Hosting Your Own Events

When you host any of the above, you’re cultivating customers. Whether you’re selling to a man or woman, every new gun owner starts with (at least) one gun. When they get into it, the “defense gun” branches out to “the home-defense gun(s),” “the carry gun(s),” “the training gun(s)” and “the recreational gun(s),” and all the holsters, ammo and assorted accessories that go with them.

Of course, you can do this sort of thing on your own. It’s as simple as hosting classes, perhaps even free classes. Often, local libraries will host talks on controversial subjects such as firearms for self-defense. Perhaps you’re the one to give the talk, or maybe there’s someone on your staff who might be more suited to it, or even one of your regular customers who is a subject matter expert and comfortable with public speaking. You might be surprised at the turnout.

A few years ago, I was asked to give a talk about “Stand Your Ground” laws at my local library, as it was currently a hot topic in the community. Though the evening speech came on the night of a tropical storm, enough people were interested we packed the large conference room to standing room only. There was a very strong female presence in the audience.