Selecting The Pocket Holster

There are leather, Kydex and soft “rubbery” pocket holsters to choose from in a broad spectrum of brands. Each has their pros and cons. If I felt my inventory could support only one style in stock, I’d go with the latter. They’re ambidextrous, they tend not to come out with the gun on the draw and they’re generally the least expensive.

Keep in mind, you’re selling “the ins and the outs” here. We’ve explained the “outs” in terms of the draw. For the “in” part, remind the customer it’s always safer to insert a loaded gun into the pocket holster and then put the whole package into the pocket itself. (Advise them to keep their fingers clear of the gun muzzle while doing so.)
Pocket carry is popular and serves a definite purpose. Sharing its lesser-known advantages with customers leads not only to more sales, but to customers who are better protected all day, every day, almost everywhere.