COVID Innovations

The pandemic caused a slew of reactionary innovations, too. The team went through the same roller coaster of emotions and decision-making as everyone else, and through it all, senior team members rose to the challenge to keep our doors open and customers (and staff) safe.

Store managers were integral in designing temporary customer flows to keep customers distanced. Agile thinking allowed us to operate our three locations based on the local governmental and environmental requirements. We kept our rental gun program running by immediately spraying disinfectant on each gun after use. To offset cleaning supplies, we added a disinfectant fee assessed to the customer.

We communicated regularly with our membership — keeping them engaged and enrolled. When we faced an initial shutdown, we asked members not to cancel their membership while also promising (and later delivering) future benefits and value. Thankfully, the shutdown lasted just two weeks. In exchange for not canceling their membership, we gave members a free month, which we launched in a tiered format in June to keep revenue coming in.