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Audience Connection

“Thank you for this; all I wanted to know before purchasing my first gun. I appreciate you.” — Latresha J.

“Absolutely phenomenal video. Engaging, educational and straight to the point. I’ve been carrying my Ruger LCRx for 4 years now, and this has by far been the most enlightening training I’ve received thus far.”

— via YouTube/@FMGPubs

Readers have often shared they feel a sense of connection with the editors and writers of GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner, and their letters over the years have exposed a unique level of trust and camaraderie. Today’s expanded audience includes viewers, listeners and commenters who regularly react to “Gun Cranks” episodes, “First Look” videos, GUNS Magazine podcasts and social media posts. They are inspired to share personal experiences and motivated by recommendations — and this elevated engagement is incredibly valuable to FMG’s advertisers and clients.

For instance, FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington featured a Turnbull Restoration Browning SA-22 project in a “First Look” video where he highlighted the craftsmanship performed by Turnbull’s artisans and the beauty of the final result. Persuaded by the video, a viewer shared, “Just sent a message asking to be added to the waitlist” and another said, “Beautiful rifle and a nice little dose of history. JMB (John Moses Browning) was The Man.”

After watching Roy’s “First Look” video on the Ruger Security-380, a commenter posted, “You hit a lot of good points. I am purchasing this for my wife, as she is not a pro shooter. This is built for novice or older shooters, but it’s not an inadequate firearm.” “I loved this review,” another reads, “First time on your channel. Straightforward, unpretentious, down-to-earth good-faith effort.”

The Ruger Super Wrangler was also featured in a “First Look” video that garnered over 66,000 views. One fan wrote, “I remember hearing a podcast with you talking about how well they responded to trigger jobs and customization. Nice to see what your custom job looks like. Of course, I ordered a Super Wrangler! Just a few more days until I have it in my hands.”

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Real Stories Resonate

Engagement soars when stories from the old days are shared. Resident Gun Cranks, Roy, GUNS Editor Brent Wheat and Handgunner Editor Tom McHale recently spent an evening discussing “stupid potato launcher stunts” and there was no shortage of laughs — from the hosts or the audience.

“I’m rolling! Roy tells such great stories and the dove projectile is one of the best. Maybe the best 25 minutes watching a video on the internet,” one fan proclaimed.

The Gun Cranks have also discussed gifting guns to loved ones — and unanimously agreed it’s best not to go the socks and ties route … Viewers think so too: “Anything Les Baer would be nice, but especially the Custom Carry Comanche in 10mm,” and “Honey are you listening? The Ruger Super Wrangler would be a great addition to the armory.”

Simply put: These days, reaching and engaging with FMG’s audience (your consumer) knows no bounds. They are actively listening, watching, reading and communicating with others who share their passion to make informed purchasing decisions. To partner with FMG to share your story and join the conversation, contact your rep or email