SilencerCo Harvester EVO: A Lightweight, Tubeless Suppressor Designed with Hunters in Mind


I never gave much thought to silencers. To me they existed primarily in the movies, out of reach of the everyday layman. In recent years, silencers have become more and more popular, with companies looking to democratize the fact consumers can purchase and own suppressors — it just may take a while. Gun enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the e-Form 4, a paperwork change rumored to make the process easier and faster. After trying SilencerCo’s new Harvester EVO, I expect to be filling one out myself sooner rather than later.

SilencerCo’s newest offering is the next evolution of their popular Harvester 300 — 3″ shorter and 0.2 oz. lighter than the industry mainstay. The Harvester EVO’s design answers consumers’ calls for a shorter, lighter, ready-to-go suppressor at a much more affordable price. The 6.24″ tubeless can is made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel, Inconel and Cobalt 6 and is rated for semi-auto use only across calibers ranging from .223 REM to .300 WIN. At 10.8 oz., the EVO adds less than a pound of weight to your firearm, ideal for long treks.

Due to the unpredictability of Utah winter weather, we tested the EVO on several rifles indoors. I personally wish we could have tested them outside as well, but getting snowed-in in the mountains was not on anyone’s agenda. I quickly learned silencers have their own sort of music to them. Sound is critical. It doesn’t just have to reduce it; it also has to sound good. What is “good” exactly? It really depends on the individual, but each suppressor has a tone, like a bell. The EVO’s report is deep and crisp. Even with state-of-the-art equipment, properly capturing this sound is hard, if not impossible, to do. Watching videos online and shooting a silencer for yourself is not the same thing.

Sound bounces off walls. Though the EVO would be even quieter outside, I was impressed with the amount it was able to reduce the sound of shots indoors. Rather than jumping at the sound and flinching from the reverberation of the lane walls, the EVO reduced the sound to a much more pleasant and manageable level. Just to see for myself, I shot one rifle with the EVO on and off. The difference was astounding. It took just one shot for me to realize I didn’t want to shoot rifle calibers above .22LR unsuppressed indoors ever again. Switching was easy with the ASR system — the Harvester EVO is compatible with all SilencerCo Bravo Mounting accessories and comes with Bravo 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 direct thread mounts.

Taking a closer look, the tubeless design is reminiscent of the stack of rolls encased in a Pillsbury can. The absence of a tube sheds valuable weight off this offering. Though it may not seem like much, every bit matters when hiking through the backwoods or mountains. SilencerCo designed this silencer with hunters and precision shooters in mind. The short length aids in keeping the can from catching on brush and brambles and is less cumbersome.

The Harvester EVO’s MSRP is $680, including two mounts. Shorter, lighter and ready-to-go out of the box, the price reduction from the Harvester 300 only increases the appeal. Street price will very likely fall below the MSRP, making it easier for more people to afford a suppressor. I for one plan to investigate the process further. The Harvester EVO isn’t just there to look cool. It’s an accessory that offers an enhanced shooting experience at a price that opens it to a wider audience.