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EOTECH Steps Up Counterfeit Sales Fight

EOTECH has launched an aggressive campaign targeting counterfeit rings at all levels — including those who create and sell illegal copies of its military-grade holographic weapons sight systems (HWS).

“Stopping fakes at the source is a critical step in curbing counterfeiting. EOTECH produces an extremely rugged, technically unique holographic sight that can’t be duplicated by counterfeiters. The EOTECH brand stands for reliability, durability and the safety of our operators whether it be soldiers, officers or general users,” said Lisa Kemp, director of marketing. “EOTECH partners and end-users can rest assured we will actively pursue counterfeit operations to quickly shut them down.”

In a recent case, EOTECH reached a six-figure settlement with counterfeit reseller JC Airsoft, which sold fake EOTECH HWS products at a steep discount. With cooperation from Homeland Security Investigations, EOTECH fought to shut down this activity.

An explosion of online sales links with reproduction HWS products adds to consumer confusion. Shoppers are lured to these online stores by their low prices. EOTECH closely monitors online sales and blocks unauthorized items from websites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and other online outlets.

To assist customers and dealers in this fight, EOTECH has created a counterfeit detection resource page on its website ( On the page, consumers and EOTECH dealers can learn about counterfeit EOTECH sights through photo illustrations comparing genuine and counterfeit sights, plus tips for identifying a forgery.


Langdon Tactical Launches LTT Discover

Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT), known for custom firearms, parts, gunsmithing services and firearms training, is expanding its brand this fall with the addition of LTT Discover.

With record-breaking new gun ownership on the rise, LTT has collaborated with respected individuals and organizations to provide resources for a wide variety of firearms owners — from those looking to own their first firearm to those who are just beginning their EDC journey to those who currently have their CCW.

As part of the effort to welcome and educate new gun owners, LTT wants to meet the individual wherever they are on their journey of gun ownership and self-protection by creating two new divisions: LTT Dominate and LTT Discover.

LTT Dominate focuses on Langdon Tacitcal’s products, custom gun work and training that allow gun owners to fine-tune their edge.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, and we want to broaden the standard. At LTT, we not only strive to deliver great products, but we have the desire to educate and provide confidence to individuals and their families by meeting them where they are in their firearms ownership journey instead of forcing them to be one way. Being prepared should be accessible to anyone and that’s what we hope comes across with LTT Discover,” said Aimee Langdon, LTT VP.


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