Contrasting Fortunes

At Sprague’s Sports in Yuma, Ariz., Chad Sprague shared the airgun market there has almost dried up.

“Airguns have been down for us — we’re making almost no sales on them at all,” he confessed. “We’ve stocked them for years and years, and unfortunately for us, the market is really dwindling. There are a few segments and categories in our store that, as time has gone on, have done this.”

Sprague said he is struggling with having to make a decision about these categories, including airguns.

“Do we stay with something that is part of our roots, or do we move on?” he mused. “Airguns have followed the same path reloading has for us. We recently got out of all our reloading stuff except for a few powders and primers. We haven’t made a decision yet about airguns, but the market is kind of making a decision for us.”