FMG Expands Presence At SHOT Show 2024


Image: NSSF

Later this month, FMG Publications will have a commanding presence at SHOT Show 2024. In addition to full representation of its editorial and sales teams, the company’s American COP brand is partnering with NSSF and its lineup of Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) sessions, as well as having booths in the law enforcement section and Media Row.

LEEP sessions provide a wide range of insights for real-world, on-scene applications of various technology and training methods designed for law enforcement agencies and professionals. The sessions will run January 23–25 in the Venetian Convention Center.

“FMG and American COP have been a trusted resource for the law enforcement community for many years, and the content they’ll provide for LEEP will be outstanding,” said Melissa Schilling, NSSF managing director of exhibitions and conferences. “We’re very excited about this new partnership and being able to provide the SHOT Show’s law enforcement attendees with a fantastic lineup of education sessions.”

“With law enforcement budgets being cut across the country, we understand the importance of supporting agencies and embattled officers however we can,” said Randy Molde, FMG Publications president. “We’re extremely proud to partner with the NSSF and help deliver much-needed training resources through the LEEP program during SHOT.”

Talking It Up On Media Row

From Media Row, GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat and American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale — also familiar voices and faces on GUNS Magazine Podcast episodes as well as FMG’s YouTube show “Gun Cranks” — will conduct interviews with industry peers, discuss news breaking during the show, live-stream exciting new product finds and more.

“I’d like to provide a quote for the newsletter about our SHOT Radio Row booth, but right now I’m too busy trying to figure out where the showgirls will stand, why they won’t let us use an industrial ruby-chromium laser and how to sneak the four trained Emperor penguins past security. It’s definitely going to be a big, big shew!” Wheat deadpanned with his best Ed Sullivan voice.

“Yours truly has a shiny new pair of Nunn Bush work shoes being broken in as we speak in preparation for SHOT Show,” jests McHale. “This year, we will be at the booth on a rotating basis to discuss new products and host ‘interesting SHOT stuff’ interviews. So, be sure to schedule time with your FMG representative if there’s something we should talk about. We’re also hitting the floor, portable video cameras in hand, to capture and broadcast new guns and gear updates as we find them. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Throughout the event, attendees can find FMG team members at Booth 62610 in the law enforcement section. In addition to discussing print and digital marketing opportunities, bonus distribution of Shooting Industry’s Dec. and Jan. issues, (New Business Year Editions), March/April American Handgunner and March GUNS Magazine will be available.

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