3. Societal Norms

Ironically enough, eight out of ten times I walk into a store or range with a man, the man I’m with is a student who knows very little about firearms. I recently assisted a student purchase a cleaning kit for his gun so I could show him how to disassemble and clean it.

While standing in line, another customer told my student he picked out a good brand. I interjected and told him I agreed. He then turned to me and asked if I shoot guns too. Before I could answer, my student exclaimed, “She’s actually teaching me how to shoot!”

I’ve trained many couples of which the woman has the knowledge and experience, but the man is a novice. Women taking their spouses to a firearms training class or leading the way into a gun store as they purchase the man’s first gun still seems abnormal to even me at times.

I’ve joked with these couples, asking who sleeps closest to the door at night; I mean no harm, only humor, but I realize I’m also part of the problem our industry faces. Although this is refreshing to see and I support it, societal expectations and outdated masculine and feminine roles are a contributing factor to how we act.