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Shooting Industry’s Woman’s Issue Sparks Engagement

Shooting Industry’s fifth annual Woman’s Issue clearly had an impact with readers and online viewers. In particular, the “In Demand” feature by FMG Publications’ Digital Content Editor Ashley McGee garnered unprecedented engagement on FMG’s LinkedIn page. The article, which included the perspectives of instructors Paige Roux and Ava Flannel and GTM Original Co-Founder Claudia Chisolm, highlighted the growing demand for female instructors and products designed specifically for women.

The post saw nearly 9,000 organic impressions, an 11.11% engagement rate, 8.9% click-through rate, 5,902 unique impressions and 987 engagements — a record for the FMG Publications’ LinkedIn account.

Here is an assortment of the comments from the “In Demand” post:

“I have been training women for over eight years. As a prior Indiana State Trooper, I have used my experience as a woman carrying a gun in uniform and as an undercover cop to empower women of all ages to learn the fundamentals and safety aspects of carrying and using a gun. Women feel more vulnerable in today’s world. They are looking for a way to level the playing field and protect their families. I am thankful for my role in empowering the ladies I have met,” shared Tamara Watson, Protocol Officer/Firearms.

Digital Specialist Rachel McPherson wrote, “What a great piece! I found myself agreeing with much of the sentiment expressed, especially with regard to how much room for growth exists within the industry. It’s so important to continue talking about ever-increasing female firearm ownership, and hearing from women in the industry about how to embrace it.”

“My wife did this a couple of years ago, and now ladies I work with are getting training and firearms,” shared Mark Bartmas. “I believe it is a huge market!”

“I’m a course instructor at a pistol range/training center. I also have my own business teaching a variety of courses including firearm safety and the basic fundamentals of shooting. Without hesitation, I have been instructing more women lately than men. Women want to be safe. In addition to the firearms training, I also have been teaching more women to draw from concealment. Women are more vulnerable than men, and the criminal element knows this because they always take the path of least resistance, and also the elderly. After teaching cops for many years, I’m very humbled now to train civilians — particularly women — on protecting themselves,” commented Diego Civello, course instructor at Target World.

“Five years in, the Woman’s Issue continues to resonate with dealers and industry professionals alike. ‘In Demand,’ in particular, generated incredible engagement across multiple platforms,” concludes Jade Moldae, editor of Shooting Industry. “A core theme presented throughout the issue: Women joining the shooting sports isn’t ‘just a fad’ — and smart brands are taking notice.”

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