce Website

The Safariland Group has launched a redesigned e-commerce website. The cleaner, more-modern and easier-to-navigate website provides a better interactive experience for customers.

The website features one of the more advanced holster finders available online, and an all-new Holster Education Center.

“We created this new website with one goal in mind — to design a revolutionary digital experience that puts the customer first throughout the entire process,” said Shane Ruiz, director of digital media for the Safariland Group.

The company’s new Holster Education Center is an interactive series of easy-to-understand educational resources that guide the visitor through various considerations for selecting a holster. Written in a conversational tone, the Center helps consumers find information about holster retention and ride, different ways to carry a concealed firearm, different competition shooting disciplines and much more.

Ruiz likened it to “having a conversation with one of our subject matter experts.”

For a more customized search, the user may select a holster one of three ways: by profession, carry method or firearm type.

Safariland’s SAVES CLUB is presented in a “Lives Saved” section with stories of the more than 2,080 individuals who have been saved by Safariland armor or its other protective gear. /

Streamlight C.O.P.S. Blue Nano Light

Streamlight Renews C.O.P.S. Support For 21st Year

Streamlight Inc. has donated nearly $127,000 to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), renewing the company’s support for the 21st year in a row. Streamlight’s donations over the years have helped to underwrite ongoing programs and activities for survivors of fallen officers.

In addition to sponsoring a variety of C.O.P.S. programs and events, each year Streamlight earmarks $1 from the sale of every Blue Nano Light to C.O.P.S. The keychain flashlight boasts a super-bright, white LED and a double-sided fob featuring the C.O.P.S. logo on one side and Streamlight’s logo on the other. Streamlight also donates $2 from the sale of each Blue Siege AA Lantern, which features one white and two blue LEDs and the C.O.P.S. logo on its globe.

This year, Streamlight held its 6th Annual 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk virtually, with participants completing a virtual run or walk at the location and time of their choice between August 15–29.

“Streamlight is proud to support C.O.P.S. in their efforts to provide education and resources to the law enforcement community, including survivors of the fallen,” said Ray Sharrah, Streamlight president and CEO. “As avid supporters of first responders, we are committed to making sure the law enforcement community has the tools they need to keep themselves safe.”

Today, more than 50 C.O.P.S. chapters nationwide provide resources to some 50,000 survivors, including immediate and extended families and co-workers of officers who have died in the line of duty. /

Warne Launches New Website

Warne, provider of scope-mounting solutions, announced a new website.

The site retains the classic features Warne is known for, but includes a new layout and features for an enhanced browsing experience.

Warne officials saw the need for a new website when the company began offering online sales direct to consumers, who wanted to ensure they were getting the right part directly from the Oregon factory.

As many as 417 products are broken down categorically and subdivided to assist consumers in finding the answers to their questions more quickly. Warne’s famous Scope Mount and Scope Ring Selector tools remain prominently positioned on the home page. These tools take into account scope tube and objective diameters, in addition to the rifle pairing, to ensure a scope height both low enough for comfortable use and high enough to prevent scope bell contact with the rifle.

Options within each category now display artfully in an easy-to-browse grid format, including current in-stock status and pricing. /

Federal Announces U.S. Army Contract, Additional Delivery Order

Federal Ammunition was awarded a contract to supply high-performance 7.62x51mm NATO and other novel ammunition for the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Carbine Technologies (NGCT) program.

This suite of ammunition utilizes a specialized alloy cartridge case allowing for elevated chamber pressures and a reduction in ammunition weight when compared to legacy brass-cased ammunition. These performance benefits deliver a significant increase in overall weapon system effectiveness for the NGCT program.

“Our use of a proprietary, high-performance alloy cartridge case will provide the U.S. Army NGCT team with an excellent ammunition platform for evaluation of advanced Next Generation weapon concept performance. Program results will serve to inform the direction of future Next Generation weapon technology decisions for the U.S.
Army,” said David Leis, Federal’s VP of law enforcement, government and international sales.

“Ammunition products utilizing this specialized alloy cartridge case technology will be made available for commercial and foreign sales in the near future,” Leis added.

Additionally, Federal recently received a new $13.8-million delivery order based on its contract awarded in 2017 by the U.S. Army. The order is for 5.56 NATO MK311 Frangible Ammunition (AA40).

The military-grade, training ammunition has a 50-grain frangible bullet comprised of a non-toxic, copper-and-tungsten-powder matrix core and a gilding metal jacket. It disintegrates into small fragments on impact, minimizing over-penetration and ricochet hazards.

The reliability of Federal’s exclusive Catalyst primer, a lead-free ignition technology, sets it apart from other lead-free primers, according to Leis. /

Walther Secures New PPQ 9mm L.E. Contract

Walther Arms Law Enforcement announced the sale of approximately 100 PPQ M2 9mm pistols to the Lorain County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

The agency conducted a comprehensive testing program, reviewing several models of 9mm duty pistols in its quest to move beyond the .40-caliber pistols officers have previously carried.

The Walther PPQ M2 9mm pistol was found to have significant advantages over the other pistols the LCSO evaluated, mainly in its superior trigger pull and enhanced grip-frame ergonomics. In timed drills, several teams of shooters consistently made faster and more precise hits on the target than with the competitors’ models.

Walther Law Enforcement also provided comprehensive armorers’ training for the LCSO. In addition to the agency purchase, almost a fourth of LCSO deputies took advantage of the Individual Officers Purchase Program, which provides significant discounts./

Champion Targets awarded 4-H Student Ambassadors Cecelia Ossi and
Thomas Singleton the 2020 Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarships.

Champion Awards 2020 Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarships

Champion Traps and Targets has awarded the 2020 Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarships to two 4-H Student Ambassadors. Cecelia Ossi of New Jersey and Thomas Singleton of Louisiana each received a $2,500 scholarship from an endowed fund.

Created in partnership with the National 4-H Shooting Sports Committee to honor late exhibition shooter Tom Knapp, the scholarships are funded through Champion products licensed in Knapp’s name. With support from his wife, Colleen, Champion extended Knapp’s licensed products program to endow the scholarships, awarding two each year.

“Federal and Champion Targets have been longtime supporters of the National 4-H Shooting Sports, and seeing the bright future of the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts is always a highlight. These applicants for the Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarship will continue to represent the shooting sports industry, sharing a powerful message of leadership and new life skills as they head off to college,” said Jason Slinkard, director of shooting accessories for Vista Outdoor.

“Cecelia and Thomas are true leaders in the youth shooting sports arena, and Federal is proud of their accomplishments with the National 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador program,” added Jon Zinnel, conservation and youth shooting sports program manager for Federal and CCI Ammunition. “Seeing leaders graduating from 4-H Ambassador training reinforces the fact our industry is strong and in good hands of those who are building future generations of shooting sports enthusiasts.”

Applicants for the scholarship are required to be 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassadors with a 3.0 or higher GPA, and enrolled in an accredited college or university. /

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