Not Too Early To Support #GUNVOTE Efforts


Don’t look, but as 2022 draws near it also means the 2021–2022 midterm election cycle will ramp up its looming presence over the airwaves, social media feeds and inboxes. However, in the wake of promising results in Virginia and New Jersey this fall, there is cause for cautious optimism pro-gun candidates will either be reelected or voted into office during these midterms.

If projected ad spend is anything to go by — estimated to be a midterm election record of nearly $9 billion, a 244% increase over the 2017–2018 cycle and rivaling what was spent in the leadup to the 2020 election — both sides recognize the significance of the moment.

With some races already heating up, it’s not too early to ensure your store or company’s voice is heard promoting the industry’s #GUNVOTE efforts. NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi previewed NSSF’s expansive involvement.

“NSSF, through substantial public outreach, will again be providing information on how to register to vote, where to vote and how to file an absentee ballot. Please be certain to visit,” he informed. “Also, very importantly, we’ll be closely monitoring and reporting on candidates’ positions regarding firearm ownership and Second Amendment rights so gun owners can be fully informed on where candidates stand on these critical issues.”

Though Democrats have control of Congress, they’ve been largely ineffective in passing anti-gun/anti-industry bills. Additionally, President Biden’s failed attempt to nominate David Chipman to lead the ATF — a Senate-confirmed post — further illustrated the importance of having pro-gun representatives standing strong in the opposition.

“If the past 11+ months have taught us anything, it’s elections really do have consequences. Just imagine where our gun rights would be if we didn’t have such staunch allies on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures,” Bartozzi noted.

Bartozzi stressed the importance of what’s at stake for the future of our industry in this midterm election cycle.

“My message is simple: Don’t assume someone else will go out and vote for pro-gun candidates. We must all act like our vote will be the deciding one; it very well may be. Get informed, get involved and get out and vote like your hunting, sport shooting and Second Amendment rights are at stake — because they are,” he concluded.

Election Day 2022 is Nov. 8. These 330-odd days are going to go by in a blink.

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